ClutchXperts Not Available USER.22ff48d6-50e1-484d-8e13-114383f646c9 CLUTCHXPERTS STAGE 2 RACE CLUTCH KIT Fits 2005-2010 SCION tC 2.4L Does Not Apply
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Horse Power : [239lb-ft]
Manufacturer Part Number : [CXP-SCT56036HP2]
Torque : [259HP]
Clutch Disc Style : [Full Face]
Surface Finish : [Cast Iron, Ceramic]
Country/Region of Manufacture : [United States]
Pressure Plate Type : [Diaphragm]
Brand : [ClutchXperts]
UPC : [Does Not Apply]
Clutch Material : [Ceramic]
Warranty : [Yes]
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It is specifically designed for Extended Wear and Additional Clamping Force for Enthusiasts Who Has Added an exhaust system, an Intake System and Minor External Bolt-ons. It features only slightly increased pedal pressure, longer life than stock, and normal clutch feel during engagement and disengagement for a very smooth operation. Our Stage 2 uses a heavy duty pressure plates use for daily and occasional Street ClutchXperts Exclusive Friction Composition.

ClutchXperts Stage 2 HD Organic Racing Clutches uses only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use. Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of our Stage 2 clutch discs have as spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock. Our Stage 2 Racing Clutch Kits Includes a heavy duty Stage 2 pressure plate, HD Organic Street Racing disc, throwout bearing, pilot bearing (if required) and alignment tool. (Individual components available upon request.) If you are selecting a kit without a new flywheel, then be sure to resurface and rebalance your old flywheel prior to installation for best performance and result.


  • ClutchXperts Stage 2 Heavy Duty Pressure Plate (1800lbs Clamping Load)
  • ClutchXperts Stage 2 Full Face Ceramic Racing Disc (236mm, 21 spline)
  • ClutchXperts Premium Heavy Duty Clutch Throwout Release Bearing
  • ClutchXperts Premium Heavy Duty Clutch Alignment Tool


  • Fits 2005-2010 SCION tC 2.4L DOHC 4CYL


  • Brand : ClutchXperts
  • Manufacture Part Number : CXP-SCT56036HP2
  • Surface Finish : Cast Iron, Ceramic
  • Torque : 239lb-ft
  • Horse Power : 259HP
  • Warranty : Yes
  • Country of Manufacture : United States


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Customer Reviews

Five Stars
5.0 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews
Five Stars
Worked great... for just a little over a month. Now it presses it's own buttons.
I have been using the Stream Deck for five days. I must say this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m NOT a streamer, but I’m an IT pro as well as a gamer. I’m always looking at cool new ways to interact with my computer over icons on a desktop or mouse / keyboard. The games I play have a lot of key binds and I do a lot of listening to audio while playing which being able to control these things without having to minimize your game is wonderful. I’ll start off by saying I’m running Windows 10 and it’s working great. For those comments that say you can’t get the Stream Deck to run key combos while you’re in game, you need to run the Stream Deck engine as admin, only because your video game or other app is running as such. Any game / app that isn’t running as Admin can be easily used without setting this. Installation is simple and easy to understand. The USB cable is fixed to the device, which does kind of suck, but I’ve been able to run it with a USB extension cable and it’s working fine. I’ve found it a sinch to get custom key icons, I just go to Google and type in whatever I’m looking for such as “Razer Logo” and download the one that looks like what I want and set it to the key which makes it much easier to learn as you can identify the keys much faster. The device is snappy and has zero lag when pushing buttons. You can make “folders” which is a button that gives you a whole new set of buttons, think of it as a folder on your smart phone when you have a group of apps. This is a super nice feature and I didn’t even expect that it would do this, but it does. I know some people say that they are bummed that it will only allow folders on the top level, but this is probably needed as making a folder structure that is 3 or 4 + layers deep would either slow down the device or just make it stop working all together. I find the size of the device to be about perfect. The buttons are not so small that you have to overly divert your concentration to hit them and they aren’t so big that it’s obnoxious. They really did make this easy to use. You can also brighten or dim the buttons depending on your environment. I find this nice as when I’m gaming at night it’s not beaming into my eyeballs. I do wish there was more functionality for things not related to streaming and such. I would like to see more multi press or even macro support like a proper mouse or keyboard driver does. I would also like to see a way to make multiple profiles, say one for work and one for gaming, this would give the device a lot more functionality. I’m going to be writing the company after this and letting them know these requests as I really do think this sort of device is the future for input. People are looking for more ways to simplify their computer use or to add that functionality that they want and this is that device. The fact that the keys are OLED screens so they are illuminated custom icons really makes this device sing. If it were like it’s competitors where you have to make tiny paper cutouts and then back light the paper, it just wouldn’t do. I would recommend this device to anyone looking for custom key inputs for their computers, games or simulators. This will be installed in my iRacing sim as a replacement button box and I’ve already told about 10 people about this and they are all buying one. Even with the fact that it’s the first version with only key press assignments or launching apps / websites, it’s still enough to get started and I look forward to what they might do in the future. I will update this review if anything changes.
