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Recent Facts from Sellers to Ponder eBay Alternatives

A seller says that the marketplace should rethink its policies, rules, terms, and conditions as they treat the seller unjustified. When the seller has to refund the buyer for his own fault and still get a negative rating in a red color feeling like committing a sin. The seller considers alternatives of eBay to take his business as this unfair game can't let him stick to eBay for long. (Source: Trustpilot)

No selling fees on TrueGether!

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Top Alternatives to eBay: Most Preferred Selling Sites in 2021

eBay is the pioneer of the concept of an eCommerce marketplace to buy or sell across the globe. A pool of big sellers had already associated with eBay during a short span of time since its launch as there was no other alternative to eBay. This association with big sellers is the vital reason for the significant growth of eBay over the other marketplaces. Over 70% of the eBay sale is claimed to be driven by this pool of sellers.

However, as per a recent marketplace survey over 10 marketplaces have emerged as alternatives to eBay and started enticing sellers by offering less fee and better customer support along with multichannel retailing solutions.

To eBay or not to eBay? The question that has been haunting retailing minds in recent years has finally been answered by its combatants in the zone. The retailing giant displayed hitherto e-marketplace dominance which is slowly being compromised due to its stringent seller policies topped with operational inflexibility and unsolicited burdens on sellers. Many eBay fanatics are now recoiling from the online selling avenue in pursuit of retailing happiness at other platforms.

The ultimate competitors or preferred alternatives to eBay along with the reasons why they have an edge over eBay are explained below.


TrueGether: A Selling Site like eBay - The most economical Marketplace

TrueGether is a no-fee marketplace adhering to features and functionality similar to eBay and Amazon that makes it a better and cheaper alternative for selling products. TrueGether came into existence in 2012 and despite its newness into the marketplace world, this selling site has grown exceptionally within 5 years of existence. Just like eBay, TrueGether supports online transactions and international transactions. It has good site usability and is convenient to navigate around. The buyers' and sellers' protection is guaranteed on TrueGether. Like other eCommerce websites, TrueGether is integrated with Google shopping and Bing product ads. Unlike eBay, There is no additional cost for the seller on TrueGether. It is absolutely FREE to list items and sell.

There is a special unique feature on TrueGether that is social media integration that does leverage social media platforms like Facebook or Linkedin to make such a marketplace that is not anonymous. TrueGether also offers an eCommerce solution where sellers take advantage of Multi-Channel Selling through platforms like eBay, Amazon, Google, or Bing. Besides, being a successful marketplace, TrueGether is also aggressive in terms of product advertising to ensure the improvement in sales.


Amazon: The Trusted Internet Retailer and Cheaper Alternative to eBay

Amazon is the staple store for all user requirements today. Being similar to eBay but with cheaper fees and costs, Amazon has better buyer trust and huge visitor traffic volume

Why Choose Amazon as a Selling Alternative to eBay?

Amazon serves as a perfect selling partner because of following top reasons:

  • Seller Supportive Platform: Sellers are given a free, basic account and also options to go for upgraded accounts with more selling features and privileges with the free listing but a nominal commission on sales, whereas at eBay listing a product is charged, regardless of sales success and a commission is charged when a sale is made.
  • Large Customer Base: In terms of market capitalization and revenue generation, Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. Amazon offers a conventional online departmental store where users can exercise the freedom to buy anything under the sun instantly at a lower fixed price.
  • Large Seller Community: Amazon had already 2 million sellers in 2014 and they were successful in selling more than 2 billion products in the same year. As per a survey, almost 40% of the sales made on Amazon were from independent sellers this year.
  • Promotion-less Marketing: Amazon promotes products on behalf of its sellers. Standalone marketplace sites require sellers to spend a lot of amount on the promotion of products but the same is completely free when a seller chooses Amazon.
  • Hassle-Free Supply of Products: Amazon provides a great network for warehousing, logistics, dropshipping, delivery, customer service along sales statistics and product performance status information with transparency in operations.
  • Additional Facilities: Besides the profits earned from the sale of the products, sellers can get extraordinary facilities by selling on Amazon like free use of reporting, analytical tools, and also contracted shipping rates.

How is Amazon a Better Alternative to eBay?

  • Amazon manages all the products in their warehouse while eBay is more like an auction house, where customers need to directly interact with the sellers. So Amazon is an easier marketplace for customers with a wide range of products at fixed price rates that reduces the overhead and increases the sales.
  • While merchants need to pay a price for listing their products on eBay, it is absolutely free on Amazon.
  • The additional perks like free and fast delivery of products make Amazon more popular amongst buyers than eBay. This is one of the reasons that sellers get repeated customers at Amazon.
  • Sellers are provided with unlimited image and media storage space at Amazon, which is unavailable at eBay.

Who can sell on Amazon?

Almost anyone from individual sellers to large-scale merchants can sell on Amazon. The product pricing should be competitive with good profit margins and that product and packaging quality, and customer service need to be beyond ordinary for high ratings and positive reviews, two aspects that would let you shine and survive as an Amazon seller.


Walmart: The World's largest Retailer with a different customer segment than eBay

The history of Walmart in the retail business goes back to the 90s but it entered the marketplace business in 2009 only. As of now, Walmart has not described itself as a proper marketplace but the company has already started inviting/accepting sellers to use the platform as an alternative to eBay for selling stuff online.

  • Walmart is very selective in approving merchants to sell through their site. Walmart team first reviews the seller ratings, reputation, experience, and the last pricing strategy.
  • Sellers have reported that traffic towards their store website has increased after joining Walmart as one of their selling partners.
  • Walmart does not charge any other fee or commission besides the referral fee which is decided as per the product categories ranging from 6% to 20% and on average most of the categories are under the bar of 15%.
  • Even though Walmart gives freedom to sellers to decide the price of their products, however, a seller reported that Walmart delisted his/her product based on the fact that the price was higher than its competitors.
  • Merchants have already claimed that they are getting good sales from Walmart as compared to eBay.
  • Unlike eBay, Walmart reports the sale on the day of shipping, not on the day of ordering the product.

Who can sell on Walmart?

Generally, if the seller is popular or has a good reputation in the current marketplace, Walmart may send an invite to that seller. The reason behind this move is to ensure that Walmart sellers do not face any unusual competition. In case if a seller feels that he/she has been missed, he/she is free to directly apply to become a seller on Walmart Marketplace. Walmart is the best suited to those sellers who are victims of the scams reported on eBay.


