myCharge ML60G3 USER.b06cb111-e120-4837-9614-098124df5e46 myCharge MagLock 6000mAh Wireless Magnetic MagSafe charger for iphone 14 13 12 847843007052
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myCharge MagLock 6000mAh Wireless Magnetic MagSafe charger for iphone 14 13 12

myCharge MagLock 6000mAh Wireless Magnetic MagSafe charger for iphone 14 13 12

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MPN : [ML60G3]
Connectivity : [USB-C, Wireless]
Compatible Model : [For Apple iPhone 12, For Apple iPhone 12 mini, For Apple iPhone 12 Pro, For Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, For Apple iPhone 13, For Apple iPhone 13 mini, For Apple iPhone 13 Pro, For Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max]
Type : [Power Bank]
Brand : [myCharge]
UPC : [847843007052]
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myCharge MagLock 6000mAh Wireless Magnetic MagSafe charger for iphone 14 13 12 pro

Magnetic wireless MagSafe portable charger for iPhone 12 and newer | 6000mAh Internal Battery Portable Charger delivers +32 Hours battery power for the iPhone ProMax | Powerful magnetic lock holds 2.5x the weight of the iPhone 12 Max |Intergrated rubberized pads keeps charger from twisting |Auto on/off - no need to press any button |Audible tone tells you when Mag-Lock is connected and charging | Designed for use with MagSafe compatible cases

Magnetic wireless charger for iPhone 12

Powerful Magnetic grip holds 2.5x the weight of the iPhone 14 13 12 Pro Max – eliminating any concerns of dropping.

Premium design

Integrated Rubber Accents keep your iPhone from sliding or twisting while the raised coil design significantly reduces heat versus flat magnetic chargers.

Power your phone effortlessly

The MAG-LOCK Charger automatically begins to charge the moment it magnetically attaches to your phone – nothing to press or guess. There’s even an audible chime that lets you know it’s charging.

Small size, big capacity

Just 0.67 inches wide, the 6000mAh internal battery is perfect for powering your iPhone with +32 hours of power

