Getting Started

1. What is TrueGether?

It is an online marketplace to shop directly from people and businesses. TrueGether is a No-fee marketplace with a low-cost multi-channel solution.

2. A seller is using my copyrighted images, texts, and/or trademarks in their listings. Where can I report this?

You can send an email to

3. Does TrueGether offer phone support?

If you are a seller, you can request phone support by contacting us here: If you are a buyer, you should directly message the seller from the action menu of the purchase history tab on my profile page. If your issue is not resolved, you can contact us through


Before Ordering

1. Do I need to register an account to buy products on TrueGether?

There is no registration involved if you wish to buy products. You can place an order as a guest user.

2. How do I check a seller's feedback?

If the seller has received feedback from previous buyers, it will be posted on the seller's public profile page.

3. Does TrueGether offer buyer protection?

TrueGether does not collect or process funds for buyers or sellers. Buyer protection services would be offered by your respective payment processors like PayPal, Amazon Payments, or Credit/Debit card.

4. What tips can you offer to shop safely on TrueGether?

TrueGether wants users to have a safe, enjoyable experience shopping in the marketplace. Use common sense precautions to avoid becoming a victim. Research and do price comparisons for what you plan to buy. Check the seller's social profile and feedback on the public profile page. If you have doubts contact the seller and ask questions before you buy.

5. How do I contact a seller?

You can contact the seller through our internal messaging system by clicking on the link "Send Message" located on the seller's public profile page or by clicking on the link "Ask a question" located on any of the seller's item pages.

6. What payment methods are accepted?

Each seller determines the payment methods they accept that are supported on the TrueGether platform. The payment options supported include PayPal, Amazon Payments, Credit Cards.

7. How do I pay with a credit card?

You can pay with your card through PayPal. You don't have to register with PayPal if you prefer not to but they will still process your payment.
After Ordering

1. How do I check my TrueGether order status?

You must contact the seller directly for your order status or any other questions about your order. We will send you tracking information when the merchant adds such to your order.

2. How do I cancel my TrueGether order?

If you completed payment for the order you must contact the seller directly for your cancellation request. You can contact the seller from the action menu of the purchase history tab on my profile page.

3. I placed an order and now the seller asks for more money or asks me to pay through a different payment method. What should I do?

You can report these instances to TrueGether Support through

4. Can TrueGether issue me a refund?

We will contact the seller on your behalf and ask him to initiate a refund on PayPal, Amazon Payments, or Credit/Debit Card.

5. What can I do if a seller does not ship my order and/or does not respond to my questions?

You can file a complaint with TrueGether and we will contact the seller on your behalf in an attempt to initiate a response. If he fails to respond and the complaint is for non-received order, we will ask you to file a dispute with payment the processor to refund the transaction.

6. When can I file a complaint against a seller?

You can file a complaint with TrueGether if 14 days have passed since the order was placed.

7. How do I return an item purchased on TrueGether?

You must contact the seller directly for information on their return policy, process and procedure. You can check the seller's policy by clicking on the link "About Us, Handling Time and Return Policy" on the public profile page of the seller.

8. Why is there a separate charge on my credit card /bank account/PayPal account?

When you purchase on TrueGether, we split your payment into two parts. One part goes to the seller and one part goes to us. Your total amount doesn't change.


Getting Started

1. How do I become a seller on TrueGether?

Getting started is easy! Just visit this link to register an account and start selling:

2. Are there costs to sell on TrueGether?

It is absolutely FREE to sell on TrueGether! This means you won't pay any fees, final value fees, monthly fees, or commission to sell your products. You will get 100% of all the sales that you do on TrueGether. TrueGether also offers a premium plan in which it feeds your products to Google Shopping for additional sales. You can see for additional details.