Five Stars
Outstanding for streaming & productivity.
Absolutely worth every penny and more. The Elgato Stream Deck is something you would expect 20-years from now. In my opinion, everyone can benefit from one of these. You can access anything from your pc I.e.: Netflix, social media, multimedia, photoshop, favorite websites etc. I keep trying different configurations and it handles anything I come up with. It is easy to setup and configure. The keys are slightly larger than your keyboard keys. They are highly customizable. You can ad domain icons, photos and even create your own through the Elgato software and photoshop. They have a mechanical feel when activated without the noise. For those who travel, you can easily take the Stream Deck with you. I can see someone who travels to do a presentation or lecture never leaving home without it. A person in Sales, Marketing, Stockbrokers etc could use the Stream Deck as a tool. I am going off track a bit but I wanted to let people know that you can do a lot more with it than Streaming and recording game play. Feel free to visit my Twitch channel for a demonstration at rlgehlen. I am usually on in the evening but could login for a brief rever. Just respond to the review. You are really going to enjoy the Stream Deck.
Five Stars
Works in-game for custom key-binds as well as on desktop. LOVE IT
I bought this on a whim when I saw it on sale. I am not a streamer -- not even a gamer. (I had to look up "streamer.") But I am finding the Stream Deck pretty handy. Maybe a little early to be writing a review -- but from what I have already tried, I am pretty sure I am going to love this. If you're a non-gamer, think of this as a way-cooler version of the function keys (or, as we love to call them, Fn Keys, because of the fn key on Apple laptops, and because it's fun to say). Or a poor-man's version of Apple's Touch Bar. What you have here is a customizable grid of keys that can do things for you. Launch a file. Open a folder. Actuate a tool in Photoshop. Trigger a URL. Like the Touch Bar (and unlike the Fn keys), the keys are labeled electronically and change to accommodate multiple functions. The hardware is great. Very solidly built with a metal case, which gives it enough weight to stay solidly in place, whether it's resting on the silicone feet on the back, or placed in the included rack, which tilts to a range of angles. Feels like a premium product. 15 clear buttons are illuminated from behind by a color LCD panel, creating the function labels. The feel of the keys is perfect -- solid, with a great snap, I can see how a gamer would like this -- working at gamer speed, you can hit a button and know it registered. Some reviews complain of a short USB cord; the one on mine is 5 feet (150 cm) so I think they made a hardware change. But the cable is still hard wired (a USB micro jack would mean you can use your own cable of whatever length you want). The software that comes with it is for gamers. It's rich with functions gamers will love but the rest of us will find of no use. But they are customizable. One of the functions is HotKey, which can fire off a key. Combined with the app Keyboard Maestro, I think this will do most of what I want (e.g. trigger Photoshop tools, since all of Photoshop has key commands). But it needs setup so I will not get full use of it right out of the box. Fair enough -- El Gato is focusing on their intended market. Expect to spend a little time with it to learn how to set it up. Fortunately the software is The El Gato website has nicely done tutorials. All are aimed at gaming but I think they cover what I need to so -- start apps, trigger hotkeys, launch files and folders, type text strings, multimedia (play, pause, volume, etc.). You can fully customize the key graphics using El Gato's nicely designed graphics or build your own. Easy to get started. Download the software (Mac or Windows) and install. Plug the Stream Deck into a USB port. Press the Welcome key that is pre-loaded and you are on the El Gato Welcome page on their website. Watch the welcome video and you see how to set up your keys. Their examples are all things gamers will understand but non-gamers will understand well enough.
Five Stars
Great device even if you're not a gamer and don't know what a "streamer" is.
