Amish Origins 83827300012-6 USER.7dc7ccd1-0070-4f1e-9792-767a130ae249 Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment Restless Legs Arthritis 7 oz 0838273000126
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Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment Restless Legs Arthritis 7 oz

Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment Restless Legs Arthritis 7 oz

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Volume : [7 fl oz]
Product Line : [Amish Origins]
MPN : [83827300012-6]
Formulation : [Ointment]
Active Ingredients : [Menthol]
Type : [Pain Relief]
Department : [Unisex]
Purpose : [Pain Relief]
Expiration Date : [7/26]
Brand : [Amish Origins]
Skin Type : [Dry Skin]
UVA Protection : [n/a]
Size : [Regular]
Body Area : [Legs, Body]
Ingredients : [Menthol]
Features : [pain relief]
Period After Opening (PAO) : [24M]
Dosage : [small amount]
Country/Region of Manufacture : [United States]
Sun Protection Factor (SPF) : [SPF 0]
Main Purpose : [Insect Sting Relief, Arthritis]
Color : [White]
UPC : [0838273000126]
LOT Number : [202]
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Product information
Say no to pain. With fast pain relieving formula Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment is here to take away the pain of restless legs, arthritis, aching joints and sore throat. Its fast absorbinga nd quick pain relieving ability cures baclaches, sprains, and any kind of muscular pain with just a little amount of cream. Apply it on the affected area and watch the pain go away.

Amish Origins

Pain Relief Ointment

For Arthritis, Colds, Sore Throats, Restless Legs, Aching Joints

7 Ounce Container

Made In USA

AUTHENTIC : This Deep Penetrating Pain Relief Ointment is an authentic product of Amish Origins

PAIN RELIEF FOR: Arthritis, Colds, Sore Throats, Sore Musdles, Restless Legs, Aching Joints

FOR DECADES: The exclusive formula behind AMISH ORIGINS Deep Penetrating Pain Relief has been used to relieve pain, soothe and speed healing for a wide range of ailments

DIRECTIONS: Use a small amount on an affected area and rub gently

INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients Menthol 7.66% Oil of Camphor 0.60% Inactive Ingredients Methyl salicylate 0.96% Eucalyptus Oil 1.92% Oil of Pine Needle 0.72% Snow White Petrolatum

Amish Origins® Medicated Pain Relief Formula allows deeper penetration and provides longer lasting, ultra-soothing relief.
A medicated formula that provides therapeutic, deep-penetrating relief.

