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All vinyl collector's buy this,has brought my ska,reggae,back to life,fantastic, Buyer: Member ID bembo67 ( Feedback score of 238 The Mother of all vinyl cleaners, simply the best, swifty delivery, Top ebayer. Buyer: Member ID albert8681 ( Feedback score of 2911 Excellent transaction quickly delivered marked improvement to records. Buyer: Member ID knight_h3 ( Feedback score of 53 This stuff is great. Really cleans up my years old vinyl Arrived safe and fast. Buyer: Member ID chris_the_bass_player ( Feedback score of 191 Look no further - this is great stuff for your vinyl - superfast postage - A+++ Buyer: Member ID col114 ( Feedback score of 371) A first class cleaner. A conscientious & efficient seller. Highly recommended! Buyer: Member ID delticcate ( Feedback score of 444) this stuff is brilliant, quick delivery Buyer: Member ID 88.1leedsdrumandbass ( Feedback score of 92) amazing product and very quick delivery 5star xxxxx, will buy again.great. Buyer: Member ID kset4413 ( Feedback score of 93) All i can say is awsome ,great product , many thanks Buyer: Member id dondon3612 ( Feedback Score Of 24 Great product cleans & reduces noise, records play much better will buy again Member ID uwinbetcalc-premiership ( Feedback score of 32 Online Review from The River I like this product a lot - it is simple but does the job, there are three criteria I need to be satisfied, easy to apply, economical in use and (most importantly) leaves no residue. This ticks all those boxes. Although not mentioned in its description, I have found this also reduces static, especially a problem on certain new pressings - mainly those in a paper rather that anti-static sleeve. Most relevant reviews bytroons5518 May, 2016 Liquid spray record cleaner There are many ways to clean and care for vinyl records, some near comical some serious. I discovered this product a few years ago and haven't used anything else since. Nothing will fix hidden damage in the grooves of a record even if it looks in spotless condition but this will do all it says it will. It doesn't have magical powers it's just a very good product. *SAVE ££££s *6 x 110ml bottles @ 6.95 would cost £41.95 + Postage if purchased separately *Total 660ml 550ml Refill Bottle filled to the brim with ' INTO THE GROOVE' Record Cleaner (5 x 110ml refills) 550ml refill bottle + 110ml Finger Spray + Free Large Micro fibre Cloth (colours may vary) 110ml FINGER SPRAY Total of 660ml INTO THE GROOVE' Record Cleaner VINYL RECORD CLEANING SOLUTION (Contains Alcohol Not suitable for 78s) AS USED BY 1000's OF EBAY MEMBERS WORLDWIDE Best record cleaning fluid ever!Buyer: Member ID uberputer2001 ( Feedback score of 405 With *Triton X 100 surfactant For Vinyl 45s & Lp's Outstanding seller! Fast, careful shipping and great communication. Superb! Buyer: Member ID michaelt73127 (private) 20-Aug-11 21:56 MOCKINBIRDS-GOULDMAN-MANCHESTER MOB-10CC-BLINKERS!! (#260827054514) £698.00 Above record cleaned with 'INTO THE GROOVE' I've been collecting & playing vinyl for over 40yrs. You may be aware there are many ways to clean records, some expensive 'Clear Audio Double Matrix Record Cleaning Machine' (Around £3000) some cheap & cheerful (warm soapy water ) even windscreen washer fluid. In the old days Radio 1 DJ's used to dunk 45's in a bucket of water and play them wet (not recommended) For years I've been producing my own cleaning solution with excellent results . This exclusive formula will deep clean your vinyl, help to reduce surface noise improve playback quality & give you a nice glossy finish. Check my feedback for vinyl transactions all cleaned using my cleaner ! 