Best eBay Alternative 2018 : Selling Sites like eBay

No selling fees on TrueGether!

eBay has been backed by so many good sellers from the past several years and The sellers looks happy as well so far with this association to the eBay as it took their business to the next level. However, Over a period of time eBay has made so many changes in the fee structure, and other policies which impacted sellers economically and enforced them to search better alternative to migrate.

The Sellers are not interested in retaining themselves on eBay post increment of paypal and seller fees. As the incremented amount directly impacts their profit margin and they have to increase the product prices to balance the margin which is not the better solution.

Many of the good sellers claimed that all the policies are in the favor of buyers so there is nothing for sellers. Even the sellers are not safe if any of the buyer does not pay. And if the transaction goes bad, eBay does not provide any assistance to the sellers.

11 Most Preferred eBay Alternatives: Similar Sites like eBay in 2018

Here is the list of top 11 sites like eBay to sell items. Each of these eBay alternative has its own unique feature which makes it somehow different from the eBay. Choose any of these selling sites which is the most suited to your business model but it is recommended to give a try to the site you choose before migrating from eBay completely. Many of these sites (TrueGether) have import feature which allows to directly import products from eBay or Amazon. And later on it can be used as primary selling alternate when you're happy with the site.

The most preferred eBay alternatives include these sites:


TrueGether: A Selling Site like eBay, The Cheapest Marketplace

TrueGether is a no fee marketplace and can be considered as the best alternative to eBay or amazon for selling products. TrueGether came into existence 2012. Despite its newness into the marketplace, TrueGether has grown exceptionally within 5 years of existence. Just like eBay, TrueGether supports online transactions and international transactions. It has good site usability and is convenient to navigate around. On TrueGether, buyer and seller’s protection is guaranteed. Like other eCommerce website, TrueGether is integrated with Google shopping and Bing product ads. Unlike eBay and its likes, on TrueGether, there is no additional cost for the seller. It is FREE.

There is a special unique feature on TrueGether which is social media integration that does leverage social media platforms like Facebook or Linkedin to make such a marketplace which is not anonymous. TrueGether also offers an eCommerce solution that helps sellers to manage and optimize their sales. Sellers are free to take benefit from multi-channel selling through eBay, Amazon, Google or Bing. TrueGether is strong enough to advertise products online more efficiently to connect suppliers to their consumers to increase sales.


Amazon: The Trusted Internet Retailer, Cheaper Alternative to eBay

Amazon is another good alternative for selling products in the virtual market. This is a US based ecommerce site and uses advanced technology like cloud computing to enable easy addition and sale of goods to a large customer base.

Why to Choose Amazon as your Selling Partner?

Amazon serves as a perfect alternative to eBay for selling products as it has following strong points for the Sellers:-

  • Scope for all Sellers: It is one of the most trusted ecommerce sites, catering to the varied requirements of customers and hence sellers of various products have a scope to sell on Amazon. Be it electronics, books, music, grocery or kitchenware, whatever may be product, Amazon is a reliable virtual market for almost all kinds of products.
  • Large Customer Base: In terms of market capitalization and revenue generation, Amazon is the largest ecommerce site of the world. Amazon is a brand and hence trusted by millions of customers, giving sellers an already established platform for their products.
  • Large Seller Community: Amazon had already 2 million sellers in 2014 and they were successful in selling more than 2 billion products in the same year. As per a survey, almost 40% of the sells made on Amazon were from independent sellers in this year.
  • Promotion-less Marketing: Amazon promotes products on behalf of its sellers. Standalone ecommerce sites require sellers to spend lot of amount on promotion of products but the same is completely free when a seller chooses Amazon.
  • Hassle Free Supply of Products: Sellers need not pack or ship products. They just need to provide the details of the product and deliver the same to Amazon store. Rest of the work is done by this giant ecommerce site. Be it normal packaging or gift pack, every aspect is taken care by Amazon. Amazon comes with the feature known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) under which international exportation, returns and customer service is also the responsibility of Amazon.
  • Additional Facilities: Besides the profits earned from the sale of the products, sellers can get extraordinary facilities by selling on Amazon, like free use of reporting, analytical tools and also contracted shipping rates.

How is Amazon a Better Alternative for Sellers than eBay?

  • Amazon keeps all the products as in-house while eBay is more like an auction house, where customers need to directly interact with the sellers. So Amazon is an easier marketplace for customers with fixed price rates, reducing hassle and increasing the sale of products.
  • While sellers need to pay a price for listing their products on eBay, it is absolutely free on Amazon.
  • The additional perks like free and fast delivery of products makes Amazon more popular amongst buyers than eBay. Hence sellers can get repeated customers at Amazon.
  • Sellers also get unlimited image and media storage space at Amazon, which is unavailable at eBay.

So keeping in mind the high potential of revenue generation, easy stock listing and large customer base, Amazon can be a far better option for selling products than eBay.


Craiglist: A Major Internet Classified Platform

If you are looking for customised local advertisements or want a forum to get reliable information on any subject Craiglist is your ultimate option. Craiglist is no doubt a better bet than eBay for the sellers. Let us check out how Craiglist can be a better option than eBay.

  • Craiglist is considered to be the best option for selling big and bulky items like furniture and electrical appliances. Shipment is expensive in case of this kind of goods and eBay not only takes the shipment fees but also commission for selling the product. If you want to keep all the profit to yourself, opt for Craiglist as it does not charge anything for selling the product. It has a very nominal charge only for employment ads.
  • Craiglist is a flexible selling and buying platform where users can sell and buy almost everything. This means if you do not need any product now sell it and when again you are in need of that same product, there is high probability that the same kind of pair will be available on this selling platform. eBay is limited in options as compared to Craiglist.
  • Price of event tickets are lesser on Craiglist than on eBay and hence the former is a better option. Also if you have event tickets and want to sell it at the last moment, Craiglist is your ultimate choice as selling on eBay is a more time consuming process.
  • Craiglist is not only an alternative for selling products but also for hiring roof makers, plumbers or for giving rents. As Craiglist is a more localised service than eBay hence you can get service experts at lesser time and at lesser expenses.
  • Craiglist offers safe selling services as automated email ids are created when posting any ad. There is no need to provide personal e-mail ids or phone numbers, hence safeguarding the seller’s identity.
  • Sellers need not register or create an account for selling products or services and hence posting is a quick and hassle free process on Craiglist. eBay requires registration for adding any post on its site and is time consuming for this reason.

The cost effectiveness of Craiglist this gives excuse to the users to sell off anything unusable anytime.


Bonanza: Perfect Alternative to eBay to sell cheap and easy

While the immense traffic of eBay attracts buyers and sellers from round the world, Bonanza can give you almost the same buying experience but without the sting of higher registration fees and other charges.

Sellers are choosing Bonanza as an alternative to eBay mainly due to following factors.