I loved the Stream Deck while it was working (with one BIG exception that I'll mention at the end). Last night it started flickering and would restart every few seconds. I jiggled the USB plug a bit and even cleaned the connectors on the PC and the cable. This seemed to fix it, until tonight, that is. I started up the computer and the Stream Deck appeared to be booting as normal, but then it just went black. I could get the screen to briefly flicker by moving the cord around. I believe it's a short at the plug end of the usb cable. I have the Deck sitting right next to my laptop and it never gets moved. I'm not a power user by a long shot so I can only assume that the cable was barely working from day one. I'll do what I can to get a replacement under warranty and will update this review if needed. One other item that has been a problem since I got it: When booting my laptop the Stream Deck will remain at the Elgato logo until I unplug and plug the deck back in. This is quite annoying. UPDATE: I completely forgot to update this review in a timely manner. I did get a replacement Stream Deck and it's been working perfectly. Kudos to Elgato for handling my problem relatively quickly. In the time since my initial review I've also replaced my computer and the issue with it being stuck at the logo has gone away. I don't know why this happened, but it wasn't just me that experienced it as a Google search will show. It's not a super common issue and there still doesn't seem to be an answer as to why it happens. I'm raising my review to 4 stars. I'm not giving it 5 stars due to the initial problems.
Five Stars
This thing is Awesome for Adobe CC
12/22 Update - nested folders have arrived. Upgrading stars to Chuck Norris status. First of all, this is not just a stream board. If you purchased it for that then be happy because it can do a ton more. If you are advanced and want a slick UI, great firmware and ease of use this is perfect. BUT it can be way better. Disclaimer, if you are a hot key master then this isn't for you. I want your memory powers though. New deck arrived. I totally didn't realize this thing didn't have nested folders. Limited to 210 actions sounded big but math can be hard :) Anyway I pitched the idea to Elgato to allow toggling layouts either on the board itself, which does take up a keys that would have to be dedicated across all layouts, or a quick toggle in the UI itself. For now I just have to save multiple layouts and load what I need for what I'm doing. I quickly used up all 15 to open folders. But after I went into my first folder I created on the main board I knew I was only going to go so far. For example, I was hoping for a full 14 key layout for Premier, some of the keys within the layout are great to do quick hot keys, using hot keys in combination with other programs and folders, like bridge within so you don't have to use the back key, then folders dedicated to cuts, effects, color correction, etc... There are so many effects within each you can easily smash a new key to open up 14 new combinations of hot keys. What I really loved about this was the easy to use UI, slick board with a very manageable amount of keys which is what I hated about the larger ones. I never wanted a 48 macro board, just not for me. This board is perfect in size not to small not to big. This board can be so so so much more. I'm hopeful they change the name to Everything Deck and not just Stream. People have no idea how awesome this thing can become. And not having Youtube Gaming even with version at the time of this comment is strange. But I'm hopeful the profits earned will be invented into the UI. Which I now understand why they named it Stream Deck. Marketing to the streamers was a smart play that can earn them some hefty cash needed to advance this board. I imagine a lot of people purchasing this board want the nifty scene toggles, meme launch, mute, record, screenshot, etc... But man o man please buy this up so us advanced users can benefit from more upgrades. It goes way beyond streaming. If you're on the fence don't be. Because what separates this from others is the investment into the quality of the board, easy interface and future enhancements that the regular macro boards just don't provide. At lease none that I've seen.
Five Stars
Died after 4-5 months
... and you couldn't pry them from my cold, dead streamer hands. Seriously, I love the Elgato Stream Deck. When I bought my first Stream Deck (the 15-key version), I thought it was a splurge, but as soon as I plugged it in and started using it, I fell in love with it. It has made running my stream (normal video games, basic "psychedelic" effects, and tournaments) and other stuff SO MUCH EASIER. Here's a list of the things I've done with this (more than just one time experimental stuff): - I play sound commands from it when certain people stop in chat. - I use it to quickly set up for recording YouTube videos through OBS. - I use it to change the way my username is displayed on Twitter when I'm live on Twitch. - I used it for weeks on end to make APPLYING FOR JOBS that much easier through it's "text paste" functionality. Seriously, how many time do you have to write/type the same information over and over. - I have run video game tournaments with it and used it to focus on specific players during the tournament was super easy. - I've change the entire look/feel of the tournaments I've run in a SINGLE button press. - I use it to highlight my dog on stream. - I use it to spin a "redemption" wheel on stream. - I run applications and scripts I've written to make managing save files on a USB drive much easier when I'm practicing video games my PS4. I can't say enough good things about this product. If you are on the fence about whether to get this or not, it can be used for much more than just streaming on Twitch/Mixer/YouTube/etc., so don't be afraid to experiment with it. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and have a great day!
