TrueGether - The Best eBay Alternative

"Highly Recommended Website like eBay and the Cheapest of all Marketplaces"

TrueGether has emerged as the most preferred and the cheapest alternative to eBay and Amazon where the seller has more control over the listings in terms of price, payment and the management of items across other marketplaces as well.

Currently over 10,000 sellers are using TrueGether as a primary marketplace and steadily growing their business in a smarter way. TrueGether doesn't charge any fees so that sellers are happy to offer some discount to buyers to get the better sale figures.

Four Reasons to Look for eBay Alternative

  1. Decreasing Traffic

  2. shows that eBay’s traffic has dropped steadily over the past few years, from over 600,000,000 worldwide visitors/month to around 534,000,000.

    eBay traffic analysis

    That’s a massive drop - especially when you consider that services like Etsy, Shopify and Amazon Marketplace have all seen an uptick in traffic in the same time period.

    At the end of the day, the whole point of eBay is that it puts your product listings in front of as many people as possible. Sure - in the past, their platform was also valuable. But today, when it takes just minutes to set up a commission-free storefront elsewhere, why bother with eBay if their user base is shrinking? There are numerous ebay alternative for sellers exists which have better userbase than ebay.

    Especially when you consider their…

  3. Massive Fees

  4. eBay makes money from your listings. They charge as much as 12% for products under $25, or as little as 4.5% for a product sold for $1,000 - and that may not seem like a big deal…

    But when you factor in the fact that PayPal - previously owned by eBay - also charges you money for getting money transferred, you end up paying 10-15% commission in total.

    Bear in mind, this isn’t 10-15% on your profits - this is how much commission you pay on each sale. In other words, if you sell something for $1,000, you only get $900 of that money once you pay these two companies.

    Doesn’t seem fair, does it? obviously not, this should be a good reason find some alternative for ebay

    Especially since…

  5. eBay Protects Buyers - Not Sellers

  6. If you’ve ever had problems ordering on eBay as a buyer, you probably know they stand up for their customers. They’re quick to give refunds, straighten out problems and make things right when you’re buying.

    And that’s great…

    Until it’s time for you to sell using eBay and you realize that as great as their customer policy is, their seller policy is just as bad.

    See, because eBay sides with buyers as a rule, it often doesn’t even bother to see if a seller may be right after all. And because they’re closely linked with PayPal, the latter can help them seize your funds without warning. While other alternatives to ebay like TrueGether are unbiased.

    Not what you want as an honest salesperson, right?

    And to add insult to injury…

  7. It’s Not Even That Profitable!

  8. Check out this infographic:

    On eBay, over 1/3 of sellers make under $10,000 a year. On Amazon, the respective figure is 9%.

    On eBay, only 30.4% of sellers make over $100,000 each year. On Amazon, the respective figure is - wait for it - 54.2%.

    Seller performance on eBay and Amazon

    Can you tell which company is more serious about creating a healthy, profitable environment for the people selling their products on it?

    This is not to say that eBay is awful or useless. Quite the contrary: it’s a wonderful place if you want to sell the odd bits and pieces lying around at home. It sure beats having to run a yard sale for your neighbors and having to sell everything at a fraction of its real price.

    Because of the above limitations, Many big sellers are moving to eBay alternatives which are cheaper and can generate better revenue for them.

    However, if you’re serious about making money as a sales person, you’re better off finding an eBay alternative that:

    1. Treats sellers well
    2. Doesn’t have huge fees
    3. Isn’t shrinking in terms of traffic and visitors

    There are many popular eBay alternative marketplaces where you can showcase your products and fill your money bank. Let’s explore top 6 eBay alternative platforms where retailers can migrate to:

    Top 8 eBay Alternatives to Sell in 2017

    1. TrueGether

    2. TrueGether is a no fee marketplace and can be considered as the best alternative to eBay or amazon for selling products. TrueGether came into existence 2012. Despite its newness into the marketplace, TrueGether has grown exceptionally within 5 years of existence. Just like eBay, TrueGether supports online transactions and international transactions. It has good site usability and is convenient to navigate around. On TrueGether, buyer and seller’s protection is guaranteed. Like other eCommerce website, TrueGether is integrated with Google shopping and Bing product ads. Unlike eBay and its likes, on TrueGether, there is no additional cost for the seller. It is FREE.

      There is a special unique feature on TrueGether which is social media integration. It leverages social media platforms like Facebook or Linkedin to make such a marketplace which is not anonymous. TrueGether also offers an eCommerce solution that helps sellers to manage and optimize their sales. Sellers are free to take benefit from multi-channel selling through eBay, Amazon, Google or Bing. TrueGether is strong enough to advertise products online more efficiently to connect suppliers to their consumers to increase sales.