5.0 out of 5 starsThe Best Record Cleaner on the market and I've tried loads! ByStewarton 22 January 2016 Amazon Verified Purchase The best record cleaner on the market. I bought a load of sub £5 vinyl of Discogs and the popping and noise was appalling, unplayable. Removed any surface dust and bits from the record, covered the label with a CD and sprayed. I let the solution soak in, then using the free yellow microfiber cloth in a clockwise direction cleaned the record, buffed it with the second cloth. The difference was astounding. The instructions are handy. Arrived next day by royal mail, perfect service and delivery. If you have dirty, not scratched or faulty record this is the stuff to buy. Ensure your stylus isin good condition and free from dirt or dust (Instructions) Wash your hands Give the bottle alittle shake, any foam will quickly settle Remove any dust fromthe record with a soft brush /mini vac /quality paint brush Add a few dabs of thesolution to a cotton wool swab, lint free/micro fiber cloth or rip up an oldclean 100% cotton T shirt preferably white so you can see what's coming offyour record. If you prefer applydirectly to the vinyl. Wipe briskly in a clockwise circular motion until thevinyl begins to shine & fluid evaporates, try to avoid touching the playingarea with your fingers. Wipe off& repeat if necessary (For small areas youcould use a cotton bud dipped in the solution) Risk & Safety Highly flammable Keep away fromsparks or open flames Harmful by inhalation, in contactwith skin and if swallowed If in the eyes rinse cautiouslywith water for several minutes remove contact lenses if present Keep away from children Any Q's please ask *Triton X-100 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Triton X-100 Other names[hide] polyethylene glycol p-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)-phenyl ether, octyl phenol ethoxylate, polyoxyethylene octyl phenyl ether, 4-octylphenol polyethoxylate, Mono 30, TX-100, t-octylphenoxypolyethoxyethanol, Octoxynol-9 Identifiers CAS number 9002-93-1 Y Properties Molecular formula C14H22O(C2H4O)n (n = 9-10) Appearance viscous colourless liquid Density 1.07 g/cm3 Melting point 6 °C Boiling point > 200 °C Solubility in water Soluble Vapor pressure < 1 mmHg (130 Pa) at 20 °C Hazards MSDS MSDS Flash point 251 °C Y(what is this?) (verify) Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C, 100 kPa) Infobox references Triton X-100 (C14H22O(C2H4O)n) is a nonionic surfactant which has a hydrophilic polyethylene oxide group (on average it has 9.5 ethylene oxide units) and a hydrocarbon lipophilic or hydrophobic group. The hydrocarbon group is a 4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)-phenyl group. It is related to the Pluronic range of detergents marketed by BASF. The pluronics are triblock copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. The part formed from ethylene oxide is more hydrophilic than the part from propylene oxide. Triton X-100 is very viscous at room temperature and is thus easiest to use after being gently warmed. Triton X-100 was originally a registered trademark of Rohm & Haas Co. It was subsequently purchased by Union Carbide. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2010) This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate. Editing help is available. (October 2010) Triton X-100 is a commonly used detergent in laboratories.[1] For example: it can be used to permeabilize unfixed (or lightly fixed) eukaryotic cell membranes it is used in conjunction with zwitterionic detergents such as CHAPS to solubilize membrane proteins in their native state. Can be used in DNA extraction as part of the lysis buffer (usually in a 5% solution in alkaline lysis buffer). It can be used to reduce the surface tension of aqueous solutions during immunostaining (usually in concentration of 0.1-0.5% in TBS or PBS Buffer). Emerging use in dispersion of carbon materials for soft composite materials Apart from laboratory use, Triton X-100 can be found in several types of cleaning compound,[citation needed] ranging from heavy-duty industrial products to gentle detergents. It is also a popular ingredient in vinyl record cleaning fluids together with distilled water and isopropanol. Triton X-100. appears as a final ingredient in several yearly influenza vaccines worldwide. [edit] References Triton X-100 Product detail page from Sigma-Aldrich Highlights Of Prescribing Information (also known as the Package Insert, or Product Monograph), FLUARIX brand Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (GSK, Glaxo Smith Kline) Formulation 2010/2011 Highlights Of Prescribing Information (also known as the Package Insert, or Product Monograph), FLUZONE brand Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Sanofi-Pasteur) Formulation September, 2009 ^ "Triton X-100". Retrieved 2009-10-22. 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