Craigslist: A Major Internet Classified Platform

Craigslist is a classified selling platform with an easy-to-use interface that lets you sell almost anything. With no listing or selling fees, it offers seller liberty and operational transparency. Customizing local advertisements while getting reliable information on any product is the element of Craigslist. Here,

  • Product listings are free while only a handful of job and automobile listings are chargeable on Craigslist.
  • There is no commission on sales charged on Craigslist, while the shipping and delivery need to be handled by sellers themselves which is a boon and a bane.
  • Craigslist offers more flexibility in buying and selling since the bulkiest products can be sold here.
  • Selling event tickets or products that provide quick money is easy on Craigslist
  • Hiring professionals or experts locally like roof-makers or plumbers is faster on Craigslist and less expensive as compared to eBay.
  • The automated email services offered by Craigslist adds security to sellers since their personal information does not have to be compromised.
  • Ad posting or product/service listing is faster and free on Craigslist since it does not mandate registration or account creation whereas eBay requires registration for submitting posts which consume a lot of time.
  • The "FREE" section on Craigslist offers a quick selling opportunity for those who want to get rid of their old goods.

Who can sell on Craigslist?

Craigslist is best suited for hobbyists who want to sell heavy-duty products for decent margins sans the fees while having the freedom to sell and local sellers who want to personally manage their account and activities. Sellers can personally meet buyers and receive cash-in-hand rather than wait for automated back-end processing to receive their payment post-commission.


Bonanza: Perfect Alternative to eBay to sell cheap and easy

Bonanza is soon becoming the favorite marketplace for general merchandise listing ranging from quirky collectibles to rare fashion accessories at fixed prices or negotiable rates. Sellers can customize their price listings while promoting their products at lower commission rates by Bonanza as compared to eBay.

Let us find out some of the crucial factors of Bonanza being preferred over eBay.

  • The free product listing feature, low registration, and other fee structure and commission charges (3.5% on sale) with higher profit margins assured
  • Bonanza supports an easy-to-use virtual marketplace interface divided into several categories so it is easier for sellers to find the exact destination for posting their products. The platform is even more flexible which supports both price negotiation or fixed price.
  • From household items to handicrafts, Bonanza is an economical selling platform for all kinds of goods. Small businesses keep more profits as the charges are less as compared to eBay.
  • Bonanza ensures quicker selling of products as compared to eBay as it has cross-platform integration with other sites like Shopify and WooCommerce to increase the conversions. Sellers are allowed to easily import or shift their products across the marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.
  • Bonanza is a well-known marketplace in the US along with its presence in 200 countries. Hence it is capable to generate the same amount of business at a lesser cost.
  • Besides the huge seller base and millions of buyers, Bonanza is also effective to protect your products against scams and fraud buyers. It is linked with trusted payment gateways like Amazon Payments and PayPal which are reliable to both sellers and buyers.
  • There is no risk of losing buyers on Bonanza as Importing product feedback from customers from eBay for a seller helps them gain the authenticity label through their goodwill on eBay
  • Sellers can feature products on Bing and Google SEs which helps in advertising through text links, banner Ads, and Bonanza Affiliate Programs.
  • Bonanza is associated with Google AdWords and by paying nominal fees, sellers are allowed to feature their products through Google advertisements.

Who can sell on Bonanza?

Bonanza is meant for sellers who want to sell unique products with lower overheads in a flexible marketplace. Small-scale to medium-scale sellers usually take advantage of Bonanza. New sellers who are less experienced and unsure of profits on eBay due to their stringent policies and high commission charges can opt for Bonanza. Sellers can take advantage of the Bonanza Affiliate Program to earn decent referral rates and utilize sales-generating tools while promoting their products.


Etsy: A Selling Site like eBay, Suitable for Art and Crafts

This local arts and crafts community turned online niche-specific selling platform specializes in hand-made goods, craft supplies, and vintage merchandise. Etsy has been effective for mid or small-scale sellers. Currently, The sellers on Etsy belong to furniture, handcraft, handmade, and home decors. Let us see how selling on Etsy is more fruitful than eBay.

  • Unlike eBay, Etsy is better suited to small-scale new sellers who want to sell crafts items directly to buyers at nominal rates such as $0.20USD listing fee per item and 3.5 % sale commission.
  • eBay has the membership charges for selling while Etsy offers free membership, store operation, and a four months free listing period until the product is sold.
  • Etsy is more appropriate for selling such products which are at least 20 years old and thus it is an ideal platform for the buyers who are looking for boutique or handmade accessories as these are not produced in the mass production process. eBay does not have such a unique stock of antiques or handicrafts as compared to Etsy.
  • Sellers do get more profits on Etsy rather than selling on eBay because buyers know that they are getting individualistic items at Etsy hence do not hesitate to pay a bit more, while eBay customers are known to be more thrifty about the prices of the products.
  • Unlike eBay, Transactions and operations are easier on Etsy while sellers get their shipping labels directly without technical knowledge requirement.
  • Moreover, Etsy has more personal flavor than eBay as it deals with a smaller community of people. Sellers do know their buyers personally and can get honest feedback about their products. This kind of personal interaction also ensures that customized products can be made as per the demand of the buyer.

Who can sell on Etsy?

Sellers old and new who want longer product listing time and short turnover with lesser overheads may choose Etsy. They can do so directly with ready buyers rather than putting products on time-consuming auctions.


eBid: An Auction Site like eBay, Making Money Becomes Easy

eBid is the only competitor of eBay which supports selling through auctions. This auction site came into existence in the year 1999 and currently operates in more than 23 nations. eBid was awarded as the 7th best marketplaces besides eBay, by the merchants in a Sellers’ choice survey, held in 2018.

The eBid marketplace has bidding as the main operational structure at nominal costs. The reasons why eBid slowly establishes itself in the e-marketplace space are as follows

  • Unlike eBay, The "Buddy Points" award program on eBid helps sellers earn bonus points through referrals or selling products that can be used to get discounts during auctions.
  • Casual sellers who are attributed under occasional sales on eBid are not charged any fee which is a big benefit to the small-scale sellers who cannot afford eBay. eBay charges from registration, sales to transportation, or shipment of goods; making eBid a better alternative to eBay.
  • eBid has impressive traffic of 15 million per annum. The site is also popular among Facebook users and gets almost 13,293 likes each day. So sellers must not fear losing customers or buyers on eBid when choosing it as an alternative to eBay.
  • eBid has no listing fees and the commission per sale is 3% while the rules are more relaxed than eBay, which means maintaining a store on eBid is hassle-free.
  • Unlike eBay, eBid has well-organized customer support which takes care of any unfair feedback provided by the buyer.
  • Certain products like old coins, clothing apparel from some brands, stamps, or ink cartridges have selling restrictions on eBay while on eBid it is easier to sell such items.

