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This is a lightly used pre owned Myler® Toklat stainless steel loose 50 mm "O" ring "snaffle bit" with a stainless steel MB10U French Link mouthpiece that measures 5-1/4 inches wide 89-28104 .  The Myler® Loose Ring French Link MB 10U is a Level 1 loose ring bit intended for horses beginning training.  The French Link mouthpiece is a Myler alternative to the traditional three-piece mouthpiece commonly used in snaffle bits.  The ergonomically curved mouthpiece permits the horse to swallow more freely and distributes pressure evenly.  The 10 mouthpiece is stainless steel and is the mildest Myler mouthpiece in terms of tongue pressure.  The mouthpiece rotates across the bars and lips down on the tongue applying pressure across the entire surface of the tongue.

The Myler Bitting System is a graduated system, meaning that as your horse learns and progresses through his training, you will change the way you communicate with him by re-bitting him periodically.  Each Myler Bit is designed to use select pressure points for the best communication for that level.  The unique curved bars of all Myler bits are ergonically designed to accommodate the natural anatomy of the horse's mouth, wrapping the bars and lips instead of pinching as the mouthpiece rotates onto the tongue.
Curved mouthpiece that allows horse to swallow
Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure - working mostly off of the tongue
Distributes tongue pressure more evenly than traditional designs
Stainless steel with copper inlay
Legal for USEF dressage, FEI dressage and USEA eventing dressage
Consult organization's rule book for more information.