  • First and foremost, Bonanza is an easy-to-use virtual marketplace divided into several categories. So it is easier for sellers to search the exact destination for posting their products. The portal is even more flexible with the facility of both price negotiation and a set or fixed price. This means sellers can customise their price listing with Bonanza, making it a good alternative to eBay.
  • From household items to handicrafts, Bonanza is an economical market place for all kinds of goods. Small businesses can keep more profits as the charges as less in Bonanza than eBay, making this an ideal alternative to the later.
  • Bonanza ensures quick selling than eBay as it is integrated with other online selling platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Users can easily import or shift their saleable products from these portals to Bonanza and get quick sales.
  • Bonanza is a very popular marketing platform in US and also has its presence at 200 countries. Hence just like eBay, Bonanza can give you the same amount of business but at less costs.
  • Besides huge seller base and millions of sales taking place everyday, Bonanza is also effective as a guard to your products against scams and fraud buyers. It is linked with trusted payment gateways like Amazon Payments and PayPal and hence reliable to both sellers and buyers.
  • There is no risk of losing buyers on the new marketplace of Bonanza. It comes with a eBay Feedback Importer which directly shows the score which the seller had on eBay on Bonanza, making the seller more authentic. So there is no probability of losing customers when choosing Bonanza as an alternative to eBay.
  • Bonanza also has tie up with Google AdWords and paying a nominal fees sellers can feature their products through google advertisements as well; making this marketplace an alternative to eBay.

Last but not the least; Bonanza is a legitimate and safe marketplace. So choose Bonanza as a perfect selling partner.


Etsy: A Selling Site like eBay, Suitable for Art and Crafts

E-commerce is just not about selling of furniture, electrical appliances and apparels from big brands. E-commerce platforms have also become popular for small businesses. Can Etsy be chosen as a selling platform over eBay? Let us check out.

  • Etsy is the best bet for selling handicrafts and vintage goods. eBay has more fees than Etsy. Any new supplier or handicrafts business with less funds should opt for the later to get more profits and less expenses. eBay asks for a membership charge for sellers while opening a store on Etsy is charge free. Besides charging a very nominal charge for each post, Etsy is more cost effective as it does not charge anything more till next four months of posting the ad until the product gets sold.
  • Etsy is more appropriate for selling products which are as old as 20 years and hence ideal for buyers who are looking for boutique or unique handmade accessories instead of those which are produced in mass production process. eBay does not have such great stock of antics or handicrafts as compared to Etsy and hence is not preferred by buyers looking for special gift items or home décor.
  • Sellers can get more profits selling over Etsy than on eBay. As buyers know that they are getting individualistic items at Etsy hence do not hesitate to pay a bit more, while eBay customers are known to be more thrifty about the prices of the products.
  • Opening a store, transacting and posting product pictures on Etsy is easier than on eBay. Sellers can get their personal shipment labels without having much knowledge about programming codes like HTML and CSS.
  • Moreover Etsy has more personal flavour than eBay as it deals with a smaller community of people. Do sellers know their buyers personally and can get a honest feedback about their products. This kind of personal interaction also ensures that customised products can be made as per the demand of the buyer.

Easy and cost effective, Etsy is the best alternative for small and medium scale businesses which deal in handicrafts, toilet papers, coloured papers and signs.


eBid: An Auction Site like eBay, Making Money Becomes Easy

eBid in recent years have become another good alternative to eBay. This is an auction site which was opened in 1999 and at present the site is available in more than 23 nations. eBid was chosen as one of the best marketplaces by the sellers in a sellers’ choice survey held in 2016 besides eBay and hence can be termed as one of the best alternatives to the later.

Which Features make eBid an Alternative to eBay?

  • Buddy points is a special attraction of eBid. This refers to bonus points which sellers can earn while selling products or referring new sellers on the site. These special points can be used to get more discounts during the auction. This kind of referral or award program is much better than the ones available on eBay.
  • Casual sellers or users who resort to occasional sales on eBid are not charged any fee. Hence in terms of cost, eBid is a better alternative to eBay. eBay charges from registration, sales to transportation or shipment of goods; making eBid a better alternative to eBay; eBid charges a single fee for five stores unlike eBay.
  • eBid is an alternative to eBay with an impressive traffic of 15 million per annum. The site is also popular among the Facebook users and gets almost 13,293 likes each day. So sellers need not fear about losing customers or buyers on eBid when choosing it as an alternative to eBay.
  • Moreover it is easier to use eBid than eBay. The rules and regulations on eBid are easier than on eBay, which means maintaining a store on eBid is hassle free. Also the customer service for eBid is considered as one of the best in the category of virtual markets, making it a great alternative to eBay. Besides prompt response, the effective customer service of eBid removes any unfair feedback provided by the buyer.
  • There are multiple products like old coins, clothing apparels from some brands, stamps or ink cartridges which cannot be sold on eBay due to their stringent listing policy. These products can be easily sold on eBid, making it a better alternative to eBay.

So do not feel the sting of charges on e-commerce sites, get more products with eBid.


ArtFire: Growing Alternative to eBay, Exhibit Creativity with no Hole in your Pockets

ArtFire is immensely popular among handicraft sellers. It is a global platform for these sellers to showcase their craft to buyers located worldwide.

ArtFire is a better alternative to eBay because

  • It is a perfect market for selling less products at best prices. While eBay charges for registering, posting and shipping of products, ArtFire makes all these transactions for free of cost. So it this the perfect alternative for small businesses and individual sellers over eBay.
  • ArtFire is also a great alternative to eBay for sellers who are just not looking for money through their sales but also for some high quality interactions with fellow sellers and buyers. The ArtFire forum organises discussions on variety of subjects for this purpose. ArtFire offers more personalised services than eBay by giving seller advice, providing information on discounted items and also regularly declaring staff related information so that sellers are aware from whom they can ask for assistance.
  • Buyers are aware that they can get customised and unique hand crafted items from ArtFire and hence this site ensures genuine buyers who are willing to buy this kind of stuff. So sellers looking for right kind of buyers for their accessories and rare pieces of crafts find ArtFire a better alternative to eBay.
  • Besides creating own store sellers can also promote their products on ArtFire through the site blog. This is an additional facility where users can upload several pictures of their products along with descriptions; creating a good impression amongst the buyers. This unique features makes ArtFire again a better alternative to eBay.
  • Unlike eBay, at ArtFire sellers can customise their own shops. Besides having their own logo they can create their own banners, can post pictures of their past works along with the ones which they are interested to sell. So ArtFire is certainly a better option for sellers who want a more personalised online store than eBay.

So try out ArtFire if you want to sell handmade products and want your unique creations to get the limelight, which is mostly absorbed by the big brands on eBay. ArtFire is hence a good alternative to eBay.


Rakuten: B2B2C e-commerce Platform and a Profitable Selling Site

Rakuten is just not a selling site but a site which ensures a profitable and sustainable business to both new sellers and business owners who are long time in the market. This feature makes Rakuten a better alternative to eBay.

Let us see in details which are the ways in which Rakuten stands a chance to get more sellers than eBay.