Who can sell on eBid

Sellers who want more flexibility at lower overhead costs and lower risks usually go with eBid. Sellers who want to auction their products with better turnover can choose eBid which is best suited for small-scale to large-scale businesses alike.


ArtFire: Growing Alternative to eBay, Exhibit Creativity with no Hole in your Pockets

This online marketplace is meant for individual artisans and craftsmen worldwide who want to sell exquisite and rare handcrafted products, vintage goods, and craft supplies. Here, the buyers and sellers can connect directly unlike eBay. Sellers can create their online shops and sell to art aficionados worldwide.

ArtFire is a better alternative to eBay because

  • Custom-made and handcrafted products offering as per the choice of the buyers while not forcing them to choose from the available product list which is done by eBay.
  • ArtFire promotes small-scale sellers through competitions where sellers globally can use the platform to improve their skills, become trendsetters, as well as feature their products through seller spotlight.
  • Shops and product listings can be customized as per personal selling choices.
  • ArtFire offers three seller plans namely, Standard Shop, Popular Shop (value for investment plan), and the more privileged Featured Shop Plan
  • Unlike eBay, sellers are allowed to customize their shops at Artfire. Besides having their logo they can create their banners, can post pictures of their past works along with the ones which they are interested to sell.

Who can sell on ArtFire?

Any individual artist, craftsman, small art business, large art corporation, or artifacts and art suppliers can sell on ArtFire. All seller products are automatically shared on major search engines without the need for a website. Social media marketing is also done by ArtFire representing its sellers and their unique products. It provides sellers with the platform to connect with other artists around the world to introduce new products to their shops. They can also connect with their peers through communities to get best-selling tips and product-related information.


Rakuten: B2B2C e-commerce Platform and a Profitable Selling Site

Originally called "Amazon of Japan", Rakuten has a plethora of product offerings for international buyers. This selling platform ensures a profitable and sustainable business for both new sellers and business owners. The reasons why Rakuten had its claim to fame are as follows:

  • Multiple categories of products are covered on this platform.
  • The brand image is so high that selling bulk SKUs might be a better idea on Rakuten.
  • Product display flexibility, multiple options and listing liberty offered to sellers make it a preferred platform for high-end products with customized catalogs.
  • Offering follow-up campaigns to sellers, this site can help sellers do their bit of market research before launching their products.
  • Registration, fee structure, and commissions are simpler and acceptable by sellers.
  • Rakuten offers cross-platform selling on BestBuy.com to improve sales.
  • Selling plans are easier and the reward points option is the USP of this selling site.
  • Rakuten provides product specification details that are very informative and can lure the right buyers to the site.
  • Rakuten offers a direct chat between sellers and buyers for better and transparent communication

Who can sell on Rakuten?

Rakuten is best suited for B2B and B2C requirements where large-scale and small-scale businesses can flourish due to the brand name and enjoy buyer trust and other benefits offered by the website. Sellers who want to expand their network through the site’s goodwill often do not mind spending for overheads, commission, and fees of Rakuten.


Gumtree: Prefer Gumtree over eBay for British Local Classifieds

This local classified platform helps post Ads that get faster responses. Though bought by eBay, the site has a certain level of autonomy. Gumtree is preferred by classifieds Ad posters because

  • eBay charges exorbitant prices whereas Gumtree does not charge any fees to individual sellers nor for shipment, payment gateways, or other commission.
  • Photo posting is free on Gumtree and up to 9 photos are allowed.
  • Gumtree offers links to personal web pages and Ad promotions at a very nominal fee.
  • Most transactions with buyers are direct without the need for processing fees.
  • Gumtree has a very easy-to-use interface and the registration is quicker than eBay with less turnaround time.
  • Unlike eBay, Gumtree has lesser stringent seller rules and regulations where non-compliant Ads are not barred
  • Gumtree offers classifieds for both products and services like jobs, local repair, and rentals.

Who can sell on Gumtree

Direct sellers of goods and services requiring faster responses from buyers with less overhead costs and no commission would be interested in Gumtree. Personal information may need to be shared, thus sellers who do not mind revealing their contact can take advantage of direct sales through Gumtree Classifieds.


Zazzle: An Alternative to eBay, Useful for Designers to Sell their Designs

Zazzle offers customized and personalized gifts like keychains, stationery, gifts, and personal designs. It helps generate decent traffic for small sellers and designers. The major reasons for many sellers to give preference to Zazzle over eBay are mentioned below

  • It offers a selling platform for customized gifts and creations with monograms from unknown/ small brands that are not usually spotted on eBay.
  • The charges (commission and shipment) are economical for small-scale sellers who want to feature their products and gain popularity.
  • Zazzle is known for its short delivery time. Delivery time is just 24 hours at Zazzle.
  • Sellers do not have to store unsold products in warehouses or maintain an inventory which reduces the overhead costs they can produce made-to-order products on-demand only.
  • Using the interface is easy thus making it easy to register, maintain and sell on Zazzle

Who can sell on Zazzle?

Zazzle is a fruitful option for small entrepreneurs, designers, and small brand merchants who want to establish themselves slowly and steadily. Those who do not have a great network but want to set one up initially can choose Zazzle that does not charge a fortune but gets the work done much efficiently than eBay.


Salehoo: A Site connecting Wholesalers and Retailers.

Salehoo is a platform where sellers showcase their products with complete money assurance. This marketplace has delivered a platform to filter different types of products based on their expiration date. Also, Salehoo offers you buy the products at nearly wholesale price. This marketplace has even offered 24x7 assistance against any sort of issue.

No selling fees on TrueGether!

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Why are Sellers Looking for eBay Alternatives

Multichannel retailing has not only become a matter of convenience but that of choice among the myriad options that we have today with respect to the selling platforms. Sellers are soon drifting away from the tight clutches of the eBay marketplace in search of better and more flexible E-retailing platforms like Etsy, TrueGether, eBid, Craigslist, etc. Each platform has its business model and functional structure which may significantly affect the sellers’ goals, financial interests, and selling potential while being preferred over eBay-the Online Retailing Giant.

