BMW 5114813237 USER.fbc88bc2-47d6-4037-9a6a-9f2f3a074d3f BMW Bonnet Badge Emblem 82MM E36 E46 E60 F10 E61 E81 E87 E82 E90 E91 E92 X5 X3
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BMW Bonnet Badge Emblem 82MM E36 E46 E60 F10 E61 E81 E87 E82 E90 E91 E92 X5 X3

BMW Bonnet Badge Emblem 82MM E36 E46 E60 F10 E61 E81 E87 E82 E90 E91 E92 X5 X3

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MPN : [5114813237]
Placement on Vehicle : [Front, Rear]
Badge Type : [Decorative]
Brand : [BMW ]
UPC : [5114813237]
Item Specifics

BMW 82MM Bonnet Badge

Replacement Item for OEM BMW Bonnet/Boot Badge Part No. 5114813237

Fitment: 82mm fits all BMW series for the front bonnet/hood and also fits 5 series and X series to the Boot/Trunk


82mm diameter (8.2cm)

Pins are 55mm apart from centre to centre

Comes with a plastic protective film on top and packaging and includes 2no grommets for fitting.

Fitment for following car models: 


Month/Year 00/0000

1 Series

1Series E81

02/2006 - 12/2011

1Series E87  

02/2003 - 02/2007

1Series E87 LCI  

01/2006 - 06/2011

1Series E82  

11/2006 - 10/2013

1Series F20  

07/2010 - 02/2015

1Series F20 LCI  

05/2014 - 08/2018

1Series F21     

07/2010 - 02/2015

1Series F21 LCI  

05/2014 - 08/2018

1Series F52        

10/2015 - 08/2018

2 Series

2Series F22  

10/2012 - 06/2017

2Series F22 LCI  

10/2012 - 06/2017

2Series F87 M2  

11/2014 - 06/2017

2Series F87 M2 LCI  

09/2016 - 08/2018

2Series F23

03/2014 - 06/2017

2Series F23 LCI  

09/2016 - 08/2018

2Series F45 Active Tourer  

11/2013 - 04/2018

2Series F45 Active Tourer LCI  

04/2017 - 08/2018

2Series F46 Gran Tourer  

07/2014 - 03/2018

2Series F46 Gran Tourer LCI  

05/2017 - 08/2018

3 Series

3Series E46

04/1997 - 05/2006

3Series E90  

02/2004 - 09/2008

3Series E90 LCI  

07/2007 - 02/2012

3Series E91  

02/2004 - 08/2008

3Series E91 LCI  

07/2007 - 05/2012

3Series E92  

05/2005 - 02/2010

3Series E92 LCI  

11/2008 - 06/2013

3Series F30  

02/2011 - 01/2016

3Series F30 LCI  

09/2014 - 09/2018

3Series F80 M3  

04/2012 - 06/2015

3Series F80 M3 LCI

01/2015 - 08/2018

3Series F31  

07/2011 - 07/2015

3Series F31 LCI  

09/2014 - 08/2018

3Series F34 GT  

07/2012 - 06/2016

3Series F34 GT LCI  

09/2015 - 09/2018

3Series F35  

06/2011 - 08/2015

3Series F35 LCI

01/2015 - 08/2018

4 Series

4Series F32

11/2012 - 02/2017

4Series F32 LCI

05/2016 - 08/2018

4Series F82 M4  

02/2013 - 02/2017

4Series F82 M4 LCI  

05/2016 - 08/2018

4Series F33  

03/2013 - 02/2017

4Series F33 LCI  

05/2016  - 08/2018

4Series F83 M4

06/2013 - 02/2017

4Series F83 M4 LCI  

05/2016 - 08/2018

4Series F36 Gran Coupé  

07/2013 - 03/2017

4Series F36 Gran Coupé LCI  

05/2016 - 07/2018

5 Series

5Series E39  

02/1995 - 12/2003

5Series E60  

12/2001 - 12/2009

5Series E60 LCI  

10/2005 - 09/2010

5Series E61  

10/2002 - 02/2007

5Series E61 LCI  

11/2005 - 05/2010

5Series F07 GT  

09/2008 - 06/2013

5Series F07 GT LCI

08/2012 - 02/2017

5Series F10  

01/2009 - 10/2016

5Series F10 LCI  

08/2012 - 10/2016

5Series F11  

01/2009 - 06/2013

5Series F11 LCI  

08/2012 - 02/2017

5Series G30

10/2015 - 09/2018

5Series F90 M5  

01/2016 - 07/2018

5Series G31  

03/2016 - 07/2018

6 Series

6Series  G32 GT  

09/2016 - 09/2018

7 Series

7Series E65

02/2000  - 07/2008

7Series E66  

06/2007 - 06/2012

7Series F01

06/2007 - 06/2012

7Series F01 LCI  

05/2011 - 05/2015

7Series F02

07/2007 - 06/2012

7Series F02 LCI

05/2011 - 05/2015

7Series G11

10/2014 - 09/2018

7Series G12  

10/2014 - 09/2018

X Series

X1 E84  

09/2008 - 12/2015

X1 F48  

11/2014 - 09/2018

X1 F49  

11/2014 - 08/2018

X2 F39  

10/2016  - 08/2018

X3 E83  

01/2003 - 07/2006

X3 E83 LCI  

02/2006 - 08/2010

X3 F25  

06/2009 - 08/2017

X3 G01

09/2016 - 09/2018

X3 G08

01/2017 - 08/2018

X4 F26

05/2013 - 03/2018

X4 G02

03/2017 - 09/2018

X5 E53

10/1998 - 09/2006

X5 E70  

02/2006 - 06/2013

X5 E70 LCI  

04/2009 - 06/2013

X5 F15  

08/2012 - 06/2018

X5 M F85  

04/2013 - 06/2018

X5 G05  

09/2017 - 08/2018

X6 E71  

01/2007 - 06/2014

X6 E72 Hybrid

10/2008 -10/2011

X6 F16  

09/2013 - 09/2018

X6 M F86  

10/2013 - 08/2018

Z Series

Z1 Roadster

07/1988 - 06/1991

Z3 E36

12/1994 - 06/2002

Z4 E85

01/2002 - 08/2008

Please ensure that you measure the badge that you are replacing as we are not responsible for the purchase of the incorrect size.

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Five Stars
This Is The Perfect Emblem For My Car
The emblem is just like what the pictures showed, in fact it was better in real. It looked so legit that the original one would have failed! The colours and detailings are nicely done. It fits in perfectly and does not sway or bulge. My car looks even better with this when in the bonnet.
Five Stars
The best replacement
The emblem looks so good. It came in a firm protective film and was the best ever replacement to the original one. The product fits perfectly without causing any problem and added a glow to my vehicle. The shine and detailing is very fine and sharp.
Five Stars
Fitted easily
The badge has a very nice quality. It seems like a genuine BMW product. It was easy to replace and the size fitted nicely. It is made up of good material and seems to be durable.
Four Stars
Looks good
The badge is made up of good quality material. It has a nice quality. It was easy to attach to the car. It looks nice over the car.
Four Stars
Nice quality
The badge for BMW has a very nice quality. It is made up of good quality material. This seems to be a genuine product as it is quite durable. It was easy to fit as well.
Five Stars
Great badge for car!
The logo is quite cool. The material quality is very good, sturdy and long-lasting. I am very impressed to have it. From centre to centre, the pins are 55mm apart. They have 82mm (8.2cm) in diameter. On top of that, there's a plastic protective covering. The bonnet badge compliments my car very well. I suggest having it!
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