Google Shopping Management from TrueGether

You can automatically manage Google Shopping from TrueGether in just few simple steps.
Automatically manage Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping from TrueGether
Click on Configure Marketplace link
Step 1

Login to TrueGether, You will see your “My Profile page”.

Click on “Configure how you will be paid, Handling Time and Return Policy“ link under “How you will be paid and Advanced settings” section.

Select TrueGether as your primary marketplace
Step 2

Clicking on the link will take you to “Configure how you will be paid, Handling Time and Return Policy” page.

Click on “Configure PayPal” link.

Fill the discount percentage in eBay configuration page
Step 3

Select checkbox "Yes, promote my listings on Google Shopping and Bing Product Search."

Fill the "transaction fee" in the box.

TrueGether will use this fee as a benchmark and automatically optimise it for maximum sales.

Then, click on “Continue”.

Now you have configured "Google Shopping". as managed marketplace and your listings will be promoted on Google Shopping.