The primary reasons for the significant transition of sellers to other eBay alternatives have been explained below

  • Lower Commission Rates

    Every online marketplace charges a nominal amount for their services that constitute the post-sales commission, product listing charges, shipping and delivery charges, payment gateway charges, site maintenance charges, membership charges, warehousing, etc. While selling on eBay, the sales-based commission rates may range from 12% to 15% and annual charges for other services can take a heavy toll on merchant accounts, not to mention the unethical hidden charges that may cause momentary shocks to sellers, especially if they do not have enough turnover. Some platforms like TrueGether charge only 2% post-sales commission while offering free unlimited products listing on their online portals. Sellers would definitely benefit from such services as they can affordably feature their product(s) to a larger buyer base.
  • Better Support Service

    Sellers prefer an affordable site with better support for selling. The eBay marketplace has failed in providing both these essentials for selling. The alternatives to eBay have already sensed this opportunity and made sure that the seller gets full support either by call or text throughout the week without any additional cost.
  • Operational Flexibility

    The interface on eBay is centrally controlled by eBay administrators and gives sellers lesser control over their accounts and operations. Listing a product, the pricing, sales strategy, drop shipping, reviews, payment gateways, troubleshooting, negative feedback implications, buyer contact, warehousing, quality control, and many other aspects of selling online are controlled by the eBay management. It is thus necessary to maintain a good rapport with the eBay authorities and even compromise to a certain extent their unrealistic terms and conditions to survive market volatility.
  • Better Process Control

    Sellers benefit from better operational and functional control that they can exercise on alternative platforms to eBay. They can post as many or as few products as they like and reap the benefits. Even if there are disparities in sales turnover during off-seasons the alternate platforms do not charge a hefty fine for not creating a regular cash flow as practiced by eBay. Negative customer feedback does not impact seller account or lead to barring on other platforms and returns, direct customer contact/support, promotions, shipping and delivery rates, discounts, etc. can be handled by sellers themselves with good process transparency.
  • Customer Frauds

    As per the recent report, Buyers are involved in more fraud activities as compared to sellers. The most frequent fraud activities done by buyers on eBay include the use of illegitimate PayPal accounts for making payments, claiming a refund without returning the purchased item, posting fake reviews, and many more. The eBay support team works for protecting their buyers only so there is not much help provided to the sellers.
  • Refunds from Buyers

    Refund after purchase is a big pain for sellers as it results in a double loss. Loss of the product's revenue and the cost involved in packaging and shipping of the product. This certainly reduces the expected profit margin of sellers on eBay. eBay favors buyers so much that as a seller you can save your item from being refunded only by making it clear in your communication with the customer that no refunds are accepted in any case.

Other Reasons to Hunt for eBay Alternatives

  1. Decreasing Traffic of eBay

    similarweb.com shows that eBay’s traffic has dropped steadily over the past few years, from over 600,000,000 worldwide visitors/month to around 534,000,000.

    eBay traffic analysis

    That’s a massive drop - especially when you consider that services like Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon Marketplace have all seen an uptick in traffic in the same period.

    At the end of the day, the whole point of eBay is that it puts your product listings in front of as many people as possible. Sure - in the past, their platform was also valuable. But today, when it takes just minutes to set up a commission-free storefront elsewhere, why bother with eBay if their user base is shrinking? There are numerous eBay alternatives for sellers exists which have a better user base than eBay.

  2. Prone to Scams

    eBay is highly affected by scams and every time, sellers are bound to suffer because eBay favors their buyers. Recently many sellers have reported that they did not receive the payment for the product they sold. The worst part is, buyers reported that the product is not received by them. This is a planned scam and eBay has failed to provide a platform that is scam-proof. This is why sellers are more into the alternatives to eBay.

  3. Massive Fees charged from Sellers

    eBay makes money from your listings. They charge as much as 12% for products under $25, or as little as 4.5% for a product sold for $1,000 - and that may not seem like a big deal…

    But when you factor in the fact that PayPal - previously owned by eBay - also charges you money for getting money transferred, you end up paying 10-15% commission in total.

    Bear in mind, this isn’t 10-15% on your profits - this is how much commission you pay on each sale. In other words, if you sell something for $1,000, you only get $900 of that money once you pay these two companies.

    Doesn’t seem fair, does it? obviously not, this should be a good reason to find some alternative for eBay.

  4. eBay Protects Buyers - Not Sellers

    If you’ve ever had problems ordering on eBay as a buyer, you probably know they stand up for their customers. They’re quick to give refunds, straighten out problems and make things right when you’re buying.

    And that’s great…

    Until it’s time for you to sell using eBay and you realize that as great as their customer policy is, their seller policy is just as bad.

    See, because eBay sides with buyers, as a rule, it often doesn’t even bother to see if a seller may be right after all. And because they’re closely linked with PayPal, the latter can help them seize your funds without warning. While other alternatives to eBay like TrueGether are unbiased.

    Not what you want as an honest salesperson, right?

    And to add insult to injury…

  5. eBay is Not Even That Profitable!

    Check out this webretailer.com infographic:

    On eBay, over 1/3 of sellers make under $10,000 a year. On Amazon, the respective figure is 9%.

    On eBay, only 30.4% of sellers make over $100,000 each year. On Amazon, the respective figure is - wait for it - 54.2%.

    Seller performance on eBay and Amazon

    Can you tell which company is more serious about creating a healthy, profitable environment for the people selling their products on it?

    This is not to say that eBay is awful or useless. Quite the contrary: it’s a wonderful place if you want to sell the odd bits and pieces lying around at home. It sure beats having to run a yard sale for your neighbors and having to sell everything at a fraction of its real price.

    Because of the above limitations, Many big sellers are moving to eBay alternatives which are cheaper and can generate better revenue for them.

    However, if you’re serious about making money as a salesperson, you’re better off finding an eBay alternative that:

    1. Treats sellers well
    2. Doesn’t have huge fees
    3. Isn’t shrinking in terms of traffic and visitors

    There are many popular eBay alternatives where you can showcase your products and fill your money bank. Let’s explore all eBay alternative platforms where retailers can migrate to

  6. Other Reasons

    • The sellers are not protected on the eBay platform and are charged exorbitant fees. The buyer can claim a refund even for an appropriate product and the seller is bound to refund back and the buyer gets to use the product also for more than 20 days later return it and get the refund. This treatment of the marketplace makes the seller feels unprotective and gives them a thought of switching to the alternatives of eBay. (Source: Trustpilot)

Which Sellers on eBay are Switching to its Alternatives?

Different segments of sellers exist on eBay and each one has its reason for migrating from eBay to other similar sites. The first most seller segment is the one who is not happy with the revised fee structure of eBay and does not want to pay increased seller fees as it reduces their profit percentage. Secondly, The sellers are disturbed with a lot of refunds they receive from buyers on eBay as the policies are in favor of buyers. They claim that eBay doesn't want to lose buyers but the sellers. The Third is the subset of sellers who have heard about fraud cases that originally happened due to the fault of the eBay support team. The Last one is the sellers who are not happy with the customer service of eBay as they claim many of the seller-related attributes are automatically modified without taking permission from them.

