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R Singh TGR10127 Lustrous, textured, & pristine Fluorite crystals from Mexico!
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Lustrous, textured, & pristine Fluorite crystals from Mexico!

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Lustrous, textured, & pristine Fluorite crystals on matrix from Mexico! Mina el Filo Mexico 2.25 x 2 x 1.25 inch A resplendent purple specimen of Fluorite, superb purple color, extremey lustrous and well formed!! Backlit it just glows a lovely lustrous purple with dark edges! Gorgeous color, excellent internal translucence with dark purple edges, most sides are complete. The backside of the piece has been sawn flat. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on orders of $250 and above! FLUORITE Healing and Meta-Science Properties: Fluorite is a highly structured crystal that imparts its balanced resonance of symmetry and order to the energies / people / crystals around it. Fluorite's crystalline Hexoctahedral structure is the most symmetrical geometric solid possible in three dimensional space. “The Gemstone of Discernment”, Fluorite is a powerful crystal for producing order and stabilization in all the realms of be-ing. It heightens both logical and intuitive abilities, and the presence / awareness of higher realms and realities. It offers impartiality and unbiased reasoning, and allows the wielder to use their powers of intuition and intelligence in a balanced and discerning way. Fluorite enhances concentration and allows one to cut through illusion to see to the truth of the matter. Fluorite is a multi-dimensional gemstone. It advances the highest aspect of the mind, that which is attuned to the I AM. Fluorite balances the positive and negative aspects of the mind / ego, allowing one to experience inner peace and quicken ones spiritual awakening. A powerful healer and protector, Fluorite brings order to both chaos and disorganization not only in ones environment, but also the physical, emotional and mental bodies as well as the energy / chakra / merkabah meridians and vortices. Fluorite constitutes in its crystalline matrix both the cube and the octahedron. Together, these two sacred geometrical solids form the basis of the vector equilibrium, a shape said to resonate with the Divine infinite. The name Fluorite comes from the Latin word for flux, which refers to a substance that promotes flowing and combining of other materials, especially minerals and metals. And in fact the mineral fluorite is used as a flux in making steel and other metals that require the removal of impurities. It is this very property of Fluorite, raising ones impurities to the surface, the combining of all that we are, of flowing in infinite now, in balance and harmony, that makes it worth its weight in gold. Source:
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