  • Customised catalogs is one of the striking features of Rakuten which makes it a bette alternative to eBay. While the later gives a generic template to seller to provide the brand name, colour and type of product, Rakuten gives an open choice to the sellers to add their desired details about the product and upload high quality images.
  • Rakuten also offers follow up marketing campaigns to the sellers. Through this new sellers can promote their other products and get feedback of the sold ones from the buyers easily. The eBay portal is not known for organising such campaigns on behalf of the sellers.
  • eBay just do not have a high fee structure but also has a complex commission, tax and registration process. Rakuten keeps things simple for the sellers and hence is a better alternative to them than eBay.
  • Rakuten is also gaining popularity amongst the sellers because of its attractive commissioning and customer rewards points facility. The store plans are flexible while selling in the Japanese market is completely free of any cost. Also, the products on the Rakuten store can be cross sellers on This is another reason why Rakuten is considered as an alternative to eBay.
  • Rakuten ensures more direct interactions between the customers and the sellers than eBay. Besides maintaining their own blogs within the Rakuten platform, sellers can also directly converse with the buyers.

For small businesses who ant to save more, Rakuten is the perfect match and best alternative to eBay. So try out Rakuten next time when you want to make any sell; be it apparels, jewelery or any other accessory. This Japanese e-commerce site immensely popular amongst avid online shoppers with a customer base of almost 1.5 million.


Gumtree: Prefer Gumtree over eBay for British Local Classifieds

Still using eBay? Check out these eBay alternatives to get more sellers and gain more profit than eBay. Gumtree is considered these days to be a better selling platform than eBay because

  • eBay charges exorbitant prices than Gumtree. So if you want to sell products but save on costs then Gumtree is preferred over eBay. Shipment charges, PayPal charges and commission, combining everything generates more cost on eBay than Gumtree, which has zero selling price. The later has almost same traffic like eBay in several countries and hence the chances of losing customers is less.
  • Gumtree has also started attracting sellers because it is easy to use. While eBay has become more complicated with numerous sellers, long registration process and other processes, Gumtree is still easy to use and enables quick upload of pictures and entering of details.
  • As per seller feedbacks they get better prices for heavy products like bikes on Gumtree than eBay. Moreover, Gumtree takes less time to sell the products than eBay. Hence if you are looking for a quick sell within a day or two instead of waiting for weeks, Gumtree is a better platform. Gumtree is better for face to face transactions than online business. This kind of cash dealings also relieves sellers from disputes.
  • Besides free listings, Gumtree is also acting as a better alternative to eBay because of flexible rules and regulations. eBay has stringent rules and often removes ads which do not comply with their guidelines. Gumtree is easier in this regards.
  • Besides apparels, jewellery and accessories, Gumtree is also great for job listings, flat rentals and repair services. eBay is majorly known for product sale. So if you are looking for a single platform to sell both goods and services then Gumtree is a better option than eBay.

So stop paying rising eBay commissions from absorbing your profits, opt for Gumtree as a better alternate for local classifieds.


Zazzle: An Alternative to eBay, Useful for Designers to Sell their Designs

Zazzle has evolved as an alternative to eBay in recent days. This e-commerce site came into limelight 8n the past decade and is continuing its successful journey. Some of the prime characteristic of Zazzle which makes it a good alternative to eBay are:

  • It sells rare products which are generally not found on virtual sites like eBay. Zazzle encourages sellers who make their own customised products, like flasks. As eBay is a major market place with a wide range of products, handicraft makers or self makers of small products might not get the desired traffic for their products while competing with the major brands. Zazzle takes this opportunity to help SMEs showcase their manufactured goods to the mass in a better way, making it a better alternative to eBay.
  • Zazzle is one of the most preferred e-commerce sites for artisans, woodworkers or handicraft makers due to its economical rates. This company is not in the rat race of getting extreme amounts of profits and hence can keep the charges nominal for sellers of small and medium scale enterprises. eBay has high shipment rates, commissions and charges for every posted product, making it difficult for artisans and small businesses to highlight all their products on this site. Zazzle hence once again is their alternative to eBay.
  • Zazzle is known for its short delivery time. Sellers can pull up their investment in minimal amount of time as this online market takes only 24 hours to ship and deliver the products. Though the site takes so less time to provide the products it does not mean that the seller has to keep the product ready or need not maintain an inventory. Sellers can make the product only after the buyer decides to buy the product and hence can reduce the inventory cost. This is another reason why Zazzle is considered these days as a better alternative to eBay.
  • Zazzle is also known for its simple user interface in contrast to the complicated selling process of eBay. So even a new seller feels easy to register, add products and sell at Zazzle.

As the shopping trends are shifting more to web and mobile, Zazzle is slowly and steadily transforming itself as a great alternative to eBay.


Salehoo: A Site connecting Wholesalers and Retailers.

Salehoo is a platform where sellers showcase their products with complete money assurance. This marketplace has delivered a platform to filter different types of products based on their expiration date. Also, Salehoo offers you buy the products at nearly wholesale price. This marketplace has even offered 24x7 assistance against any sort of issues.

No selling fees on TrueGether!

Why are Sellers Moving to eBay Alternatives?

eBay has a provision of different types of fee which is charged from sellers for each item they sell online. This is the most important factor which is making eBay profitable but this is also the biggest reason of forcing sellers to look for other eBay alternatives. Let's look at the fee types charged by eBay in detail

Firstly, eBay charges listing fees that usually starts at $0.10 and increases according to the listing features which is a big deal for new emerging sellers to afford and so these sellers are looking for some affordable eBay alternatives.

Secondly, eBay deduct some amount from your profit share when the item is sold which is called final value fees. The final value fees is about 2-10% per sale and varies according to the item category.

Third important factor, causing the migration of sellers to other eBay alternatives is paypal fees, As the transactions made on eBay are accomplished via paypal which is considered as the secure payment gateway and Paypal charges 2-5% fees per sale for using their payment interface.

Now the question arises that why good sellers are not completely migrating to eBay alternatives. After a granular research it is found that eBay has a set of good professional sellers who regularly sell their stuff to regular buyers. This implies that good sellers have already made a strong bonding with buyers. It is the seller and buyer that makes the transaction happens, Marketplace is just the medium which connects them. However, once the seller is popular enough and is able to bring regular customers, The customers tries to follow the seller even after being migrated to other eBay alternative. As per the current scenario, the seller with good positive ratings are not migrating from eBay because they are waiting for big opportunity which impacts the business in a drastic manner. Meanwhile the sellers are happy to use eBay alternatives as one of the complementary sales channels. Truly when any of the alternative to eBay starts giving them fresh set of new buyers, They have to think about the complete migration from eBay in order to save lot of money that is being invested to grow their business.

Other Reasons to Hunt for eBay Alternatives

  1. Decreasing Traffic of eBay shows that eBay’s traffic has dropped steadily over the past few years, from over 600,000,000 worldwide visitors/month to around 534,000,000.

    eBay traffic analysis

    That’s a massive drop - especially when you consider that services like Etsy, Shopify and Amazon Marketplace have all seen an uptick in traffic in the same time period.