So if you are the eBay seller and the victim of one of these cases, Look for better sites similar to eBay.

How should you Choose a Perfect Alternative to eBay to Sell Online?

Keeping the above alternatives in mind, irrespective of the type of seller, product categories, or sales volume online, eBay that is a staple selling platform today can have the tables turned around for itself sooner. Any online seller would agree that experimenting on multiple platforms is the best way forward if one wants an upper hand in the current online selling scenario with an elevated sense of freedom and operational flexibility.

The ways to choose the best alternative that suits your requirements are given below:

  1. Consider your target audience and the countries of business and choose a platform that gives a classified listing of products based on local demand.
  2. Ensure that listing your products is free (or at least done at a nominal rate) even if moderate sales commission/ service charges are levied by the portal. TrueGether is one such eBay alternative platform that offers unlimited free product listings.
  3. Direct dealings between the seller and the buyer without middle-man intervention is imperative so that processes are transparent and responses are instant between the parties involved.
  4. More exposure to small-volume sellers should be given by the platform rather than to top-rated sellers alone.
  5. Sellers should have autonomous control over payment processes, shipping, and delivery.
  6. Ensure that they provide decent support with the shipping of products.

These focal points emphasize transacting effectively on eBay alternative sites that offer more transparency and flexibility to stakeholders today.

Why should you Prefer TrueGether Over eBay?

TrueGether has emerged as the most preferred and the cheapest alternative to eBay and Amazon where the seller has more control over the listings in terms of price, payment, and the import & export of items across various other marketplaces. With TrueGether, whatever changes you do, the same is reflected on eBay, Amazon, or Google shopping without any delay

Currently, over 10,000 sellers are using TrueGether as a primary marketplace and steadily growing their business to attain new heights of success. The best thing about TrueGether is that it doesn't charge any fees so that sellers are happy to offer some discount to buyers to make them happy.

Here are the 10 good things about TrueGether which make sellers happy.

  1. Free Listings: It's free to list on TrueGether. Yes, Always.
  2. No fees: Sold an item? You keep 100% of the money
  3. Integration with search engines: Every item you post is sent directly to Google and Bing.
  4. Customer service: A very seller-friendly Marketplace.
  5. Manage Multiple Marketplaces: Manage multiple Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping.
  6. Receive your share of social revenue: TrueGether leverages the social presence of your business to boost revenues.
  7. Organize your customers: You can collect 'likes' and 'endorsements' from your customers to enhance your social presence.
  8. Online Reputation: TrueGether facilitates the management of the online reputation of your business.
  9. Global Marketplace: TrueGether lets you sell your products worldwide.
  10. Easy to use: It is very easy to join and add products on TrueGether.

Compare Prices and Features from Similar Sites like eBay

Compare features offered by different eBay alternatives and know how much cost is involved with it. Make the best choice to grow your business. It is recommended to go with multiple marketplaces and later on associate with the one which is the most suitable for your business in all aspects.

Marketplace Feature TrueGether Amazon eBay
Supports Online Transaction Y Y Y
Buyer Protection Y Y Y
Seller Protection Y Y Y
Social Media Integration Y N N
Google Shopping Integration Y N Y
Usability/Convenience Good Average Average
Multi-Channel eCommerce Cost Free Not Supported Not Supported
Total Cost Free 6-15% 4-10%
Supports International Transaction Y Limited Y

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It is a very genuine platform with no scams at all!

I had faced a lot of scams on eBay as a result I had to move out of the marketplace. Also the updates and investments were quite high in eBay which was making it difficult for us to survive our marketplace on that platform. Here at TrueGether, I feel that the marketplace is very genuine and so far I have not encountered any kind of scams. I have generated a lot of customers through this platform who are quite loyal to us and who trust us, and we trust them. The working ambience here is very good and quite seller-centric.

Byon 23:15 December 06 2021

Happy to be a part of TrueGether's marketplace!

I really trust this platform because they have provided me with loyal customers throughout the year and I have faced no problem with any of my customers so far. The customer support is very supportive and I get my issues resolved within a few moments. Also I could market my business through their very good social media base marketing. We were a very small business initially but now we are a medium enterprise and we are all thankful to this platform. I had faced a lot of scams on eBay as a result I had to move out of the marketplace, but I feel good now!

Byon 15:39 December 05 2021

This is the best eBay alternative ever!

The platform is the best eBay alternative I have found till now. It has given me a wonderful shopping experience and I always go for this platform for buying any of my household stuff. I recently bought a very pretty dress which came out to be exactly as advertised. It was very good quality-wise and it was in the best condition. The fitting was good and I planted it at a party. Apart from clothing and accessories I found that the home and garden category has a lot to share. The products are of very good quality and I highly recommend people to visit the website.

Byon 04:15 December 02 2021

The product collection is very good!

I was browsing their categories and I found every product so unique. I am very happy to buy so many things together which has been very helpful in my day-to-day life. They have a collection of daily-use items and also fancy items that will suit the needs of every girl. Even for those people who are much into bikes and automobiles will find the site very useful as I had suggested it for my husband and he found it also very useful. The product I received was of very good quality and I am satisfied with all my products.

Byon 15:52 December 01 2021

We could grow our business very well with TrueGether!

There are so many reasons to opt for TrueGether right from its low commission rates, giving you the whole profit of your selling to a great marketing brand. And there are lots more to the list that you should surely opt for TrueGether. We as sellers are very happy to choose TrueGether as a platform for marketing. The operating system is quite smooth and easy to operate by sellers and we can also track our shipments. I have faced no frauduary on this site and I wish that people know more about this platform. It has been quite supportive in our business.

Byon 08:12 November 30 2021

A very trusted platform, good for sellers!

The platform of TrueGether gave me so much of a good experience that other platforms could not. I feel satisfied to have my business placed here. Business used to be quite small and then I had to face a lot of Competition on eBay platform. We could really grow our business and as we thought that we would expand our business that could not happen unfortunately on fever due to high competitiveness. Suggestion from my friends and relatives: We moved on to TrueGether. I am very satisfied here and I wish more and more people know about this platform.

Byon 21:39 November 29 2021

No complaints from TrueGether!

As a seller, I found the TrueGether platform better than any other platform. Previously, I had a not-so-satisfying experience on eBay, and I had to find other better alternatives. I am happy that I have shifted to TrueGether. Here, I get an easy interface to use. The profits I earn here are huge, and I am doing better business here. For me TrueGether is really great, and I suggest people to go for it. They are very seller-centric and help every customer and seller if we face any issue.

