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Dawn Redwood Bonsai Tree Grove - Metasequoia glyptostroboides Seeds 50 Seeds

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Metasequoia bonsai Many office workers who like to put on his desk a small pot, inside the office will also put some nice bonsai, in addition, can also clean up the environment pleasing to drink why not? Metasequoia bonsai is one of them, Metasequoia bonsai leaf is very beautiful, acts like a chrysanthemum. Metasequoia bonsai root system, is very drought, poor resistance, Metasequoia bonsai also has strong vitality, just normal care, can be put in half shade ventilated place, is a good feed of bonsai. Metasequoia bonsai conservation considerations: 1, Metasequoia bonsai leaves out is how is it? Metasequoia bonsai leaves out three NOTE: ~~ Huanpen reasonable, easy to have a lot of small pots of dead roots, formed after the decay of bacteria that cause the disease will die slowly of new roots; ~~ ventilation see the light, fir tree type is especially like the light airy, most attention is the temperature when the basin below must use wood primer on the ground will burn if the root is the main reason for the fall foliage; ~~ less fertilizer ground water, but not water. This need not explain everyone knows. 2, Metasequoia bonsai branches kill how to do? Metasequoia bonsai will be placed in semi-shade, if you see the soil moisture is too heavy, the plants were pulled from the pot, until the water evaporated into the basin. Also performed for soil, leaf mold on the flower market to buy, be sure to maturity and disinfection. The original root pruning a short 3 cm or so, after sterilization, or rooting powder Rupen. To pick some leaves, achieve the purpose of nutrient consumption. If the plant is too large, the nutrient solution can be purchased direct supply of nutrients. 3, Metasequoia bonsai roots staggered intensive, how to separate? Metasequoia bonsai root pruning is not needed, according to the growth of bonsai, 2-3 years Repotting once, when combined with the repair repotting root, root pruning should be too tight for too long, may be considered under the following conditions. New roots stunted trees, root clods are not clouds underside, then repotting can still use the original pots, without pruning roots. Developed root trees, dense fibrous underside clods should change slightly larger pots, prune dense root system, remove the old roots, retain a small number of new roots were repotting. Some old pile bonsai when repotting, may be appropriate to mention the root to increase its ornamental value. And trim the roots and root end to the old part of training to loose loam to promote new root. Hang
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