    At the end of the day, the whole point of eBay is that it puts your product listings in front of as many people as possible. Sure - in the past, their platform was also valuable. But today, when it takes just minutes to set up a commission-free store front elsewhere, why bother with eBay if their user base is shrinking? There are numerous eBay alternative for sellers exists which have better user base than eBay.

  2. Massive Fees charged from Sellers

    eBay makes money from your listings. They charge as much as 12% for products under $25, or as little as 4.5% for a product sold for $1,000 - and that may not seem like a big deal…

    But when you factor in the fact that PayPal - previously owned by eBay - also charges you money for getting money transferred, you end up paying 10-15% commission in total.

    Bear in mind, this isn’t 10-15% on your profits - this is how much commission you pay on each sale. In other words, if you sell something for $1,000, you only get $900 of that money once you pay these two companies.

    Doesn’t seem fair, does it? obviously not, this should be a good reason find some alternative for ebay

  3. eBay Protects Buyers - Not Sellers

    If you’ve ever had problems ordering on eBay as a buyer, you probably know they stand up for their customers. They’re quick to give refunds, straighten out problems and make things right when you’re buying.

    And that’s great…

    Until it’s time for you to sell using eBay and you realize that as great as their customer policy is, their seller policy is just as bad.

    See, because eBay sides with buyers as a rule, it often doesn’t even bother to see if a seller may be right after all. And because they’re closely linked with PayPal, the latter can help them seize your funds without warning. While other alternatives to ebay like TrueGether are unbiased.

    Not what you want as an honest salesperson, right?

    And to add insult to injury…

  4. eBay is Not Even That Profitable!

    Check out this infographic:

    On eBay, over 1/3 of sellers make under $10,000 a year. On Amazon, the respective figure is 9%.

    On eBay, only 30.4% of sellers make over $100,000 each year. On Amazon, the respective figure is - wait for it - 54.2%.

    Seller performance on eBay and Amazon

    Can you tell which company is more serious about creating a healthy, profitable environment for the people selling their products on it?

    This is not to say that eBay is awful or useless. Quite the contrary: it’s a wonderful place if you want to sell the odd bits and pieces lying around at home. It sure beats having to run a yard sale for your neighbors and having to sell everything at a fraction of its real price.

    Because of the above limitations, Many big sellers are moving to eBay alternatives which are cheaper and can generate better revenue for them.

    However, if you’re serious about making money as a sales person, you’re better off finding an eBay alternative that:

    1. Treats sellers well
    2. Doesn’t have huge fees
    3. Isn’t shrinking in terms of traffic and visitors

    There are many popular eBay alternatives where you can showcase your products and fill your money bank. Let’s explore all eBay alternative platforms where retailers can migrate to

Which Sellers are Looking for Similar Sites like eBay?

Different segments of sellers exist on eBay and each segment has its own reason of migrating from eBay to other sites which are similar to it. The first most seller segment is the one who is not happy with the revised fee structure of eBay and do not want to pay increased seller fees as it reduces their profit percentage. Secondly, The sellers who are disturbed with lot of refunds they receive from buyers on eBay as the policies are in favor of buyers. They claim that eBay doesn't want to loose buyers but the sellers. Third is the subset of sellers who has heard about fraud cases originally happened due to the fault of eBay support team. Last one is the sellers who are not happy with the customer service of eBay as they claim many of the seller related attributes are automatically modified without taking permission from them.

So if you are the eBay seller and the victim of one of these cases, Look for better sites similar to eBay.

How Should you Choose the Right eBay Alternative?

Once you have decided to sell stuff online, The first most question comes in mind is Where to sell?. Today's so many alternates are available and hence it requires thorough study of each one before making an association and of course the how much budget you can afford, also matters while choosing more than one selling site

To start with choosing the right marketplace, First let's find out what are the features offered by the different selling sites and in what aspects online selling site will be assisting you. Check following details with them:
  1. Whether they allow you to create your customized product showcase?
  2. How big is the customer base engaged with the site?
  3. How much they charge per sale of the item?
  4. How much is the subscription fees?
  5. Is there any listing fee?
  6. Are they assisting you with the shipping process?

Why should Sellers Join TrueGether as an Alternative to eBay?

TrueGether has emerged as the most preferred and the cheapest alternative to eBay and Amazon where the seller has more control over the listings in terms of price, payment and the import & export of items across various other marketplaces. With TrueGether, whatever changes you do, the same are reflected on eBay, Amazon or Google shopping without any delay

Currently over 10,000 sellers are using TrueGether as a primary marketplace and steadily growing their business to attain new heights of success. The best thing about TrueGether is that it doesn't charge any fees so that sellers are happy to offer some discount to buyers to make them happy.

Here are the 10 good things about TrueGether which makes sellers happy

  1. Free Listings: It's free to list on TrueGether. Yes, Always.
  2. No fees: Sold an item? You keep 100% of the money
  3. Integration with search engines: Every item you post is sent directly to Google and Bing.
  4. Customer service: A very seller friendly Marketplace.
  5. Manage Multiple Marketplaces: Manage multiple Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping.
  6. Receive your share of social revenue: TrueGether leverages the social presence of your business to boost revenues.
  7. Organise your customers: You can collect 'likes' and 'endorsements' from your customers to enhance your social presence.
  8. Online Reputation: TrueGether facilitates the management of the online reputation of your business.
  9. Global Marketplace: TrueGether lets you sell your products worldwide.
  10. Easy to use: It is very easy to join and add products on TrueGether.

Compare Prices and Features from Similar Sites like eBay

Compare features offered by different eBay alternatives and know how much cost is involved with it. Make the best choice to grow your business. It is recommended to go with multiple marketplaces and later on associate with the one which is the most suitable for your business in all aspects.

Marketplace Feature TrueGether Amazon eBay
Supports Online Transaction Y Y Y
Buyer Protection Y Y Y
Seller Protection Y Y Y
Social Media Integration Y N N
Google Shopping Integration Y N Y
Usability/Convenience Good Average Average
Multi-Channel eCommerce Cost Free Not Supported Not Supported
Total Cost Free 6-15% 4-10%
Supports International Transaction Y Limited Y