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Customer Reviews

Four and Half Stars
4.8 out of 5 stars based on 18 reviews
Five Stars
It's a good pain relief product. Quickly absorbs and fast reaction.
Five Stars
Quick results.
Good product, Acts fast.
Five Stars
Nice nail polish.
Very effective cream. Absorbs fast, works quickly.
Five Stars
A mind-blowing pain relieving ointment.
This ointment has camphor and so it not only helps with pain relief of joints but its smell also helps my husband with his blocked nose due to his sinusitis issues. It helps my mother with her arthritis pain so much that she uses it almost every day. Once applied, it starts working almost immediately and the relief lasts for many hours at stretch. Only using a very small amount of it is sufficient so the entire bottle lasts for about a good time.
Five Stars
This ointment really helps!
I have been suffering from lower back pain for so long and day by day it was getting extreme. Then one day at my sister's place she asked me to apply this ointment and when I use it ,this did wonders to me! I started feeling the difference almost immediately after applying it, thank god! This is a multipurpose ointment, as it helped me deal with my lower back pain, my mother with her blocked nose, and my sister with her migraine. This has a strong smell which really helps to clear the blocked nose and I also use it sometimes for the same purpose.
Five Stars
Quick action
I prefer using ointments or balms instead of pain relief spray as the sprays have a very pungent smell and it gives me headaches. The ointment is very nice. I get absorbed quickly and I do not have to rub it continuously for a long time to get the effect. It works for almost all the things including colds, sore throats, joint pain, leg pain or any muscle pain. It acts fast and gives relief from the pain.
Five Stars
Very effective product!
This is a very effective cream. It helps me with my arthritis pain problem. It workes very fastly. It starts working almost immediately and the relief lasts for many hours at stretch. Only using a very small amount of it is sufficient so the entire bottle lasts for about a good time. The price is also very genuine.
Five Stars
Effective and Helpful!
I have bought some ointments before, but most of them aren't that effective. It works almost instantaneously and relieves pain. It is useful for people like me who suffer from back pain, joint pains quite often. Good experience! Totally recommendable product!
Five Stars
Amazing Pain Relief
I am a brand new user of Amish Origins. At 87 I am still pretty active walking my two dogs individually every day I consider myself in good health for my age. Still, I have begun to experience joint pain. I started looking at pills, but I felt if I could get relief from a cream, that would be so much better. My joint pain started in my elbow but then my hips began to give me trouble. I chose this product because of the high pain relief reviews. I tend to be skeptical, but when I applied it the first time to strong pain in hips and elbow, I became a believer. I put it on in the morning. Within ten minutes or so, the pain was gone--not less, gone. Furthermore, it did not return while I was up. I highly recommend it, and I will continue to use it. I live in a senior community and will tell my friends how great it is.
Four Stars
Be careful when opening the jar, it’s not cream as I expected.
I have had 8 surgeries on one of my shoulders and my husband has had carpal and cubical tunnel surgeries. We are always looking for over the counter relief medicine that works. This is the best relief cream we have found, including prescription cream. We love the fact that it is a cream and not an ointment. It not only works better than anything we have found, it is a cream and not an ointment so it is not greasy at all and does not leave any type of stain and soaks right into the skin. The only thing we use now.
Five Stars
Amazing Pain Relief
I have degenerative arthritis in my knees. I guess the solution would be knee surgery but I am 54 and have a good tolerance for pain so the surgery is not the route I want right now. I have went to physical therapy and I do the exercises they recommended but I needed something for the pain besides the advil (or whatever medicine helps with inflammation). My husband's friend said try heard that Amish Origins and it has helped me a lot. I use it 2 times daily (morning and night). I also used on my lower back. It helps me manage my pain along with some exercising and a little advil sometimes so I can do the things I like to do.
Five Stars
Best OTC Relief Cream
I really love everything about th cream. It makes my knees feel warm and helps me rest. I apply it 2 o 3 times each day. Of all the creams including prescription creams this one is best for me. I do use it in conjunction with a prescription cream when the pain and soreness is really bad. In between this is my favorite. I love the smell and do use it for my sinuses as well. Nothing cures arthritis in your knees but this is such a relief. I recommend you try it. Just order one and see it works as well for you. I now buy it for friends to try because I love it.
Five Stars
I guess the solution would be knee surgery but I am 54 and have a good tolerance for pain so the surgery is not the ...
I have used this product in original and cream formulations, primarily the original. When applied the original is messy but will absorb and I generally put an old shirt on to protect bed linens. Many nights I have shoulder pain or sometimes knee pain that prevents sleep. Using this product I get almost instant relief and go to sleep. It will not cure anything but sure relieves pain. I have shared it with several others for back pain and other joint pain. Never had anyone say it did not provide temporary relief. I prefer this over drugs!
Four Stars
Arthritis Pain Relief
This stuff is great ! Try to keep some on hand and never run out it works great when you have a cold putting on your chest and back and put a T-shirt on and go to sleep you'll feel the warming relieving the muscles in your back and shoulders and help you breathe especially be in a person with respiratory problems it really does help if you have joints that hurt rub it on and it deep penetrating action or relieve you of pain don't take my word for it try it yourself and see and I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this!
Five Stars
Effective temporary pain relief
MY mom stays in constant pain... and she absolutely loves this product. Since the first time I bought this product.. ive ordered it over and over and over again!! I live by it now.. helps relieve pain better than any pill I've ever taken! I recommend you have this in your medicine cabinet just for ER pain back up,..
Five Stars
something you must have in your Medicine cabinet!
My wife has multiple injuries to her neck and has tried many products with fair results at best. We thought we would try this cream and it works wonders on her neck pain. So glad that we decided to give this a try. We also have problems with stuffy noses while we sleep and tried a very small dab in our nostrils. Our sinuses clear up and stay that way all night! Wish we could give this 6 stars.
Five Stars
love it
I love this product. I came across this product when I was searching for pain creams that would make my feet stop hurting or feel better. I had never heard of it before and I started reading some reviews. I got a really good price on it two bottles for about $16.50. I'm on my feet a lot and by the end of the day they hurt more than the in the beginning of the day and they're always aching. I just wanted something to take the edge off and give me some relief. It has a menthol smell but I like it it's not overpowering is more comforting to me. I wear a pair of gloves and I put some of that cream on before I put on my socks and then at the end of the day I put some on before I go to bed. My feet hurt so much it's annoying and the first time that I wore the cream before I went to work I was really surprised that my feet didn't hurt all day. I've never found any other cream that made my feet feel better all they did was stink and waste money. If your feet hurt I recommend this product but it not just for your feet if you have any pain it might be in your neck or your knee this product really works.
Five Stars
So glad to find this!
I really like this new formula. It goes on greaseless just like any cream would. I personally love the scent. It feels really good after putting it on, rubs in easily. No residue on clothing! The one thing I wondered about. It is very liquid. I don't know if this is just mine or if it is supposed to be this way. Just be careful when opening because it can spill out. Still I gave it 5 stars because it is an excellent product.
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