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Manage Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping from TrueGether
You can automatically manage Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping from TrueGether in just few simple steps.
Step 1

Login to TrueGether, You will see your “My Profile page”.

Click on “Configure Marketplace“ link under “Automate Multi-Channel eCommerce selling” section.

Step 2

Clicking on the link will take you to “Manage Marketplaces page”.

Select TrueGether as your primary marketplace and then select Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping as marketplaces which you want to automatically manage.

Click on “Continue”, this will take you to subscription page.

Step 3

In the Subscription page, you can select your preferred subscription plan under “Select a plan.

Select your preferred plan and then, click on “Continue”.

Note: If you have more listings than selected plan, we will export listings as per the plan and ignore the rest.

Step 4

To complete with the subscription you’ll be directed to PayPal login page.

Login to your PayPal account.

Step 5

Now click on “I agree” in “Grant application access: TrueGether” page.

Step 6

Now “eBay configuration page” will open.

Fill the discount percentage in the “select discount box“ as TrueGether does not charge any listing or selling fee. You can enter any positive number in this discount box.

For e.g.: If you enter 5 in this discount % box and your item price on eBay is $100, so when you import your listings from eBay your item price will be $95 on TrueGether. You can also enter 0 in this discount box.

Also if you have eBay store then check the box and if you don’t have eBay store then leave it un-checked.

Then, click on “Continue”.

Step 7

f you have not configured PayPal, where you want to be paid. It will take you to PayPal configuration page.

We need your PayPal Id as payment is directly deposited to your account by PayPal.

If you had already configured PayPal then you will directly see eBay login page.

Enter your PayPal id and click on “Continue“

Step 8

Ebay login page will open.

Sign In to your eBay account.

Step 9

Then Grant application page will open.

Click on “I agree” in Grant application access page to continue.

Step 10

Now, Amazon configuration page will open

This page has two sections “Select a markup” and “Enter your marketplace settings”.

Step 11 and Step 12 will explain you about the two section.

Step 11

Select a markup

As TrueGether does not charge any listing or selling fee, so when you export any product to Amazon you may want to markup your prize.

For e.g.: If you enter 5 in this markup % box and your item price on TrueGether is $100, so when you export your listings from TrueGether your item price will be $105 on Amazon. You can also enter 0 in this markup box.

Step 12

Enter your marketplace settings

Click on the box to enter the required fields.

You can generate the AWS Access key ID and Secret Key by using the following link:

Amazon MWS Setup Instructions

Step 13

After filling the details. Click on “Continue”.

Now your marketplace setup is complete.

You will be able to manage Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping automatically from TrueGether.

When you add, edit or end listings on eBay, it will be automatically reflected to Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

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