Seller Reviews

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92 Sellers Suggested TrueGether to be used as an eBay Alternative
TrueGether is Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars (Based on 92 Seller Reviews)
One of the Supportive Selling Sites
Anytime I faced any issues while enlisting my products, their support crew came out to help me as best as they can. The clear guidelines, easy and smooth accessibility to all makes so delightful here!
ByToby on 01:47 Feb 12 2018
Know your Buyer before Selling
Unlike Amazon or eBay, you get to know your buyer here much before any transaction takes place. It helps the sellers like us cater to our buyers in the most professional manner.
ByEnid on 10:12 Feb 11 2018
Seller is Valuable here
I never felt bogged down under several different rules and regulations as a seller in this wonderful eCommerce platform. Received their help as and when required; TrueGether values its sellers so much.
ByArnold on 08:31 Feb 11 2018
Never Worried about Transaction; Ever
The transaction part is so transparent with TrueGether! Also it gives the seller an alternative payment option like Amazon. The best part is it never stands in your way of transaction.
ByEllie on 11:35 Feb 10 2018
Focused on Sellers' Comfort
I never felt as a brand new seller while merchandising my products at TrueGether. It welcomes all its sellers alike; no matter whether you are a Brand or not! Really inspiring.
ByHaroun on 09:21 Feb 10 2018
The Price Compels You to Buy More from this Alternative
This low cost eCommerce platform has allowed me to sell products at a much lesser price compared to other renowned eCommerce stores. At such price, my products are real hit! I feel so glad about it!
ByTheresa on 09:47 Feb 09 2018
Feel much Safe as Compare to eBay
At TrueGether I feel really safe; about my identity and about my products! The dedicated security experts are so good in protecting our sensitive information.
ByLily on 04:47 Feb 09 2018
The Best Support... Always
As a seller I feel really fulfilled on getting service-support from TrueGether any moment I ask for. It makes my selling experience here so amazing. Thank you TrueGether.
ByLee on 02:52 Feb 08 2018
Care for Sellers unlike eBay
Not just the buyers but sellers are taken care of as well. TrueGether helps us sell more and more, cares for all our details and makes our selling experience such a great and adorable one. Thank you guys!
ByShaw on 12:58 Feb 08 2018
Complete Selling Alternative from Upscale Gadgets to Homemade Organizers
As i put my homemade wooden trinket organizer product up for sale at TrueGether; the result has been such delightful. This wonderful site keeps products across categories and makes selling such an experience!
ByShamim on 11:05 Feb 07 2018
A Real ‘Vintage’ Experience with this Selling Site
I sold a vintage AM/FM radio alarm clock model at the best price at TrueGether. The best eCommerce site for best Vintages’ when compared to some of its great competitors. Indeed!.
ByTecy on 10:10 Feb 07 2018
A Seller’s Delight
I have listed endless products, multiple times at Truegether with absolute ease. Isn’t it wonderful that there is no transaction fee and I can keep large part of the transaction amount myself!
ByRoochi on 10:01 Feb 06 2018
The Best Selling Site for any New Seller
Selling products here without having the eCommerce store interfering into any business dealings is something quite rare these days. Thanks TrueGether for not interfering at all and always maintaining transparency at its best.
ByDave on 09:11 Feb 06 2018
Reliable and much Economical Selling Alternative
TrueGether is not just another website like eBay. These people are seriously making efforts to give their sellers and buyers best of selling and buying experiences. At each and every step their support team helps the new sellers like us. Being in clothing business we need to update listings every week. The process is extremely simple here. Response is also encouraging.
BySam on 09:47 Feb 05 2018
Most Promising site after eBay
For all new sellers, we recommend TrueGether as best selling site like eBay due to many similarities between these two platforms. The best part of this platform is, we as a seller get to earn good profits on every product sold, as there are no fees on product listings. We deal into both new and second-hand electronic items. For both the categories the customer base is pretty good.
ByJulie on 07:44 Feb 05 2018
Adding value to Business
In order to expand our business it was required to sell on similar site besides eBay. Listing here was economically good decision on our part. Selling on TrueGether is convenient and policies also simple to understand and follow. Our business has gained better brand recognition after being listed here.
ByWilson on 10:11 Feb 04 2018
Remarkable growth in sales
Tired and sick of selling and experiencing losses on eBay, we decided to find eBay alternative. TrueGether was one of the 3 sites where we have listed our products online. The idea to shift our business to other portals worked well for our business. Amount of loss has decreased with growing sales.
ByDanny on 08:02 Feb 04 2018
An Alternative to eBay with Encouraging outputs
Recently the site has revamped themselves. Hence we decided to give TrueGether a try. With improved features and functionality, it was a great experience for us. The selling system is easier and faster to implement. Fees on listing products are zero.
ByAngie on 07:52 Feb 03 2018
Complete Ecommerce Solution to Sell Products
As of eBay being a market leader, finding exactly the same type of website seemed impossible to us. TrueGether has given us more than expected features and it's an an ideal ecommerce platform. Although the traffic is not massive like eBay, but units sold per month and average earnings is equivalent to eBay.
ByCorey on 07:52 Feb 03 2018
No Issues so far
As of eBay being a market leader, finding exactly the same type of website seemed impossible to us. TrueGether has given us more than expected features and it's an an ideal ecommerce platform. Although the traffic is not massive like eBay, but units sold per month and average earnings is equivalent to eBay.
ByDaniel on 11:45 Feb 02 2018
Low cost Selling Alternate
Similar site like eBay in terms of features. We had a bad experience on eBay in terms of higher number of returns and fraud customers. But since we have listed here, we did not encounter a single fraud customer order so far. Also due to zero fees on product listings, no loss is there on product returns.
ByChristopher on 11:15 Feb 02 2018
Expanded the Business post Listing on this Selling Site
TrueGether seems to be a better selling site as compare to eBay. There were several issues that were resolved here.For instance- no higher fees on product listings, lesser returns, better policies to safeguard the interests of the sellers, wide reach to international audiences and much more. For us TrueGether was a correct choice made for our business expansion.
ByMegan on 09:52 Feb 01 2018
Professionally Managed Alternative to eBay
There are several websites that claim to be an alternative to eBay, but TrueGether can be taken as an alternative in true sense. Everything here is well-organized and in-sync. We have received several feedback from our customers, citing their online shopping experience from TrueGether a pleasant one. There have been repeated orders also from the same customers too.
ByJonathan on 07:21 Feb 01 2018
An ideal online marketplace to sell stuffs with no fee
We found TrueGether as one of the easiest marketplaces to sell products. These people offer a lucrative platform to sell stuff besides eBay with no fees. This yields better margins and earnings at the end of the day! Although TrueGether’s monthly traffic is lower than eBay, the ratio of shoppers to sellers is much high. Hence less competition and more profit.
ByThomas on 06:52 Feb 03 2018
An easy to use ecommerce site like eBay
We have got our brand products listed on multiple online platforms, including our own ecommerce website. Doing listings and selling things is quite easier on TrueGether. Also their reliable payment systems have been successful in gaining number of customers.
ByNathan on 05:31 Feb 02 2018
Similar Platform like eBay but with no fee
TrueGether is online marketplace like eBay where we can sell almost anything. Major plus point that we have experienced here is, they do not charge for the listings. So we get a low-risk market hence it gives some room for experimenting. There is nothing to lose here.