Byon 13:40 November 24 2021

Go for this marketplace, better than ever!

The product delivery was the best thing I experienced at TrueGether. For all my orders I had received a good delivery experience. I just wanted to thank the platform for providing almost everything at such an affordable price point. The quality of each product I had ordered is truly amazing. It just delivers what's shown on the site, nothing fluff. So, I trust this platform completely. I never had any issue regarding the product as well. I found their rates very genuine as well. The marketplace is highly recommended!

Byon 14:30 November 22 2021

I enjoyed my shopping experience here, it's amazing!

I found the collection very good and unique. Also I found the offers were really helpful and I got the high-priced items at very cheap rates.Most of the things which are stocked out in the market, and I didnt get for a very long period, I found them here. I am very thankful for this platform. I hope more and more people can go through this marketplace and explore the collection. My shopping experience was very good and I found the platform very genuine. I would recommend people to explore the marketplace and get their hands on their exotic collection!

Byon 13:40 November 20 2021

At TrueGether, one can expect being a true business person!

I have been a trap of scam on eBay, due to false customers. They tried to gain a lot of profit from the return and exchange policies. We have very limited access to tracking our things on eBay, as a result getting a solution to the problem is nearly impossible. Neither the customer service is prompt in providing the solution, nor the management cares much, so we had no option but to leave the platform. We moved to TrueGether and had the opposite of eBay. The experience is worth explaining. We got access to tracking our parcels and better workspace!

Byon 11:52 November 18 2021

TrueGether believes in being seller-centric and cares for its customers as well!

The eBay platform sucked money from we sellers. The frequent updates and very steeping growth made up empty. We could not grow and could only earn less. The competition is very high there, and small business people cannot compete with this! We found TrueGether a better place and a top-notch solution for this. The marketplace not only is suitable for small merchants, but also for merchants who are willing to expand their business. I am very happy to be here and I found the best marketplace with huge benefits.

Byon 22:18 November 17 2021

I found the collection of TrueGether unique, genuine and affordable!

I am a fan of antique collections. No where I could find the collection as I was expecting, but found it on TrueGether. They have a very good and enticing collection of antique pieces. I had to buy several things to see their collection. I decorated my house with their vintage collection. It was worth investing in them. The prices are not too high as well. Thus, you can think of buying so many items altogether. They have endless items available. I also checked other sections of this marketplace, and was impressed there as well. It has everything you want.

Byon 23:09 November 16 2021

If you want true business, go for TrueGether!

Being an eBay seller is not that easy. Surviving business here is not easy. They demand a large sum of money for all updates and other services. Furthermore, if you place a bid on an item, you will be competing against a large number of other bidders to win that item. Aside from that, you will have to put it aside for days or weeks while the auction process is completed before you can purchase the item. As a result, I gladly moved my business to TrueGether and began to notice a significant difference. My sales are good, and my customers are very loyal.

Byon 22:18 November 15 2021

I had a very good experience on TrueGether as a customer

Being a seller at TrueGether is a wonderful experience. I had switched my business from eBay and tried my luck at this very trending marketplace. As people had a very good and positive experience working here, I too realized that the platform is quite trustable. The customer service of TrueGether doesn't make you wait for long, unlike other sites. They also call you back and keep the promise of resolving the issue immediately. My business here is doing well. I am happy to choose this marketplace for selling. It doesn't cut much commission and keeps a very nominal rate.

Byon 19:45 November 14 2021

A very genuine marketplace I must say!

For us, this has been a very good alternative to the eBay selling site. We've had more sales from TrueGether in the last few months than from other more established eBay alternatives like Ecrater or Bonanza. TrueGether has built its website more user-friendly and shopper-friendly. Beautiful and reliable products are available. They provide a sufficient amount of valuable products and goods. This is a promising platform that offers quality-assured products.

Byon 14:18 November 02 2021

I am very happy to do business here!

As a seller, I had to face a lot of issues on eBay. It is not so easy surviving my business here. They demand so much money for all updates and stuff. Also, if you bid on an item, you will have to start competing with a large number of other bidders to win that item. Besides that, you may have to put it on hold for the bidding to end for days or weeks before you can purchase the item. So, I shifted my business happily on TrueGether and I started seeing a great difference. I have good sales, and the customers are also very loyal.

Byon 23:15 November 01 2021

TrueGether offers very easy transactions besides great customer satisfaction!

I had this very problematic situation of Paypal. The only option for transaction on eBay. It works fine, but never on eBay. The main disadvantage of buying on eBay is that you must have a PayPal account to make payments. You can not shop on eBay if you don't have a PayPal account. The webpage accepts credit card transactions, but only through PayPal. The TrueGether platform also had PayPal transactions, yet it never created an issue. I am glad to shop from TrueGether. I also recommend people to visit and shop from their unique collections!

Byon 18:54 October 31 2021

The platform of TrueGether is very trustable!

It was very expensive and always demanded some or either fees on eBay. Being a seller, I had to face issues of extra charges. The transaction fees or seller fees, apart from other fees added upon could never save my money in the pocket. It was very difficult sustaining there, especially in this rising expensiveness. It is also very important to keep up the reputation or else, again we will have to pay 4% of standard value fees in addition to the final fee. Ever since I opted TrueGether, I have been doing genuine business, with no unnecessary fee.

Byon 21:39 October 24 2021

The platform is highly suggested!

I have always loved their customer service. I had a very bad experience on eBay. The platform has not cared for its quality, and the sellers are doing quite a lot of fraud. It was very hectic being here. All my shop upgrades sucked up a lot of money. I am very happy to shift towards an alternative to eBay, and that is TrueGether. As described above, the platform is really very good for its sellers and customers both. I am very happy selling here. I have never faced any scam or inconvenience as such.

Byon 13:40 October 24 2021

As a newcomer, I felt very comfortable and easy to operate the platform!

TrueGether's platform has proven to be a valuable resource when it comes to doing business. It's a fantastic solution that's also simple to use. The interface is simple to use, and adding the product was very simple. The platform's honesty and commitment benefit both sellers and buyers because they receive the complete profit. Selling here has been a delight. Furthermore, the customer service is excellent, far surpassing that of many other well-known selling websites. As a newcomer, I never faced any issue in handling the listings or clients as well. Their process is sorted and very smooth.

Byon 15:29 October 21 2021

You can trust TrueGether, it is a very genuine platform!

