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Japanese Pine Tree Bonsai Seeds Pinus Thunbergii Seeds 60 Seeds

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Name: Pinus thunbergii Size: 60 pcs / bag Packing: OPP bag simple packaging Scope: Courtyard, study, garden, living room etc. Tips: 100% of the true seed,depending on the species,climate,geography and other factors, There will be differences in plant growth, When the low temperature and 15 degrees,the seeds germinate becomes more slowly,please be patient. Have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Planting instructions: Before sowing seeds immersed in cold water at first to remove impurities, and then 1 potassium% Permanganate solution for disinfection of Soaking two minutes. After disinfection with warm water soaking 48 hours, then rinse out the upper shell and shriveled seeds, remove the remaining filled seeds to be Broadcast. Coarse fill in the hotbed of the lower, upper fill sand, sand thickness of 25cm. With times 800 ~ 20 Carbendazim shoots bed thoroughly disinfected the sand, bed drenching, then the whole Pincha face. Then Spread evenly to deal with good seed bed of sand, pressed then, covered with clean sand, the thickness of No more than 0.5cm, just do not see the seed can be. Finally, with a watering can spray flooding and Spray again 800 times carbendazim solution sterilization, five days after the cover film before bed every Afternoon a spray of water, the amount of water generally noon the next day to reach the bed wet phase is Appropriate. 7 days starting emergence, from days at a 15 to 20 time basically. Before emergence Temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, no more than 28 degrees After emergence, the temperature is too High to be promptly windows open for ventilation, shading cooling, with the increase in the number of Windows, and a corresponding increase in the number of spray after spray seedlings out together more than 800 times benomyl prevent damping-off, the event, the first seedling disease sand and dug around, and Then spray chlorothalonil or standing dead rather 800 times control. Most of the seed coat after 25 days Off shoots, cotyledons can, be gradually hardening, the beginning may be the first to open a small mouth Ventilation Gongpeng ends, then gradually increase the vent until full. During the acclimatization water Once each morning and evening, midday shade to prevent sunburn. Hardening time is about days 10, not too Long to shoot just to grow lateral appropriate. Hang
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