ByAndy on 05:21 Feb 02 2018
Similar Features like eBay with No fee
We got a trusted online marketplace where we can list a wide range of products. These people do not charge product fees, hence we get better environment to earn better than eBay. Their policies for promoting new sellers are appreciable.
ByMaria on 04:52 Feb 01 2018
Advanced and reliable website to sell stuff. Overall better alternative to eBay
Finding exactly the same website like eBay seemed impossible to us. TrueGether has given us nearly all features and things we expected in an ideal ecommerce platform. Although the traffic is not massive like eBay, but units sold per month and average earnings is equivalent to eBay.
ByChristian on 03:52 Feb 01 2018
Better Place to Sell Besides eBay
My search for other place to sell besides eBay ended at TrueGether. The framework and functionality of the website same as eBay so I did not face any issue while handling. From the day one the things were smooth.
ByNadiya on 06:52 Jan 31 2018
One more Site like eBay with no fees
Finally listed my items on TrueGether without paying any fee amount. We are paying major portion of our profits to eBay in form of the fees they charged on every product. So happy to be a part of this site.
ByDanny on 05:21 Jan 31 2018
Rapidly Growing Alternative to eBay.
Listing our products on TrueGether was right decision for increasing our reach to new subset of buyers. We deal in watches for both men and women. Numbers of orders are improving steadily. Shipping and return policies are friendly for both sellers and the buyers. With growing market of TrueGether our online market is also expanding. Seems to be the right decision so far.
ByGrant on 03:47 Jan 30 2018
Marketplace like eBay which suits to our Products
Being a platform similar to eBay, TrueGether also has a wide networks and large range of product categories. We essentially sell second hand items and this platform was fair enough to list our products. Initially the response was lukewarm, but after few months sales have gone up.
ByDaniel on 03:11 Jan 30 2018
Next eBay is growing gradually
For a site like eBay, it is essential to have all its best features within. We found almost all of eBay features exist on TrueGether. We sell antique and vintage goods and this online platform gave us exposure to a complete different segment of customers. Slowly but this platform is gaining popularity. No complain from the buyers so far.
ByAustin on 02:52 Jan 29 2018
eBay Competitor with Domestic and International Support.
eBay has become a over crowded marketplace from past few years. So we decided to switch on to TrueGether as an alternative to eBay. All good till now, getting some orders from it, No complain. We are in the process to increase the number of product listings on this site.
ByTony on 05:52 Jan 28 2018
Offers Similar Services to Sellers as eBay
TrueGether is a store like eBay with similar functionality in the website so no extra learning. Charges are next to nil. Although the website is still in its initial stages, yet the way I'm getting the response, business would surely grow on this platform.
ByNelson on 04:45 Jan 28 2018
Good Selling site similar to eBay for Building New Customers
Over the past months our business has improved since we started on TrueGether. Number of returns and customers’ grievances are almost nil here. Seller related policies are extremely helpful and practical that’s guards us against customer frauds too. Thanks
ByFave on 04:41 Jan 27 2018
Found an Alternative to eBay which is Cheaper
Similar site like eBay means all facilities and benefits like eBay we get on that website. Well, TrueGether has excelled in ecommerce in such a short span of time. As a seller it was like a trial-n-error to list here. But we got positive results and better margins on each product compared to eBay. Full Marks
ByStacy on 03:10 Jan 27 2018
Cheaper Selling Site with Complete Functionality like eBay
We were tired of other fake sellers on eBay giving buying from us and running auctions for the same products. Hence we wanted to list our products on another site like eBay but with genuine counterparts. TrueGether is one such online platform which has the highest potential of growth and treats it sellers very well. They have kept the fees very less and in some categories zero, giving us opportunity to earn more. Thank you!
ByGeorge on 02:05 Jan 26 2018
Great Selling Alternative to eBay.
From sales point of view We're still in progression mode. We are selling garments for all age groups and were initially worried about the numbers. But due to lower fees on products the profit earned is better than eBay. So We'll recommend to use TrueGether as one of the best alternatives to eBay.
ByMike on 04:45 Jan 26 2018
Right Decision on Choosing an Alternative to eBay .
Many ecommerce websites claimed to be a selling platform like eBay, but we found TrueGether as an exact match alternative to eBay. The overall selling experience here from past 6 months has been very positive. Even our offline business got a boost.
ByWilliams on 03:14 Jan 25 2018
Comparatively Better Place for Selling.
eBay is the market leader and finding similar but cheaper marketplace took us months of research. At last we finalized TrueGether for listing our products. The overall fees on eBay is too much that leave very less margin for small scale sellers like us. Here on TrueGether, the fees is almost nil which adds more profit to every unit we sell online.
ByKevin on 03:01 Jan 25 2018
Free Marketplace and well-Organized Website like eBay.
All features and options at TrueGether are same as eBay, in short it is a website like eBay. So no training is needed to operate the things. Getting listed here was very easy and we got full support from the support team. We have also referred TrueGether to some of our knowns.
ByStephen on 02:55 Jan 24 2018
Low Cost Marketplace with Domestic and International Support, Similar to eBay.
eBay has become a very crowded online marketplace. So we decided to switch on to TrueGether as an alternative to eBay. As this website is growing, so is our business. No complain yet. We are in the process of increasing the number of product listings on this platform. Thanks
ByKelvin on 04:45 Jan 23 2018
Marketplace with Features Similar to eBay.
TrueGether is a platform similar to eBay with more or less same features. The major difference between the two is, eBay charge very high fees on products and here on TrueGether all of the categories have no fees or very negligible amount. The support team here is very co-operative and professional.
ByKelvin on 04:45 Jan 23 2018
An Alternative to eBay with More Profit Margins.
Visitors traffic on TrueGether may be little less than eBay, but by every means it is the best eBay alternative. Profits that we earn here is more than eBay as here fees has been kept extremely low. Number of orders per day is picking up slowly, which is a positive thing.
ByMartin on 04:41 Jan 23 2018
Great Selling alternative and similar site like eBay.
We have shifted our listings from eBay to TrueGether due to the high fees eBay charges on every product and separate fees for an e-shop. Such things are absent here. TrueGether is similar site like eBay hence easy to understand and within 2-3 days time we were on-board. So far everything is going fine.
ByNancy on 04:01 Jan 22 2018
Low Cost Online Marketplace like eBay.
Happy to work with TrueGether, an online marketplace like eBay. It is very much popular among sellers as well as the buyers. These people only allow genuine sellers to list their items online. So for us it was a great opportunity to be associated with TrueGether.
ByOmar on 03:10 Jan 22 2018
Complete Ecommerce Solution and Cheaper Alternative to eBay.
Vendors or sellers who are searching for an eBay alternative, should give TrueGether a try. We have done that, and believe us it was one of the best professional decision we took. Dealing in kidswear category the market on eBay was full of competition and we were nowhere to see. But here our products have better visibility hence better sales.
ByGinny on 03:00 Jan 21 2018
Perfect option to sell without Paying Large Final Value Fee like eBay
TrueGether proved to be a good option as other place to sell like eBay. Weighing all its features and policies we found it an appropriate platform. The fees they charge on products is almost nil which is a major attractive feature of this website. From sales point of view, numbers of orders are steadily increasing.
ByMike on 02:45 Jan 21 2018