Customer Reviews

Four and Half Stars
4.2 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews
Four Stars
Excellent, overpriced, and probably worth it (for the true believers)
When I saw MagSafe get rebranded as this iPhone feature (instead of Mac feature that was killed in 2016 and could be returning soon on the 16” M1X MacBook), I figured a product like the MagSafe Battery pack would eventually get released. I think a lot of people were surprised to see this $100 accessory be priced that high, considering it can’t even recharge your iPhone 12 from zero to one hundred percent. That is definitely a valid criticism considering you can get an excellent alternative from one name brand in particular, for only half the price. I think it’s important to remember all of the features this product has over the competitors, which is always what you get from first party Apple products. The coolest thing this can do, in my opinion, is that it can be on the back of an iPhone 12 series phone, and can be recharged wirelessly from the iPhone itself. Which means that iPhones can reverse wirelessly charge other Qi compatible devices, but Apple has never turned the feature on in the operating system. You can also charge your iPhone 12 while the battery pack is recharging with a lightning cable, it basically turns into a MagSafe charging puck when being used that way, delivering the full, 15 watts of wireless power to your iPhone (12 series only, of course). It will also charge any Qi capable devices like Airpods 2 or AirPods Pro. While this is attached to your phone and neither the iPhone or battery pack are charging with a cable, this will deliver only 5 watts of power to your iPhone. This is disappointing and kind of defeats the purpose of making a MagSafe wireless charger in the first place. The whole point of MagSafe is convenient, faster wireless charging. But I think it’s important to remember the benefits of this product too. You get a nice animation when you attach it to your iPhone, and the battery pack will show up in the battery widget, next to your Apple Watch and Airpods. It really is awesome that you never have to turn it on and that it communicates with iOS using the NFC part of MagSafe. Another plus is the safety of this device, it is designed to protect your internal iPhone battery and not put performance over longevity. By default it will only charge your iPhone to 90%, you can get around this by long pressing on the battery saver button within quick settings and an option appears that only shows up while the battery is connected. It will stay enabled and can’t be turned off but it will reset back to only charging to 90% the next time you use it. Most of the damage done to our iPhone batteries occurs between the 90% and 100% charge level. Apple is protecting our devices by making this the default behavior of this battery pack. While there are alternatives out there, even a few really good ones, none are safer or nicer to use than this one from Apple. It’s incredibly thin and feels super soft to the touch. I know it’s expensive, but I honestly feel like it’s worth the price, and I’m loving mine. Apple focuses more on overall experience and sometimes price is an afterthought. I think they wanted to make a really great product and weren’t concerned about people who might be sensitive to the price. If you love Apple and buy everything they make, go ahead and pull the trigger because you know you want it. If you need speed(and/or are on a budget), go with a USB C to Lightning, 20 watt wired charger. The 15 watts from the MagSafe cable (when connected to a 20 watt wall charger) will also be faster than this battery pack. Pros➕ Strong Magnets 🧲 Automatically turns on/off 🤓 Silky smooth finish 🧈 Tight integration with iOS 📱🤝 Protects battery health 🔋 Thinner than similar products ➡️🍎⬅️ Lightweight 🪶 Doubles as a wired MagSafe charger (if you own a USB C to Lightning cable + 20 watt charger)🔌 Can be recharged wirelessly, but only from an iPhone 12/13 series model (while the iPhone is connected to a wired charger with 20+ watts of power)⚡️ Cons➖ Cannot fully recharge a 12/12 pro (55%-60% recharge capacity) 🙁 Only charges at 5 watts or less, most of the time🐢 Magsafe Battery Pack itself, cannot be charged wirelessly EXCEPT from the iPhone 12/13 series models, so if you place this on a Qi charger or the $40 MagSafe cable, it will NOT charge 🚫⚡️ Expensive 💵
Four Stars
Extremely overpriced, can't even use with other Magsafe accessories
(Before you read I’d like to say I agree this isn’t good for someone who has magnetic sensitive devices in their body as it is and could be dangerous yet if that doesn’t apply to you then keep reading) Works great and is easy to use with iOS and has great charging features but isn’t for everyone. It does work on all iPhone 12 models but isn’t great for all, I purchased this for my iPhone 12 and loved it and also tested it on a iPhone 12 pro max and will say that if you have a max then I wouldn’t buy it as it’s battery isn’t good enough and feels small on the max (IMPORTANT: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE USED AS A BATTERY EXTENDER AS IF YOU MADE YOUR PHONE BATTERY BIGGER LIKE THE CASES PRIOR, NOT FOR CHARGING) which I can even say the battery capacity isn’t bad knowing its purpose and does a great job, so I’d say buy this if you aren’t satisfied with how long your battery lasts on your 12 mini, 12, or 12 pro and would like a longer lasting battery during the day then I’d say this is for you, yet if you’re looking for a high capacity portable charger for long trips then this isn’t for you.
Four Stars
Excellent, overpriced, and probably worth it (for the true believers)
Fits perfectly on iPhone 12 mini and even better on my girlfriends iPhone 12 Pro Max, stays on no problem and works on MagSafe cases. It’ll only charge around 60% of my iPhone 12 mini though. The only other review at the moment is a one star cause it’s unsafe for people with cardiac defibrillator re-synchronizer, Which it DOSE say on the warning papers. If it’s not safe for you then don’t get it?
Five Stars
Work great, super well integrated with iOS but not for everyone
Gets, my iphone 12 pro to over a day and a half of full use. Can be charged directly through a lightning cable or charged while plugging my charger to my phone (reverse wireless charging kinda). the magnets are very solid, take a really strong smack to knock off from my phone. Seeing the battery life of the pack on my phone is very nice aswell.
Five Stars
Perfect fit, works great
Best purchase I’ve made in a while!! A charger that connects to my phone made by Apple (so you know it’s going to be top quality) also fits with and without case. I would highly recommend. MUST BUY!
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