    3. Amazon

    4. Learning from others, Amazon transformed itself from an online bookstore to the global marketplace for independent sellers. On one hand, where eBay is an auction house, Amazon has built itself as an online platform to sell the products at a fixed price. The use of artificial intelligence has allowed Amazon to suggest the visitor related products, based on their previous surfing and orders. Also, the free listing on Amazon has made it rule over eBay for most of the sellers.

    5. Craiglist

    6. It is the only platform where you can even sell yourself. Craiglist is the marketplace that allows almost everything, available for sale. In comparison to eBay, you are charged for listing personal services, like jobs, professional services, etc. Apart from that, it offers the free listing of Products. On contrary, eBay charges you on selling and buying anything from it.

    7. Bonanza

    8. Bonanza Inc operates an established online marketplace for buying and selling. was established in 2007 in the United States. does not operate worldwide and also there is no social media integration.

      Bonanza is termed to be the fastest growing marketplace for sellers. The seller count of Bonanza is increasing day by day. As a result, it has made its presence in about every part of the world. When compared to eBay, most of the products are similar. But, for extraordinary products, Bonanza is considered as a leading platform. Sellers are making huge money by selling unique and distinct products on Bonanza.

    9. Etsy

    10. With distinct name better elaborates its internal structure. Etsy has recently come into existence and is basically an online selling platform for vintage products, unique craftsmen, etc. When compared to eBay, there are many common products that a seller tends to showcase on both the marketplaces. From price perspective, eBay allows up to 10 days or 30 days listing for a fixed price. On the other hand, the listing on Etsy lasts for 4 months that makes it a better option to use.

    11. eBid

    12. From the past few years eBid has emerged as one of the viable competitors to eBay and Amazon. Although eBid has a small subset of buyers reach yet the higher conversion rate has made it popular in the short time. one can sell anything on this platform similar to eBay and Amazon. As the traffic starts growing, specially with the natural searches, This eBay alternative is expected to become a first most choice of sellers.

      Selling stuff on eBid is cheaper as compare to eBay and Amazon due to the absence of listing fee and the low commission per sale. This makes eBid as low risk marketplace which can be opted in by any seller right away in order to increase the sale numbers.

    13. ArtFire

    14. ArtFire is a perfect marketplace for selling handmade jewellery and crafts, vintage clothing and artisian goods. So if you are an artist and interested in selling your unique handmade items, Artfire is the one you should use for selling as an eBay alternative. However Artfire is not a free marketplace, It charges minimum $4.95 for basic standard plan and also $.23 is a listing fee which makes it more expensive than other marketplace like TrueGether. Although It can be opted to get rid of eBay.

    15. Salehoo

    16. Salehoo is a platform where sellers showcase their products with complete money assurance. This marketplace has delivered a platform to filter different types of products based on their expiration date. Also, Salehoo offers you buy the products at nearly wholesale price. This marketplace has even offered 24x7 assistance against any sort of issues.

    Which is the Best eBay Alternative?

    Even being tough to find the best of all, TrueGether is concluded to be the best alternative to eBay. There are some limitations with every marketplace mentioned above; however being free from any limitations, Truegether results to be the ruler of this comparison. See below some of the top 10 reasons that makes TrueGether the best selling alternative of eBay and Amazon:-

    1. Free Listings: It's free to list on TrueGether. Yes, Always.
    2. No fees: Sold an item? You keep 100% of the money
    3. Integration with search engines: Every item you post is sent directly to Google and Bing.
    4. Customer service: A very seller friendly Marketplace.
    5. Manage Multiple Marketplaces: Manage multiple Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping.
    6. Receive your share of social revenue: TrueGether leverages the social presence of your business to boost revenues.
    7. Organise your customers: You can collect 'likes' and 'endorsements' from your customers to enhance your social presence.
    8. Online Reputation: TrueGether facilitates the management of the online reputation of your business.
    9. Global Marketplace: TrueGether lets you sell your products worldwide.
    10. Easy to use: It is very easy to join and add products on TrueGether.

    Compare Features Offered by Websites like eBay

    Marketplace FeatureTrueGether AmazoneBayBonanzaCraigslist
    Supports Online Transaction Y YYYN
    Buyer Protection Y YYYN
    Seller Protection Y YYYN
    Social Media Integration Y NNNN
    Google Shopping Integration Y NYYN
    Usability/Convenience Good AverageAverageGoodAverage
    Multi-Channel eCommerce Cost Free Not SupportedNot SupportedHighNot Supported
    Total Cost Free 6-15%4-10%2-5%Free
    Supports International Transaction Y LimitedYLimitedN

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