Getting some business on this eBay alternative
We were introduced to TrueGether which is fastest growing eBay alternative. During our course of online business here we discovered several advantages over eBay. It might differ according to the category you deal into. Our brand sells mobile accessories online and the sales in these 3 months have been decent. Number of returns is also lesser compared to eBay.
BySabrina on 12:35 Jan 20 2018
Good Alternative to eBay for Increasing Profit Margin.
We can sell our stuff besides eBay. Especially for retailers like us dealing in women wear, the charges levied by eBay was exorbitant. TrueGether charges almost nil in terms of fee. The profit has increased and it is better than eBay as of TrueGether is being cheaper.
ByJohn on 05:45 Jan 19 2018
Better Profit Margins with Some Popularity
Number of orders per day has increased after using TrueGether. Brand recognition has also developed since I listed my products here. Overall better than eBay in terms of saving money.
ByRocky on 04:51 Jan 19 2018
Genuine site like eBay for sellers
TrueGether is very much similar to eBay with best of promotions and offers they provided to the customers for better sales. We have always managed to sell good quantity of items through their website.
ByJessica on 02:51 Jan 18 2018
An eBay Alternative, Suitable to all Sellers
One of the major reasons why many sellers like us are migrating from eBay because of the high final value fee they charge on every product’s sale. There is nothing much left to earn. TrueGether can be taken as an alternative to eBay as the entire set-up and functioning is same and most important the charges are very low.
ByDyna on 02:37 Jan 18 2018
Awesome Platform and much Cheaper Alternative to eBay
There are many online marketplace like eBay, but TrueGether is the cheapest we could find. These people charge negligible fees which is not seen anywhere. All other features are just like eBay, even the facilities. Although the business is little less here compared to eBay, but it’s growing. We gave it a try and happy with the results.
ByPeterson on 03:57 Jan 17 2018
Best Selling Site with All Needed Features like eBay
We used TrueGether for selling our apparel items and till now it seems to be a better platform. Our business has been getting success since we started selling here. Number of returns is also next to nil compared to eBay. Due to seller friendly policies, fake buyers are much less on TrueGether. What more can we ask for!
ByBrian on 01:51 Jan 17 2018
Reliable Site like eBay and Much Cheaper Ecommerce Platform
With so many ecommerce websites available it was difficult for us to choose the best site like eBay so that we have assurance of business and branding. TrueGether has been a recommended platform to sell products online. The payment terms are very clear and its regular. There are no hidden charges and the fee is also very low.
BySherwin on 012:51 Jan 16 2018
Low Fee Makes TrueGether the Best Selling Site
The fees and charges on products at eBay are too high. At the end we earn negligible amount after all the hard work. We have garments business for men and women, the eBay charges are very high for this category. Here on TrueGether it is very low which allows us to earn good margins at every online sale.
ByTode on 03:51 Jan 16 2018
Very much Similar Site like eBay but Low Cost
After selling on eBay for so many years, we found that if we wanted to earn good through online sales, we have to find similar site like eBay. TrueGether was suggested by one of my friend who had used this platform and got some business. So We straight away decided to list our items on TrueGether besides eBay and our online store
ByAdam on 02:51 Jan 15 2018
Selling Home Decoration items on TrueGether, An Alternative to eBay
TrueGether is an alternative to eBay for the sellers who cannot afford eBay as the fees is much lower. Exposure to targeted customers is very good and we are receiving orders. Being a seller of home decoration items, we needed an online platform with best policies and visibility to international market.
ByMathew on 02:32 Jan 15 2018
Promising platform similar to eBay
We are utilizing eBay for selling from past 5 years. The profits have been great but slowly due to increased fees and entry of more than required sellers per category makes it difficult to survive there. TrueGether is a site similar to eBay which is progressing steadily. Presently the market is not so huge as eBay, but they are expanding rapidly.
ByGary on 12:51 Jan 14 2018
Much Reliable Site like eBay with Better Opportunities
TrueGether is a website like eBay with additional features along with low cost. Payment gateways are also reliable. Many of our eBay customers have moved to TrueGether as we can reduce the cost of items to some extent as of low fee here. Selling as well buying on TrueGether is a pleasure.
ByShaun on 10:51 Jan 14 2018
Better Selling Site as Compare to eBay
We have selected this platform for selling our clothing items. The selling policies, sellers and buyers policies and return of product terms and conditions are extremely practical that does not cause sellers impacted in terms of money due to their very low fees compared to eBay.
ByShaun on 02:51 Jan 13 2018
Offers better exposure to the customers being a site like eBay
With so much stiff competition on eBay, finding site like eBay that provides the required exposure was difficult. One of my friend who is having electronics business and is existing seller on TrueGether recommended it to us. We deal in Kids wear and found shifting on TrueGether was the good decision we could take for our business expansion plans.
ByAdams on 01:20 Jan 13 2018
Store like eBay with better future perspectives
The best thing that we liked about TrueGether was its seller-friendly policies, safeguarding the interests of the sellers and low fees on the products. Its an online store like eBay that provides the simplest way right from the process of orientation to listing products, processing orders and shipping them. Even the return policies are fair for both sellers and buyers.
ByMonica on 01:05 Jan 12 2018
First choice in order to sell on other place besides eBay
We had a good and profitable bags’ offline business and recently decided to also make it online. We wanted to list our products on other place to sell besides eBay due to various reasons. TrueGether was an instant hit with us, after a short discussion with the representatives, we were on-board. As of now we are getting orders from all over the country.
ByColin on 01:00 Jan 12 2018
Our search for site like eBay ended at TrueGether
We were extremely lucky to find TrueGether as a site like eBay which only lists authentic products and sellers on its website. We feel more secured and confident on TrueGether than on eBay. Slowly we are going to shift all our listings here as the sales increases.
Byrobby on 00:51 Jan 11 2018
Similar to eBay, Serving all Aspects of Sellers
Happy to register as a seller on TrueGether. The entire site’s structure and system is easy to understand and put in-use. Adding as many as listings is free which is a big benefit over eBay. We sell handmade products and found TrueGether platform much useful in all aspects.
ByAllen on 05:51 Jan 11 2018
Highly recommended alternative to eBay
Besides being economical, TrueGether offers excellent ease of use as it has the potential to be considered as better alternative to eBay. I would recommend to other sellers.
ByBob on 04:12 Jan 11 2018
It’s been a wonderful experience among other Alternatives to eBay
I have been selling on TrueGether from past one year and it has been a wonderful experience as our brand has earned a decent revenue from the online business since registered on TrueGether.
ByJennifer on 04:05 Jan 10 2018
Got some success with TrueGether as an online selling site like eBay
Being a small seller it is tough to get popularity on eBay. After searching for good online selling site like eBay, TrueGether was the final choice. We have shifted all our listings from eBay to TrueGether. Hope We'll create results as per our expectations.
ByPetra on 03:51 Jan 10 2018
Complete Solution for Sellers and much Cheaper than eBay
As a Seller, If you are tired of eBay charging different kind of fees and searching for some better alternative to eBay, We suggest TrueGether can be a better option as We are using this platform for selling our footwear items. The selling policies, sellers and buyers policies and return of product terms and conditions are extremely practical and transparent. Profit share on every product is higher due to their very low fees compared to eBay.
