Handling Time and Shipping Policy

Sellers ship the item within 1 to 3 days of a transaction for listings that are not marked as 'pickup only' or as specified by the seller on his profile page. For 'pickup only' items seller should coordinate with the buyer to complete the transaction within a reasonable timeframe. We understand that some transactions may not involve physical goods and maybe delivered electronically. In addition, Sellers are free to describe a different handling time in the description of the listing.

We provide updates on the transaction status via the 'Listings Sold' view on the seller's profile page. The Seller should ship the item only and only if the status is marked as 'Paid'. The Seller must not ship the item until he sees 'Paid' as the status of the transaction. We will send the seller an email when it is safe to ship the item.

Providing a tracking number is optional but improves the overall shopping experience and helps avoid disputes afterward. We highly recommend uploading a tracking number. At the very least seller should mark the item as shipped in the 'Listings Sold' view on his profile page. For high-value items, we also recommend that the shipment be sent with 'signature required' on delivery.

TrueGether makes it easy for you to determine whether a buyer or a seller can be trusted. If the member has attached a social profile to his/her profile then you should be able to determine the trustworthiness of the member by looking at his/her social connections, recommendations, and other information provided by the social network. We also allow members to leave detailed feedback for transactions. This is another criteria you can use to evaluate whether a member is trustworthy.