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TrueGether combines social, mobile, analytics and AI to build human brain like capabilities to buy and sell smarter. Since the internet can be so anonymous, TrueGether is attempting to make an online marketplace that's not anonymous. TrueGether utilizes information from people's social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Members have social profiles showing their social connections, recommendations, and feedback from others, so others get a true sense of who they are, where they're from, and what they're about.

In other words, they can see that the product being sold isn't by an anonymous seller but rather a real-life person who is not out to scam them. TrueGether has created a no-fee marketplace which provides a face-to-face aspect to online shopping.

TrueGether also offers e-commerce solutions that enable retailers to integrate, manage and optimize their sales activities. It allows multi-channel selling through Amazon, eBay and Google. Through automation and optimization, TrueGether leverages a single inventory feed to more efficiently list and advertise products online, connecting suppliers with shoppers to increase sales.

Our management team consists people from top business schools, technology schools and e-commerce industry, we aim to give you a great buying and selling experience. We hope you enjoy shopping and selling on TrueGether, please feel free to reach out to us at support@truegether.com.

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January 2012

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