Five Stars
If you think it's just for streaming you're missing out - Good but can be AMAZING
This was purely a lark. I wanted a secondary keyboard. The idea was simply to assign macros to keys and have them fire off when I wanted to switch desktops, etc. This little guy goes wayyyy beyond that. Caveat: I don't game, I don't stream, and I'm a software engineer. The Deck presents itself as a HID to the kernel. This makes life easy. There are some very brilliant folks who have created communications layers for whichever language you prefer. I went with Python. Within a day of tinkering I had a device that dynamically shows which applications are available on which desktops and can navigate and focus them with a single press. It can flash a single button red to let me know that something critical has gone wrong somewhere. And, my favorite bit, I have a screen dedicated solely to control over my office. I can change my Hue scenes, control my speaker volume, and switch to night mode in a very elegant and slick way. I can't speak to the software experience on a Windows machine. But in the penguin world, it's a game-changer for productivity so long as you have the skill and time to invest in making it yours.
Five Stars
I own two of these...
Forget streaming, this device is a GREAT tool if your work at a computer and perform a lot of repetitive tasks, or simply have trouble remembering hotkeys. I am a motion designer and primarily use After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere, and in the short time that I've had the Streamdeck XL, it has become an indispensable part of my workflow. When used in combination with something like AutoHotkey on Windows, the sky is the limit and you will find yourself constantly looking for the next thing to automate and turn into a button. So far, I have not experienced any issues, and keep finding ways to make this more and more useful. I wish that the software allowed me to assign off-kb function keys (i.e. F23) as modifiers, but there is a plugin named "Super Macro" that comes in and fills in the gaps that the default Elgato software can't handle. A little pricey for what it is still, in my opinion, but I honestly wish I had gotten it sooner, based on the impact it is having on my work.
Five Stars
Outstanding for streaming & productivity.
The media could not be loaded. Powerful tool if you are a streamer with its integration to obs and steam labs obs ( as well as others) but still useful even if you don’t stream. I use it to open all my favorite applications and websites with a push of a button and to control my music player. You can get pretty creative with the icon creation using regular images or animated gifs. The possibilities are endless with the ability to make numerous profiles and multiple pages of buttons. You can stack commands and even add pauses for some cool macros. Running my stream is easy but so are other tasks. One cool feature is you can have certain buttons available depending on what program is on the foreground. This would be cool for hot buttons set up for video or photo editing for sure. Overall great product. I have yet to find something I don’t like about it other then every now and then I have to hit a button twice
Five Stars
Worked great... for just a little over a month. Now it presses it's own buttons.
If you are just starting out streaming, this is not for you. There are many free options out there for digital stream decks (check out UpDeck). This is for streamer enthusiasts, professional streamers, video and photography editors, etc. Before I bought the item, I didn't think I would use all of the buttons, but the damn thing is almost filled, so I'm glad I got it! The biggest issue with this, is that there are no options for custom actions! All of them are premade or custom made by other companies or people who submit them into the Elgato Stream Deck download queue. You can pick and choose what you want, but I would love for complete and fully controllable custom options instead of having to worry about others, since they have to update them if something goes wrong! This does not work well with Youtube!!! There are VERY few (And I mean VERY few) things you can do with Youtube regarding this. The Stream Deck is definitely more geared towards Twitch Streamers. The buttons feel well, and work almost instantly. If you are looking to control Spotify with it, it has it's issues and I couldn't get it to work at first. I went through so much just to get it to control my playlists, play, pause, and volume, but after an hour I got it to work, and for the most part, it's flawless now. I would love the option for changeable angle adjustment, as I have my Stream Deck a little farther away from me so the text gets warped from the contoured buttons.
Five Stars
I'm a gadget nut- and not a gamer. This has applications other than just streaming software or gaming... I've got a lot of shortcuts to often-used apps and multimedia controls on it. I'm building a home theater PC and once completed, I intend to have all the common functions on the StreamDeck- I might even get a much larger one. The Mini is a great way to prove the concept, but in many cases it's likely large enough. One can create folders at the base level and then have multiple controls for an app all located together in a sub-menu, so a Mini can really have a lot more than 6 buttons on it. I'm still working on configurations and doing some testing/playing with it, but I'm glad I bought it and will certainly get more- just not sure which size. Having all the media controls I need on a simple and elegant "pod" on the table next to the couch will be awesome. My Mac upon which I do my work for grad school will get one soon and the PC upon which I records and edit video will get one, too. 100% recommend. I'm not dropping a star for it- but mine had a cardboard flap positioned incorrectly in the box which scratched the front of the pod, which is a real bummer... but not enough of a problem to send it back. Get it! *****Despite having the VINE logo on my account, this was a personal purchase at full price.
