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The Way of the Spiritual Warrior: Soft Style Martial Arts for Body, Mind & Spirit [Feb 29, 2000] Brecher, Paul

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Softness is not a quality typically associated with any martial art, least of all the more widely renowned styles like karate and kung fu. In The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Paul Brecher introduces the reader to the principles and practices of five differing but similar styles that all fall within the soft style or internal definition. These are: Taijiquan or Yin Yang Fist; Baguazhang or Eight Triagram Palm; Xingyiquan or Form Intention Fist; Aikido or The Way of Spiritual Harmony; and Xiao Jiu Tian or Nine Little Heavens. All these disciplines are effective forms of self-defence but also promise the dedicated practitioner health (in the real sense of the word as opposed to simple fitness) benefits, increased longevity, and greater balance in all aspects of mind, body and soul.

Practised properly, all these forms of martial arts are far more than a mere leisure pursuit or fitness regime--they constitute a way of life and are disciplines that can be practised throughout life, from youth right though to a hopefully delayed dotage, to bring a better quality of life. Basically they concentrate on the cultivation and correct usage of Qi, the internal life-force energy coursing through our bodies (this is not fanciful mysticism either, we can scientifically observe this electromagnetic energy). Mastery of one's Qi allows the use of this energy both for self-defence and healing purposes. This can take many years of dedication but sounds well worthwhile if even half the benefits described are genuine.

Most fascinating of all, perhaps, is the final chapter on Wudang Shan or The Nine Qi Disruption Forms, a little-known internal style from which the others may be derived. Originating in the Wudang Mountain area of western China, few have ever been privileged enough to be taught this highly developed form. Unfortunately this includes Brecher himself, who only briefly discusses it. Should you wish to learn it yourself then prepare for an exceedingly long holiday in Wudang, with no guarantee that you'll be considered worthy enough anyway (only one westerner, Master Erle Montaigue, is known to have been so honoured). Happily, Brecher, a British practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as a senior instructor with the World Tai Chi Boxing Association, teaches classes for the other forms in the altogether more accessible clime of London, England.--Alisdair Bowles


  • Paul Brecher

Binding: Paperback

Label: Godsfield Press Ltd

Manufacturer: Godsfield Press Ltd

Publication Date: 2000-02-29

Publisher: Godsfield Press Ltd

Release Date: 2000-02-29

Studio: Godsfield Press Ltd
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