3. Why should I pay Google Shopping cost?

TrueGether allows you to feed your products to Google Shopping and Bing Product Search. Google Shopping and Bing Product Search charges per click to drive buyers to your products on TrueGether. If you decide to feed your products to Google Shopping and Bing Product Search, TrueGether will charge a transaction fee to cover Google Shopping and Bing Product Search cost. This transaction fee is charged only after a successful transaction. You decide how much transaction fee you are willing to pay, based on this fee, TrueGether decides your budget for Google Shopping and Bing Product Search.

4. Can I opt-out of Google Shopping and still sell on TrueGether?

It is optional to feed products to Google Shopping and Bing Product Search.

5. I'm an international seller and I don't want to ship to the United States. Is this allowed?


6. Do I need to download special software to sell on TrueGether?

There are no software requirements to sell on TrueGether. Just use your web browser and Internet connection. Currently, TrueGether is optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

7. Can I customize my public profile page?

You can upload the logo, add a display name, about us, shipping, and return policy from my profile page. It will be visible on your public profile page to buyers.

8. Does TrueGether provide products to sell or shipping services to ship items?

TrueGether does not sell or provide products to sell. Merchants must sell and ship their products

9. Is there a limit on the number of products I can sell on TrueGether?

Your TrueGether seller account supports an unlimited number of products.

10. Can I open more than one TrueGether account?

It is possible to open multiple accounts on TrueGether. Each store must be registered with a unique email address, unique PayPal id and must comply with our Terms of Service. Note that you cannot create additional accounts if there are unresolved issues in your previous or current account. All outstanding issues must be resolved first. Creating a new account to circumvent account suspension is also not allowed.

11. Can I import products to my TrueGether account?

You can directly import your eBay, Amazon, and Shopify products. TrueGether will automatically keep products in synch with your eBay/Amazon/Shopify account. It is also possible to import products in bulk from an inventory file or your website.

12. Can I import feedback to my TrueGether account?

You can directly import your eBay and Amazon feedback to TrueGether.

13. What payment options are supported on TrueGether?

PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Credit Card

14. My store got suspended? What should I do now?

TrueGether strives to provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. If we find that you violate our policies, we may deactivate the account. Please note that suspension does not mean termination. In most cases, unless you are a fraudulent merchant or repeated offender, we will reactivate your account after you fix the issue.
Managing Your Store

1. Why can I not log in to my account with the correct email and password?

1) You have not activated your account. If you have just created your TrueGether account with email and password, you must activate it before you can log in.
2) Your account has become suspended and you must email TrueGether Support for more information.

2. Why did I not receive my account activation email?

The activation email may have gone to your Bulk, Spam, or Junk folders. Please check these folders for the email. If you have not received the email after 1 - 2 hours, please email TrueGether Support through

3. Do I need separate accounts for each country?

By default, if you ship to other countries, your items will automatically appear in those countries in the respective currencies. If you do not wish to sell in these countries please remove the shipping for these countries.

4. I forgot my username and password. How do I retrieve them?

Please visit this link and click on the link "Forgot Password" and enter your registered email address. An automated email will be sent to you with your account details.

5. How can buyers find my products on TrueGether?

Buyers can find you through an item in the marketplace, or by going directly to your public profile URL. All TrueGether seller account URLs are in this format:"sellername".html

6. How do I dispute feedback left by a buyer?

Please email your reason, TrueGether order number, and documented proof to TrueGether Support if you would like to dispute a buyer's feedback.

7. Can I leave feedback for a buyer?


8. The Buyer did not pay for an order. What can I do?

Please check your PayPal and Amazon Payments account to confirm payment before shipping an order.

9. How do I get a refund for the fee for a canceled transaction?

When the buyer makes a purchase we split the payment into two parts. One part goes to you and one part (the fee) goes to us. When you cancel the transaction, both parts go back to the buyer.

10. How to set shop on vacation?

You can watch the video here to set shop on vacation.

11. How to end a listing?

You can watch the video here to end a listing.

12. How to add handling time?

You can watch the video here to add handling time.