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Raven Nebraska Topographic Wall Map by Raven Maps, Print on Paper
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Nebraska Topographic Wall Map by Raven Maps, Print on Paper

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Nebraska Topographic Wall Map by Raven Maps, Print on Paper Nebraska Topographic Wall Map by Raven Maps, Print on Paper Raven Maps, Some of the Most Beautiful MapsAvailable! Maps must be accurate, but they should also be beautiful. Raven's statewall maps were prepared using base materials originally produced by the U.S.Geological Survey for their definitive 1:250,000-scale series. Theseextremely detailed bases identify thousands of features, such as even minorlakes and streams ignored by most maps. Raven Maps brings the U.S.G.S.materials up to date with current roads and reservoirs. We then go farbeyond the originals by adding color tints to depict elevation. The colorsprogress from greens at lower elevations, through yellows and browns, to greyand finally white at the highest altitudes in the mountainous states. Thissequence of color steps replaces the abstraction of contour lines with agraphic picture of elevation and, in combination with the relief shading, ofthe entire landform. We have maps for all 50 states. On the Hawaii map, thetechnique is extended to the ocean floor, with a startlingly three-dimensionalresult. The Raven United States (48 states) map was produced in the same way asthe state maps. It contains an amazing wealth of details--all county seats, forexample, more than three thousand of them, many so small they are almost nevershown in maps of the United States. But the map remains completely unclutteredby type when viewed from more than a few feet away. This is our most popularmap. It gives an unequaled sense of the physical 48 states. A second version of the 48 states leaves off the roads and the citynames, and presents only the relief shading, without any elevation tints.Catalogue reproductions of this piece are often seen as "Black andwhite", but the map is printed in four different inks (greys and warmBlack). The effect is to render the country's landforms with rich detail normallyseen only in duotone or tri-tone art photographs. An enormous amount ofdetailed type identifies landforms and lakes and rivers, but isnoticeable only on very close inspection. The One World map is a striking example of cartographic art dealing withtwo of the fundamental difficulties that any world map must resolve. The firstis that there is no way to show a single three-dimensional world on atwo-dimensional piece of paper without greatly distorting the earth's actualshape. (To understand the problem, one has only to peel an orange, and then tryto flatten the peel without covering any part of it). The second problem isthat while the earth's surface appears rugged and uneven to us, the elevationrange between the highest mountains and deepest ocean trenches represents sucha tiny percentage of the earth's circumference--about one part in fivethousand-- that the planet is a lot smoother than a bowling ball. How, then,can we show the earth's mountains and valleys? The One World map solves thefirst problem by presenting three globes progressively rotated to show thewhole earth as if by time-lapse photography. It solves the second problem witha classic example of cartographic generalization and rendering. Landformsare simplified and exaggerated with such art that they look appropriate,and make it possible to understand features which would completely disappear ina literal rendering.  This is a technique that only works when it ishandled with great skill and restraint. The One World is one of our mostpopular maps. Raven's North America map is the most precise single-sheet map of itskind. Extremely detailed data was recently made available to help us createthis striking and accurate map of North America. Countries of the World is our most popular map. This political map is auseful reference tool as well as being elegant. This is our first politicalworld wall map. We used 185 delicate colors in place of the conventional fiveor six pastels. The important cities (1,827) are shown by size class. This wallmap also displays a listing of the continents, countries, populations, andcapital cities in the four corners. MapScales Most of our state maps are at the scale of 1:500,00, which means that1" on the map represents about 8 actual miles. Our United States, NorthAmerica, Mexico, and World Maps are at varying scales. Please see the chartbelow for all exceptions to the 1:500,000 scale, or call for more details. All state maps are at the 1:500,000 scale alluded to above with theexception of the following: Alaska - 1:2.5 million Arizona - 1:550,000 California (Large version) 1:750:000 California (Smaller version) 1:1.1 million Florida - 1:700,000 Hawaii - 1:750,000 Michigan - 1:700,000 Minnesota - 1:600,000 Missouri - 1:550,000 Montana - 1:600,000 Nevada - 1:550,000 New Mexico - 1:550,000 Texas - 1:1.1 million Crater Lake & Mount Mazama 1:62,000 Countries of the World - 1:25 million at the Equator Earth Views - Oceans - 1:42 million Landforms & Drainage of the 48 States - 1:3.5 million Landforms of the World - 1:25 million at the Equator Mexico - 1:2.5 million North America - 1:9 million One World - 1:23 million United States (except Alaska and Hawaii) - 1:3.5 million World Cities at Night - 1:55 million