Jellyfishaudio Not Available USER.700b8099-3976-4e3a-98a0-2c5a012ffe91 Electronic Assisted Dynamo -ve E 12V Regulator RB106 37066 130052 Screw Terminal
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Electronic Assisted Dynamo -ve E 12V Regulator RB106 37066 130052 Screw Terminal

Electronic Assisted Dynamo -ve E 12V Regulator RB106 37066 130052 Screw Terminal

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Would you like a dynamo based charger system that actually works?

This is a modified NEGATIVE EARTH ONLY version of the well known 12V RB106 positive earth regulator fitted to many classic British cars of the 1950's and 1960's. This type of regulator has within it two electromagnetic "relay" type coil and contact arrangements. One of these is designed to connect the dynamo to the car battery only when the voltage coming from the dynamo is somewhat greater than the battery voltage, thus preventing the battery from discharging back into the dynamo and possibly burning out the coil. This arrangement works very well (provided that you avoid accidentally closing the contacts when the engine is not running!) and has not been modified in this regulator.

However, the other set of contacts regulates the field current into the dynamo, and hence regulates the charge output voltage from the dynamo into the car battery, and this contact opens and closes many times each second, which causes the contacts to arc, burn and pit, with the resultant charging unreliability and wildly oscillating ammeter needle often associated with dynamo charge circuits on classic cars and it is this circuit which has been modified to include a power transistor switch and a high voltage diode that effectively do almost all of the work the contacts used to do, reducing the current and voltage present at the contacts to a tiny fraction of a standard unit and virtually eliminating contact arcing and pitting. As the unit is fitted with spade terminals, it takes just a matter of minutes to exchange your old unreliable standard Lucas type regulator with this electronically assisted version.

As with all of these regulators, it is recommended that you clean the contacts with a fine glass paper or fine wet & dry (dry please!) before fitting. Then set up the charge voltage as you would with any RB106 regulator and sit back to enjoy many miles of trouble free motoring.... the rest of the car permitting of course!

Screw Terminals A1 A F D E (also available with spade terminals, see my other listing). Fixing holes 70mm approx spacing.

Lastly, please note that this regulator is set up and wired specifically and only for Negative Earth cars.... it will expire rapidly if connected to a positive earth car, so if you need a conversion for a positive earth car, see our other listings! This item will usually be dispatched within one week, built to order.

Please note that it takes me several hours to modify and assemble each of these regulators and at the buy it now price here it is just about covering the price of the regulator, the extra parts and my labour in modifying the unit, so I am not open to offers for it. Thank you.

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