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Cameras, Can you do without them?

So, people are taking such great number of selfies using their smart phone cameras. Think twice. You are on a lifetime trip to some picturesque island or mountain. Can you really do without a proper DSLR? Your phone cameras can never capture those awe-inspiring images. you have to return to a proper camera to store your lifetime moments. Can you deny? Eh?

Digital Cameras, DSLRs… The Revolution Begun!!

Back In the 2000; digital camera brought about that much needed revolution in the space of capturing and storing your beautiful moments and transferring them instantly to your social media pages. It really came as that wonderful boon to the photography enthusiasts who got pretty much bored with the Point & Shoot camera experience. One now had the option to choose between Digital single lens reflex camera or DSLR. At the moment, some extra miles ahead in 2k, a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, they can buy DSLRs keeping in mind their exact requirements in mind. The picture quality a DSLR offers is unmatched. Similarly the interchangeable lenses or manual control it offers to its user is one unparalleled experience. The much needed grip, the manual control settings apart from the automated processes gives one that ultimate photographic experience. This is the principal reason the Press, Wildlife Photographers and professional sporting experts choose DSLRs compared to all other cameras available out there.

Oh! Your Camera Became Mirrorless!

Mirrorless cameras like Fujifilm X-T2 and Panasonic Lumix G9 are also finding a favorable place with skilled photographers across several different fields. These cameras are bit smaller in size compared to their DSLR counterparts, mechanically they happen to be quite simpler and they take interchangeable lenses as well. You might be interested to know why these cameras are being called the mirrorless ones? The answer is quite simple. DSLRs got one very complex mirror system in them which is really extensive. The mirrorless ones do not have that much complex mirror system and therefore happen to be much easier to handle and use. Those who have just begun with their photographic journey can find using mirrorless cameras quite comfortable. Also, with the camera giants across the world, who are experimenting with several different camera systems, are giving much importance to this particular category of cameras too. Hence, you can see the skilled ones as well as the amateur ones, using this camera much to their satisfaction.

Which One You are Eying at?

So, have you yet decided on your pick yet? With almost all the world famous brands available in the online market space, with all the specifications and price detailing, comparison with shopping sites like eBay or Amazon and the decision of buying has only become easier. Brands like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony is adding to the buyers’ exquisite photographic experience. While buying online, you can also get all the necessary accessories like camera bags, lenses, tripods at your disposal and decide which one is best for your purpose.

Cheers to your photography expeditions!!

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