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Fuerte Avocado Tree Very Cold Hardy Avocado Grafted Live Avocado Tree

Fuerte Avocado Tree Very Cold Hardy Avocado Grafted Live Avocado Tree

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Common Name : [Avocado]
Type : [Trees]
Brand : [Tree]
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The plant offered is a Grafted Fuerte Avocado Liner.


The Fuerte is a TYPE B avocado.

They are SELF FERTILE, but will produce more if you have a Type A Avocado.

We have HASS and Lamb-Hass, TYPE A, Avocados as well.

The Fuerte variety is an established avocado favorite. It is a California winter variety that has an excellent flavor.

The name Fuerte was given after this variety was able to survive the great freeze of 1913 in California, and so it was given the name “Fuerte”, which means “strong” in Spanish.
It is one of the sole varieties to survive freezing temperatures.
This special tree was the beginning of the avocado industry in California!

Harvested late fall through spring( January -April), the Fuerte is the original high quality California Avocado.

The Fuerte is a smooth skin variety. There is no so few trees planted that it is no longer marketed to the consumer via retail stores.

These plants will produce excellent flavored Avocado with 5-14oz. fruits,
Hardy down to 27 degrees, great for the orchard or for the backyard grower.

These will produce within 1-3 years, whereas a seedling will take 10-15 years to produce.

Pear Shaped
Medium Seed
Peels Easily
Great Taste
Medium to large fruit, ranging from 5 to 14 ounces
Smooth Thin Green Skin
Creamy Pale Green Flesh

When Ripe:

Skin remains green
Fruit yields to gentle pressure when ripe.

Ready to be shipped and planted in your yard or plant when it arrives.

***These plants are grafted and guaranteed to produce Fuerte Avocados.***

The orange growing liner is approx.: 9″, and the tree’s themselves are between 12″-24″+ tall depending on age.

Note: The photos of the plants and flowers were taken in our growing area and are of our plants.
These will produce within 1-3 years, whereas a seedling will take 10-15 years to produce.

***PLEASE NOTE: These trees are young grafted trees and sometimes grow from a bud on the SIDE, which in turn makes the branch grow to the side.

This is Normal.

If you want a tree that is perfectly straight, you will have to stake it up to train it if you want a straight tree, or go to a nursery that has already TRAINED the trees.

However not all of them are growing to the side. Please see the related image.***

Customer Reviews

Five Stars
5.0 out of 5 stars based on 9 reviews
Five Stars
Nice seeds
The sapling of avocado came in a great condition and I easily transferred it to the ground. It has adjusted to the setting of my garden and is growing very well. It would be fun to have my won avocado in the garden.
Five Stars
Beautigul plant
Wow, I genuinely loved this pretty gift. The quality of leaves is amazing. They came soo fresh. As it has millions of goodness Plantation is very easy and can be taken care by anybody. I just used to water one time a day, and it stays fresh
Five Stars
Avocado plant
I have many fruit plants in the garden and avocado is one of them. The live plant was in good condition. It has been growing very well and looks healthy. I take proper care of it and it is quite green.
Five Stars
Avocado plant
The plant sapling was healthy. I planted it in my garden and it is growing very well. I take proper care of the plant and it has also shown fast growth. It is good to have some fruit bearing plants in the garden.
Five Stars
Happy buy!
This is the healthiest tree that I have purchased online. This avocado tree is very strong and it is self fertile so I don’t think I would need anything else. It looks super lively too. The best part is, it is very cold so it can survive low temperatures very easily.
Five Stars
It can survive chilly weather
I live in one of the coldest areas and that is why I purchased this plant because they say it can survive the lowest temperature. This tree is authentic and has been growing perfectly. It is green and lively and I love the fact that the weather does not affect its growth. I’d give 5 stars to this cutie!
Five Stars
It's been growing beautifully
It’s a very cute avocado tree. I saw this at my friend’s place and ordered it right away because I really loved it. It came very fresh without any damage and it’s been growing beautifully. It mainly grows during spring and it can seriously stand cold temperatures. I’ve had no issues with this avocado tree and I can definitely vouch for it.
Five Stars
Healthy and beautiful tree!
Avocado is my favourite fruit. So, I bought Fuerte avocado grafted tree. I was worried about ordering a tree online. But, it came in good condition. The tree is healthy and self-fertile. Easy plantation. Can't wait to eat some avocadoes!
Five Stars
This plant is so charming.. I love plants
This avocado plant is very beautiful. I first saw this in my cousin's house and I ordered the same for my home too. I had planted this in my garden and its growing quite well. It is very fertile and the best thing about it is it can tolerate low temperature which is the key benefit to this plant. I really like this one.
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