Five Stars
Worth $250? If you have expendable income, yes
Being legally blind, I'm not able to do certain things in broadcast software, such as OBS, Stream Labs OBS, Xplit, or Elgata Game capture, the way a sighted person would. This is because I have to use Windows Magnifier to do most things on a computer. I tried multi-monitor setups, but both screens got magnified, and dual pc setups also don't work well for me. Enter the Stream Deck. Once I get everything set in the broadcast software, prior to streaming, and then setup in the Stream Deck's configuration utility, I'm able to do most everything I need to do, during a broadcast, right from the Stream Deck. I've learned I can even do cool things I used to do in commercial radio, back in the 80s, when "boing" boards were just appearing, like fire off sound effects. You can even trigger different cameras, as well. What I didn't know, until starting to work with the Stream Deck, is you initially only have 15 keys, BUT, you also have the ability to set pages up for various aspects of your broadcast. So, in addition to the streaming key programming, you can setup pages for your sound effects, or media playback. VERY COOL! :) The keys can be lit nice, and bright, once you've assigned the brightness keys. Also, the keys are like tiny video screens, showing what each function is, depending on configurations. Go to a different page, and the keys change. My only problem with the keys is, the text displayed in them is too small for me to read without a magnifier. I do like how quiet the keys are when pressed. That's HUGELY important in broadcasting. The USB cable is a wee bit short, though. But, you can get an extension for USB cables. Oh, I was not able to read the manual, because it so small, you'd think it came out of a popcorn box. The text was even smaller. Fortunately, the Elgato site has a nice tutorial which helps get you start. I also like how you can make your own custom buttons on the Elgato site, as well as download tons of new buttons. Once you have the keypad configured, you can just close the configuration utility, and go on about your work. The keypad keeps all your settings, even when the computer is shut down. Not sure about power outages, though. We'll soon find out, won't we. LOL I like the tilt cradle, but for my needs, I have to put the keypad as close to me as possible. That means in front of the keyboard, so the tilt cradle would block the keyboard. Therefore, I have to use the keypad laying flat. I would love to see Elgato come out with a keypad that had larger keys, and larger text. Other than that, it seems to be a great broadcast control device.
Five Stars
Love this gadget!
I've been hesitant on purchasing an Elgato Stream Deck for quite some time because I didn't think it'd be worth the money. However the Stream Deck has changed the way I use my computer and saved me so much time! Let me first say that the build quality is very good, it's a solid device and the small buttons are bright and clear. It feels like it could take a few drops or get thrown around in a backpack with no issue. The 15 key variant is a great size and I don't see myself needing to get anything larger as of yet. A great feature that the Stream Deck has is folders, so if you feel like 15 keys is not enough, don't worry because you can have an infinite amount of shortcuts by nesting them inside of folders. And you can even put folders inside of folders too! It has an included kickstand that lets you position it at any angle you need to which is super handy for various uses/surfaces. It's powered over USB and works with both Mac and PC. When it comes to actions, there are so many shortcuts in the list that it would take me too long to talk about them, but just know that you will not find yourself looking for a shortcut that doesn't exist. There are even third party plugins to install that incorporate the Stream Deck with the software you need it to work it (if it's not already supported natively). I use my Stream Deck daily as a video editor and audio engineer. I can use quick shortcuts inside of the Adobe software which is incredibly helpful. I do stream a little as well, which I'm trying to put more time into and for streaming, the Elgato Stream Deck is a must have! There are so many things to manage while streaming that it gets annoying to leave the game to do them. With the Stream Deck you don't have to. I work as a live production engineer for a day job and I have even found a way to incorporate the Stream Deck into my daily workflow from job to job! It can control macros to recall camera layouts or pull up a animated lower third, it's super handy. Basically wherever I go, I'm asked what it's called and how much it costs. I can't recommend this enough for those looking to increase their productivity or if you're a streamer/gamer. It's worth every penny spent and I urge you to do research to see if the Stream Deck could improve your workflow. This review is completely unbiased and the Stream Deck was purchased with my own money.