Recently, there have been quite a few cases that sellers are selling the wrong products, deceiving the customers, and hence the customer trust is lacking in eBay. Just due to few fraudulent sellers on the marketplace, it has lost value as it was before. The sales were quite less due to the impact of reputation. But, here at TrueGether, it was fantastic. The platform has never entertained such sellers, the business is very fair here. I have strong customer relationships and my business is expanding in very little time. I have never seen such an escalation in my business being on eBay.

Byon 05:59 October 21 2021

Go use this platform and save your hard earned profits!

I had a good time using TrueGether. I could sell with satisfaction. Here I dont have to worry about my reputation, because that is being taken care of by TrueGether itself. They have a great social media presence, which has uplifted the sales of my shop instantly, as soon as I came on it. The platform is truly amazing. I have a list of loyal customers, and am safe from other platforms as well. I feel the platform is very seller-centric and cares for its customers as well. I have no problem using this platform. This is a very honest review!

Byon 21:39 October 20 2021

The most authentic and genuine platform for sellers!

It was an incredibly amazing experience being at TrueGether’s platform. I still use the platform and wanted people to know that this platform is so genuine. Unlike other platforms such as eBay, this platform charges no additional or unnecessary fees. Earlier, when I used eBay, I had to keep on updating my business and spend a lot of bucks just to sustain it. But here, at TrueGether, there is no such hassle. I can mindfully do my business, grow it and look for expanding it. It has made my work very easy ever since I started using it.

Byon 02:55 October 20 2021

There is more convenience and ease of use at Truegether!

I faced a lot of issues related to returns made by customers at eBay. Dealing with clients is occasionally a downside of eBay for sellers. Some consumers may whine about the tiniest details or be extremely demanding. Buyers can leave unfavourable feedback for merchants, which might damage their trustworthiness. Sellers can safeguard themselves by accurately describing things and stating policies upfront. eBay requires merchants to have a return policy in place. Sometimes fraudulent customers eat up our money and lead us to great loss! At TrueGether, I didn't face any such issue.

Byon 20:15 October 19 2021

Most sought for selling platform!

TrueGether gave me a strong business base and got me enough loyal customers. All that was possible through their strong global presence. The site is very genuine and their work system is very transparent. Within one month of my hard work here, I fetched a lot of sales and i could get a lot of profit. The good point is that they don't charge unnecessary charges like eBay. I have no issues using this platform and I think it's one of the most authentic sites I have used and is the most sought for selling platform.

Byon 04:48 October 19 2021

Great social presence on TrueGether, must use this platform!

I liked the concept that TrueGether's marketing foundation is extremely strong all over the world. I'm delighted that I can easily network with people from all over the world. On eBay, I had to pay a lot of money just to get started, but here at TrueGether, it's the inverse. They help to increase the visibility of my company by having a strong social media presence. What a legitimate efficient development in business!! That is why it attracts more people than just any other market.

Byon 16:31 October 06 2021

It is highly recommneded platfrom for sellers!

On the eBay platform, sellers are not protected and are charged exorbitant fees. The buyer may request a refund for an appropriate product, and the seller is obligated to refund the buyer, and the buyer may use the product for more than a time span of 20 days prior to returning it and receiving a refund. This treatment of the marketplace makes we sellers feel unprotected and makes us consider switching to eBay alternatives, such as TrueGether. It worked like the ideal platform and solved every issue.

Byon 08:24 October 05 2021

Quite safe and the best platform for sellers!!

I am the sole owner of the profit I earn here at TrueGether. Merchants on the eBay site are not protected and face high and exorbitant hikes in fees for upgrades. Even if the goods are suitable, the buyer has the right to a refund, and the seller is required to provide one. The customer may also keep the product for a time period of 20 days before returning it and receiving a refund. This marketplace's approach makes the seller feel vulnerable, and it has caused me to consider moving to eBay's alternatives, such as TrueGether.

Byon 07:10 October 05 2021

I found TrueGether the best marketplace!

Being on TrueGether has increased my sale, it was very satisfying being here. I could not get so many sales on other platforms. Being a small seller, I could grow here properly, which was not possible on big platforms such as eBay. The steeping curve always went down in the case of eBay. Here, at TrueGether, I am not having such an issue. Everything is going fine here.

Byon 03:48 October 04 2021

Better support service for my issues!

I got a better call service or support on this platform. My issues were heard and I could resolve them in no time. This I could not see on other alternative sites such as eBay. I am very impressed with the support team and how people have managed the issue, satisfactorily. The best part is that they never charged anything for solving the case. The platform is highly recommended.

Byon 10:46 October 03 2021

Had a full control over my selling!

I had to comply with unrealistic terms and conditions on eBay, just to maintain a good reputation with the administrators. It never helped though, but led to the fall of the business, or say my business curve went down and down. The reason was that I was not having full control over my sellings, listing products, pricing, and many more. Thus, opting for TrueGether became the best option to go for. Here, I have full control over my products, and I am happy to be a seller here.

Byon 04:48 October 03 2021

Found this different, genuine and for seller!

The site is very amazing, I have a lot of trust in this platform. It is truly amazing in giving the seller benefits which are not available on other sites like eBay. The charges are nominal, due to which I could do business very well. I have full-fledged control over my business, right from the tracking of shipment to feedback and everything. It seems like a genuine business here!

Byon 21:39 September 30 2021

Hats off this very successful selling platform!

TrueGether is quite seller-centric and it feels that it really does genuine work. I shifted my business as it wasn't growing on eBay. The steep curve was making my business go down rapidly. Got some good advice and opted for TrueGether. To my surprise, I never thought any online platform could give such a good tough competition to eBay. But TrueGether came out to be a great cheaper alternative to eBay. I am having a good time selling here!

Byon 06:13 September 29 2021

Truly a life saver!

This is a truly fantastic and trustworthy website. If you are looking for cosmetic items, household appliances, or other items, you have come to the correct place. Attractive products of first-rate quality at reasonable costs. This website is a lifesaver if you are a reseller or a vendor. Simply choose your goods, list it, and wait for consumers. The customer service was very good and helpful. Earned a lot of profit and am able to save as well, which was not possible on eBay.

Byon 23:15 September 19 2021

I feel this is the best marketplace in these days!

I recently tried my hands on this very sought marketplace, which is quite trending these days. It is genuinely very good and has no listing and selling fees. The marketplace allows to sell across other platforms as well, such as eBay, Amazon, and many others, which is a great plus. It has great social media connectivity as well, which has allowed me to connect with so many people across the globe. That has been quite helpful in generating a lot of customers, all genuine and good!