BySandra on 03:01 Jan 09 2018
Best Alternative to eBay for all Businesses
TrueGether can be termed as market winner by putting forth interests of the sellers first. Their fees on every item sold is very less compared to the eBay. Love to use this platform for selling my stuff online.
ByCynthia on 07:51 Jan 08 2018
Above average performance, Consider as an eBay alternative
TrueGether can be considered as alternative to eBay as they charge very reasonable fees and traffic exposure is above average. In addition to that sellers are treated with patience and understanding when offering a resolution to an issue. As a retailer of consumer products, we have been getting good number of orders from different buyers.
ByCrook on 03:11 Jan 07 2018
Comparatively better than eBay
Found TrueGether as a selling platform better than eBay. The follow-through rates with buyers are almost nil. Initially I had tested TrueGether as a way to shift my listings from eBay and the response had been encouraging that helped me to decide the complete shift of all my listings from eBay.
ByJacques on 10:10 Jan 07 2018
Great eBay type site for selling products
Despite the number of buying audience is smaller compared to eBay, We feel TrueGether is the most happening and promising site in terms of sales. This portal is similar to eBay where uploading items from some other market places is easier and quicker. I have got the option to sell without charges excluding the final value fee which is almost nil.
ByDonald on 10:00 Jan 06 2018
Glad to find a Cheaper Sites to sell stuff besides eBay
Love to see that I can sell stuff besides eBay with no fees on TrueGether. The final value fee on each sale is very reasonable next to nil. Customer service is also better than other sites like eBaythat I had used.
ByBill on 09:35 Jan 06 2018
Much cooperative, Preferred over eBay to save money.
TrueGether is better than eBay to sell stuff online in various aspects. The first and foremost being highly co-operative team who provides a great support and always work for improvements. Talking with them is easy as they are willing to listen to our problems. Five stars to the team and the website.
ByWarren on 09:11 Jan 05 2018
Fair enough site to sell stuff besides the eBay
I found TrueGether an ideal other place to sell besides eBay. The communication with the seller has been good so far. In terms of fees and charges, definitely much cheaper than eBay. Since we have started selling here, things have been fair and policies are transparent. If the quality is maintained, we would also continue with their services.
ByMicheal on 08:30 Jan 05 2018
Profit churning site like eBay
We are satisfied with results on eBay and now wanted to expand so started to hunt for site like eBay. TrueGether is the perfect site for selling and buying purposes. The listings are live here from past few weeks and we have got more than 70 orders! It is good for music products. Visitors traffic is decent and we have seen increase with every passing day.
ByTerry on 05:11 Jan 02 2018
Top recommended selling site better than eBay for small scale sellers
For start-ups TrueGether offers perfect online launchpad! It is a selling site better than eBay for sellers like us who are starting small and have limited inventory. Things get noticed here and customer service for sellers is also very good. All our queries get solved instantly. Number of orders is fair enough to continue with this platform.
ByLee on 05:06 Jan 02 2018
Small but promising place like eBay to sell stuff.
The apparel section of eBay has reached its saturation. And being in apparel industry we wanted to experiment with other places to sell besides eBay. After some research, TrueGether was selected along with few more online marketplaces. The market may be small at the time but it is growing. We are extremely content with the response we have received so far.
ByBrett on 04:17 Jan 01 2018
Shopping website like eBay with the best policies for sellers.
With TrueGether, We as sellers can have access to millions of customers. The policies for sellers are much better with responsive seller support service that can be reached 24/7. The return policies are also framed such that we do not have to bear significant loss which is a great thing.
ByKim on 06:12 Dec 31 2017
Cheapest marketplace better than eBay
Internet eCommerce is fully dominated by eBay and Amazon. We as sellers need to list items on more than one website for better sales and brand recognition. We found TrueGether as more profit making platform as it has started generating sale from the day one. Will definitely recommend to other sellers as well.
ByPeter on 04:12 Dec 31 2017
Site similar to eBay with added benefits.
We have more profit margin here on TrueGether as compare to the eBay. Growth opportunities are much brighter as the market has limited sellers and wider exposure. The major plus point is free listings facility and lower commission of TrueGether on the products we sell. For new as well as established sellers, this is a great platform to showcase their products.
ByVictor on 07:21 Dec 30 2017
Innovative Platform better than eBay.
eBay has been a market leader of online marketplaces from past few decades but for us, the response has been lukewarm on eBay. So it was important to find other alternative site like eBay which has wider reach to the targeted customers with something innovative and new to offer. TrueGether is one such site, we have listed our electronic products on it. Getting responses with each passing day.
ByJenny on 05:51 Dec 29 2017
Found Platform which is similar to eBay
I had been selling on eBay from last one year in menswear section. The response was good on eBay but were searching a platform similar to eBay to increase our profit margin. We're happy list our items on TrueGether. It’s been 3 months now and the response has been very positive.
ByGenila on 4:21 Dec 28 2017
Happy to find genuine alternative to eBay
We have been into a business of antique items from past 20 years. As we wanted to expand through online marketplace, we searched for alternative to eBay. Reason being market and customer base for antique items did not have good response on eBay as shared to us by a reliable source. Since we have listed our products on TrueGether, people have started exploring us and orders are coming on regular basis.
ByTom on 2:17 Dec 28 2017
Love to use TrueGether as an online selling site like eBay
We only sell our merchandize through ecommerce websites. Our main focus is to list on all top-notch and upcoming sites with better business. TrueGether is online selling site as eBay. Some of its features as better than eBay and listing are completely free. Average number of orders per week is increasing gradually and hopes it gets better.
ByHenry on 1:11 Dec 28 2017
Best eBay Alternative to earn more
We sell Men and women t-shirts online on eBay since 6 months but after deducting the taxes of eBay there was not much to earn. While searching for eBay alternative we found TrueGether. Overall system and policies of this website is seller-friendly, profitable for small business. Earning on per t-shirt is more here. Profits are steadily increasing by each day.
ByDavid on 5:01 Dec 20 2017
Best eBay Alternative with useful Buyers
Online marketplaces have become so competitive, we found it very hard to sell our products on eBay due to presence of several other sellers in the category of cosmetics. The focus was to find best eBay alternative where the user base may be limited but we get visibility. At TrueGether we got what we expected.
ByJeremy on 3:18 Dec 20 2017
Discovered Site like eBay for Better Business Opportunities
eBay charges too much for listings and on items we sell through it. Hence we searched a lot for site like eBay that would be economical for start-ups like us. Charges are next to nil and profit earned is more than eBay. Since we listed our home furnishing items on TrueGether, we are removing our listings from eBay.
ByChris on 2:10 Dec 20 2017
Best Store like eBay
eBay has been a market leader from years, but just selling on eBay was not sufficient for us to expand our profit making and customer base. We decided to list on TrueGether which is a store like eBay. Although the profit making is limited at present, but with every passing month it is increasing.
ByDerek on 2:00 Dec 20 2017
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