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HONDA CIVIC DELSOL WITH D1Y76 eCLUTCHMASTER STAGE 3 PHASE RACING CLUTCH WITH FORGED CHROMOLY LIGHTWEIGHT FLYWHEEL SEARCH Tips Search titles and descriptions DETAIL PICTURES * Click pictures to enlarge * *file pictures are for reference only, Actual look may differ from above CONTACT INFORMATION eCLUTCHMASTER STAGE III RACING CLUTCH KIT® & 8LBS LIGHTWEIGHT CONTAINS FOLLOWING COMPONENTS eCLUTCHMASTER STAGE 3 PHASE HEAVY DUTY PRESSURE PLATE (2300LBS) STAGE 3 PHASE 6 PUCK COPPER CERAMIC MIBA SPRUNG FRICTION DISC THRUST THROWOUT RELEASE BEARING PILOT BEARING (PRE-PRESSED ONTO THE FLYWHEEL) eCLUTCHMASTER 8LBS FORGED CHROMOLY LIGHTWEIGHT RACING FLYWHEEL *Miba* is well known for aircraft brake material for durability and long lasting APPLICATION (This clutch kit will fit following vehicles) HONDA CIVIC WITH D16Y7 JDM MOTOR WITH HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION (D16Y7 BLOCK) PRODUCT INFORMATION Serious about racing? More holding power for modified vehicles? This is what you need! eCLUTCHMASTER STAGE 3 PHASE RACING CLUTCH KIT is a brand new Stage 3 Phase heavy duty racing pressure plate with Stage 3 Copper Cera 6 puck sprung racing disc setup can hold up to 387HP / Rated 328lb-ft of torque and 90% more pressure increase over stock. Our eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase racing clutch system uses eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase Heavy duty pressure plate with 6 puck Copper Ceramic MIBA Sprung disc. This is ultimate extreme-duty street or road / drag racing system. It is built using a special 6 puck ceramic Miba button design disc for long life, outstanding holding capacity and high heat dissipation. All eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase Racing pressure plates are made from ductile iron (2300 LBS CLAMPING LOAD) which is about 80% stronger than conventional cast iron pressure plates other racing clutch manufactures use. It is recommended for use with 'modified' vehicles used for "street and strip". This unit has also proven itself to be very capable for four wheel drive and off-road use, also heavy duty towing and commercial applications. It offers 80% more holding capacity than a stock 'OEM' clutch while maintaining a stock pedal feel. About eCLUTCHMASTER STAGE 3 PHASE 6 PUCK COPPER "MIBA" RACING DISC- If you want the best the industry has to offer -- Ask for eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase 6 Puck Sprung Racing Disc With Copper Ceramic Miba Composite. The eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase 6 Puck Sprung Loaded disc uses our high torque internal assembly, but goes one step further in terms of friction. This eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase disc uses an advanced Copper & Ceramic Combination delivering aggressive bite and increased thermal capacity. Uncharacteristic of the typical aggressive racing disc, the eCLUTCHMASTER Stage 3 Phase Racing 6 puck strip disc provides outstanding stability, smooth engagement, and less wear on opposing plates. This combination has proven to be premier unit with regards to both performance and driveablitity for the daily driver with serious torque holding requirement. This system is recommended as the finest quality 'upgrade' from the original equipment clutch. This kit comes with everything you need for a new clutch job or clutch upgrade. **The throwout bearing and pilot bearing (if required) included ($80 value) for free! Street or Long life of clutch BREAK-IN required. CLUTCHMASTER FORGED CHROMOLY LIGHTWEIGHT RACING FLYWHEL: MORE ACCELERATION !! ADD 15 MORE "USUABLE" HORSEPOWER!! For maximum acceleration there is no substitute for an eCLUTCHMASTER Liteweight Racing Flywheel®. The decrease in rotating mass allows maximum engine revs to be reached very quickly, resulting in a startling decrease in acceleration time. RELIABLE AND SAFE!! Our eCLUTCHMASTER 8LBS Forged Chromoly Lightweight Racing Flywheel is an ideal performance modification because it has no disadvantages. There are significant benefits of having an eCLUTCHMASTER Forged Chromoly Lightweight Racing Flywheel. Though it does not create additional horsepower, it gives 15-20 USABLE HP from faster and quick rotation of the flywheel does allow the engine to more rapidly transfer its power to the drive train. Due to its reduced mass, it allows an engine to have quicker throttle response and rev faster under acceleration. Conversely, under a drop throttle condition, the car will slow down quicker due to the less rotational mass at the crank. You lose nothing in reliability, safety, or drivability on the street. What you gain is neck-snapping acceleration from your car. Using a lightweight, eCLUTCHMASTER Forged Chromoly Lightweight Racing Flywheel is a race proven way to improve the performance of any street or race car. The aftermarket racing (aluminum or chromoly) flywheels have been used for many years by the world's most elite cars to improve both useable horsepower and extend engine life. Because a eCLUTCHMASTER Forged Chromoly Lightweight Racing Flywheel has so much less rotating inertia than the stock 20-30lb stock heavy flywheel., it is easier on your synchros. When you downshift and do not perfectly equalize revs, your synchros must accommodate the difference in flywheel speed and input transmission speed. The lighter the flywheel the less the inertia the synchros must overcome. The longer your synchros last the longer your tranny will last because you are less likely to miss-shift and break things when your synchros are properly functioning. Engine life is also increased by using a eCLUTCHMASTER Forged Chromoly Lightweight Racing Flywheel. Since our flywheel is so much lighter there is much less stress on the main bearings. PAYMENT OPTION SHIPPING & HANDLING CONTACT INFORMATION Froo | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application