Byon 00:37 September 15 2021

I feel lucky to have found this!

Amazing experience on this very genuine eBay alternative site. I have never been to such a comfortable selling experience. None of the selling platforms have provided features as TrueGether does.

Byon 15:52 September 14 2021

Feeling lucky to start the business with TrueGether, the best eBay alternative.

Several of my cases involved eBay's fraud and swindling of merchants and/or buyers on the site. I couldn't tell what was going on in my life. In the end, the more I wanted to broaden my customer base, the more I had to spend. The site's requirements are too high. Moving to TrueGether was a huge relief for me. As a result, they operate in a very transparent and open manner. Authenticity makes it a good choice. TrueGether's global business model appealed to me, as did the fact that it has a solid foundation. I'm thrilled that I'm able to easily connect with individuals all over the globe.

Byon 08:12 September 13 2021

Greatly satisfied with the selling at TrueGether!

I am a part of this marketplace for a very long and I really wanna take a moment to appreciate the workplace. I never encountered any case related to scams, like eBay often does. I am blessed to have found this place for selling my products. The place is really trustworthy and genuine at the same time. I am gaining profits here, and the whole profit belongs to me here. Previously at eBay, I had to give a large amount of commission post my selling, that I could hardly get any savings, but I can say that TrueGether is the best eBay alternative.

Byon 07:10 September 13 2021

TrueGether gives me control over all the profit!

Here I feel protected, and unbiased at the same time. The whole profit here belongs to me. On the eBay site, merchants are not protected and are subjected to high costs. Even if the goods are appropriate, the buyer has the right to a refund, and the seller is obligated to do so. The customer also has the right to use the product for more than 20 days before returning it and receiving a refund. This approach of the marketplace makes the seller feel vulnerable, and it has made me consider moving to eBay's alternatives.

Byon 03:48 September 12 2021

Greatly impressed with the service, plus its genuine features!

I have been grateful to TrueGether’s marketplace. They have simplified the work and made listings so easy. Initially I got to list them free, after which I really liked their features and the process of marketing. It is quite simple and genuine. Plus, all the sale’s profits are transferred to me. Unlike other sites, they don’t put any extra charge, everything is smooth and easy. Thus, it was a very good decision to move to TrueGether. It is emerging as the most sought for marketplace.

Byon 07:10 September 11 2021

Quite genuine site ever found!

Because eBay, on the whole, favours purchasers, it rarely bothers to check if a seller is actually correct. They can also confiscate your funds without notice because of their tight relationship with PayPal. Other eBay alternatives, such as TrueGether, are neutral. I havr felt that security in TrueGether, and is much better option for both sellers and buyers.

Byon 03:48 September 09 2021

Oh, this site is so good in everything!

To improve your social presence, you can collect 'likes' and 'endorsements' from your customers. The marketplace is quite simple to use and has never created any problems. TrueGether is similar to Shopify in terms of tools and functionality, but without the steep learning curve that comes with it. If you're planning to open an online business, this implies you should start selling on TrueGether as soon as feasible. TrueGether makes it easier to manage your company's internet reputation.

Byon 10:46 September 07 2021

That is indeed the best one I have found!

I liked the idea that TrueGether's business basis is incredibly good all around the world. I'm overjoyed that I can effortlessly network with people all across the world. On eBay, I had to pay a lot of money just to build my business, but here at TrueGether, it's the complete opposite. Through their strong social media presence, they assist in making my company more visible. What a genuine business work ethic!! That is why people are more drawn to it than to any other marketplace.

Byon 04:48 September 05 2021

The operating system is very easy and took no much time!

When it comes to doing business, TrueGether's platform has been a great asset. It's a great product that's easy to use. Using the interface is a breeze and adding the product was a breeze as well. Sellers and customers alike benefit from the platform's honesty and loyalty since they receive the entire profit. It has been a pleasure selling here. In addition, the customer service is commendable and superior to that of many other renowned selling websites.

Byon 23:15 September 02 2021

Made my business bloom in just few days of hardwork!!

TrueGether was the foundation of my company. It was a fantastic experience, and I have had no negative feedback as yet. The site strives for transparency and does not charge me any additional fees for the money I make. When I first started, they didn't even charge me the listing fee. Unlike other e-commerce platforms I'm familiar with, I believe I'll get the best deal here to engage in any upgrades I need for my store.

Byon 01:23 September 01 2021

Has been an excellent experience at TrueGether!

There is no protection for sellers on the eBay platform, and they have to pay exorbitant fees to do business on the site. The buyer can ask for a refund even for an appropriate product, and the seller is obligated to do so, and the buyer gets to use the product for more than 20 days before returning it and getting a refund, as long as it is returned within 20 days of the purchase date. If eBay continues to treat sellers in this manner, we might consider switching to an alternative marketplace. For this, it was better to go for TrueGether. Here, the payment and transaction are all safe!

Byon 07:10 August 31 2021

So good and safe to be here!

The commission rates are quite less, with TrueGether charging so nominal. I am amazed to see this and instantly jumped into this marketplace. I had a very awesome journey being her. I am now looking forward to expanding my business here at TrueGether. I am able to think that on this platform, but was not able to do the same on the platform of eBay, due to its hefty charges!!

Byon 03:48 August 31 2021

One will always enjoy selling at TrueGether!

When I got to know about TrueGether’sworthy features, there was no looking back to the platform of eBay! I'd had it with eBay's fraud and scam people. I couldn't make out my business adequately. The more I wanted to broaden the base, the more I ended myself incurring additional costs. The site is excessively demanding. I was relieved to move to TrueGether. They work in a very open and transparent manner. It's a good option because it's genuine.

Byon 23:15 August 30 2021

Great overall marketplace!!

Upon my friend's suggestion, we started with TrueGether and never missed to profit from it!! A unique feature of TrueGether is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to create an anonymous marketplace. Selling on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Google, or Bing is also possible with TrueGether's eCommerce solution. TrueGether is not only a successful marketplace, but it is also aggressive in terms of product advertising to ensure an increase in sales. Thus, with great experience, I can suggest this platform!!

Byon 07:10 August 30 2021

A true marketplace,will prove the best to its users!

I found this marketplace very genuine and profitable. Unlike eBay and Amazon, TrueGether doesn't charge a fee to use its services, making it a better and better value for money option for selling goods. TrueGether supports online and international transactions, just like eBay. The usability of the site is excellent, and it's easy to navigate. TrueGether provides buyers and sellers with a level of protection, which created a sense of trustability. This wasn’t possible on eBay, as I got scammed multiple times.

Byon 03:48 August 30 2021