Five Stars
Must Buy for Streamers and Productivity
This Elgato deck is a great device to use with almost any program where you have multiple keystrokes to do something. I’m a photographer and use it for Photoshop and Lightroom, though my son pointed out he could use it to play World of Tanks. Each key is programmable for use in software or even for launching a program. (I have a key dedicated to launching a small hardware monitor program to check the temps of computer components.) In Photoshop, I have a key programmed for Shift+F5 to bring up the Fill option and another to type Shift+F6 to Feather a selection. You can also nest multiple commands. I saw this device being used in a video and thought “What a cool device” and it was reasonably priced. The hardest part is figuring out what you want to program on your computer with a single Key! You install a small app that helps program the keypad and can go to The Elgato website for more options.
Five Stars
Totally cool, totally configurable
Had the Stream Deck for a few days now and I gotta say im really impressed so far. It feels like a very premium product and looks it too. The cord is not too long at only about 3 feet or so, and theres no option to extend it. The LCD screens are very vibrant and the buttons feel solid. When you use a button that is an on/off switch (like a source on OBS) the key will light up or dim depending on whether its activated or not. I can see them in the future possibly releasing updates to add more options to what you can do with the stream deck. Some things i would like to see are live streaming controls for youtube live because currently they only allow you do comment/stream through your twitch account and I have taken youtube gaming as my home for streaming. All the hotkeys that you can program are nice and you can even set buttons to bring up certain websites at the click of a button. The option to make folders is also a very good feature; though you can only have folders on the main page. I hope they allow for more folders within folders in the future. This has been a game changing device that i have been able to use for my streams, but ive also set up some pages for Photoshop tools, and am planning on doing one for the Sony Vegas Pro tools as well. The option to tweet directly with 1 button is an awesome feature and I use it frequently. My time with he product has been short and sweet so far, and I can honestly see myself using this product (and future products of this line) for years to come! Pros: Sturdy, plastic material is light and solid Buttons have a good feel to them Stream deck doesnt move much on desk Folders option allows for hundreds of inputs twitter integration custom hotkeys Media controls (volume up/down ect.) Fast response time within stream deck and between the deck and PC On/Off hotkeys will light up/dim when on or off on the stream deck Cons: Lack of Youtube live support limited to creating folders strictly on the home screen lack of cool startup animations (though not really a con just a visual thing) Short cord and lack of changeable connection Future hopes: Release update to include support for Youtube live like the options for Twitch (chat message, subs, viewers, go live/end stream) Future models with more keys/features would be awesome. Hopefully any future models will also have longer cords/ possibly be wireless, though i admit to not knowing how this would affect the latency
Five Stars
Love this shortcut deck
I originally bought a 32-key Stream Deck XL. The scheduled delivery was updated to two months. I cancelled that order and bought my first 15-key Stream Deck. I do not use it for live streaming so I had to sort through a lot of YouTube videos. Some of the older videos will tell you about limitations that have since been removed by Elgato. After setting up profiles for the applications that I use the most (Photoshop, Lightroom, Word, Outlook, File Explorer, PhotoLab, and Aurora) that are linked to the application, I could see that if I wanted to also load applications, web pages, and documents, it would be beneficial to have a second one for that purpose. The original one changes its layout when there is a profile for an application that is active (in focus). The other one is pretty much static. When you buy a programmable keypad you should consider two things: (1) how are the keys labeled, and (2) does that keypad support profiles to switch to on an application-sensitive basis. I have a Genovation 48 key programmable keypad for Photoshop. It does not support application-sensitive profiles, but does have clear removable keycaps to put legends under. I also have an Xkeys 24 key keypad. It supports application-sensitive profiles and has removable keycaps for legends. I have a Logitech G110 programmable keyboard that supports application-specific profiles but there is no easy way to label the keys. The Stream Deck has application-specific profiles and using an OLED screen behind the keys, it instantly labels each key. The display is very sharp and easy to read. I made a 500x500 pixel all-black .png file for the background, and usually label a key using a white 10-point san serif font. I generally start with a blank line. Icons are fine for some people and I use some elegant arrow icons, but I find I can comprehend text quicker than an icon. I bought some Stream Deck packs from SideshowXL but found I was trying to figure out what an icon meant most of the time. I also preferred my own layout, and not trying to add each and every function to a key. The keys are smooth and have a nice feel to them. The case seems solid. Some complain about the tilt-up stand that comes with it, but I think it's fine. The programming software is refined and modern. For me, two 15-key Stream Decks is a great addition to my system.
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