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TrueGether is a social ecommerce marketplace. It tries to fill the gap between social media and ecommerce. It is “intersection of social media and ecommerce, where buyers connect with sellers they know and trust -- rather than shopping from strangers with nothing more than a user ID or feedback score to back up their reputation.”

We charge no fees to list and sell items on TrueGether. And with the integration of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, sellers are able to provide a much greater amount of information about themselves, as well as establish possible connections with buyers and other sellers based on their relationships on Facebook and other social networking sites, designed ideally to increase the level of trust between buyers and sellers.

Leverage the social presence of your business
Leverage social media
85% of Internet users have Facebook account
84% of Online shoppers use social media sites
Leverage social media
Social media produces almost double the marketing leads compared to trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or pay per click
Leverage social media
Each user on a social media site has over 100 connections
TrueGether leverages social media by adding your products to social media sites
Increase your potential customer base
Increase your potential customer base
Your social presence becomes a very visible part of your business online
When a transaction happens, We promote your products to the network of the buyers
Organise your customers
Organise your customers
You can collect 'likes' and 'endorsements' from your customers to enhance your social presence
Organise your customers
TrueGether sends periodic updates about your new offerings to buyers
Manage Online Reputation of your business
Manage online reputation of your business
TrueGether helps you collect your transaction feedback and your social endorsements in one place which builds trust among buyers
Truegether Testimonials
Truegether Testimonials
TrueGether is all about buying and selling with trust. You can see our member's Testimonial Videos , which may help you know about us more.

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