Sonoma Not Available USER.db652da5-4e9b-437c-8c4a-c37ce2ffadd5 Sonoma Mens Stretch Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts $22.99 Free Shipping Box 15
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Sonoma Mens Stretch Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts $22.99 Free Shipping Box 15

Sonoma Mens Stretch Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts $22.99 Free Shipping Box 15

$22.99 (10% off)
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Product Line : [Flexwear]
Size Type : [Regular]
Type : [Button-Up]
Fit : [Regular]
Department : [Men]
Brand : [Sonoma]
Style : [Button-Front]
Sleeve Length : [Long Sleeve]
Material : [97% Cotton 3% Spandex]
Pattern : [Plaids & Checks]
Country/Region of Manufacture : [Sri Lanka]
Modified Item : [No]
Neckline : [Collared]
Item Specifics
Sonoma Long Sleeve Flexwear Stretch Flannel Shirts.

Button down collar.

One front pocket. 

Stock photo representative of color and style, not size.

MSRP: $46.00

Free Shipping

Box 15

Customer Reviews

Four Stars
3.7 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews
Five Stars
In short: Treadmill works really well when working properly. Support is terrible. For the amount of money we paid for this treadmill we were hoping for very few hiccups and that it would just work. Wasn't quite the case. Assembly was pretty straightforward. Parts are a little heavy so you may need assistance putting it together but I was able to do it by myself. *Important* This treadmill requires a grounded plug. I've seen reviews with this problem, if you don't have the proper outlet this treadmill WILL NOT WORK. First of all, this treadmill has a three prong power cable. So your outlet will need to have either the three holes, or an adapter. But that's not all. THE OUTLET CANNOT HAVE THE LITTLE BLACK AND RED BUTTONS. Some outlets have these little red and black buttons by the outlets. I believe the red button usually is labeled as "reset". If your outlet has these buttons... DO NOT BUY THIS TREADMIILL. Or any treadmill really. Because of the heavy motor, it will trip the outlet every single time! This needs an outlet without those little buttons in order to work. Luckily for me I had a outlet like this several feet away and an extension cord did the trick. Now comes the bad part where I had a support issue. I assembled the treadmill and turned it on. Belt ran just fine. When I got on it, every step I took the belt stopped. I tried standing it and then turning it on, started at .5 mph moved it up to 3mph. Same thing, every time I took a step or stood up normally the belt would just get stuck under me. I weigh 185lbs and even my girlfriend who weighs considerably less tried it with same results. Weight capacity is actually 250lbs on this machine. I called the support line and I get connected to what sounded like a little office in Arkansas. The rep told me to tighten the belt. With no results. He then told me to lubricate under the belt a little. With no results. He then told me to empty the bottle of lubricant under the belt and let it run for 5 minutes. With no results. I called back and got a different support rep. He had me do the same troubleshooting steps. He then sounded confused and said that it may be the electronic board. He ordered a board to come to my house and set up a visit from a local fitness equipment company. The day came where the part arrived and the technician came to the house. He was astonished that the entire bottle of lubricant was used under the belt. He cleaned it as best he could and tightened/untightened the belt. Still was getting the same result of the belt sticking whenever weight was applied. He then called the treadmill company and was put through the ringer. They didn't really believe what he was telling them. They tried to make excuses such as him weighing too much, or that the extension cord was the problem. He said that he wanted to replace the belt because of the poor direction that was given of lubricating it so much that it was soaked with lubricant. They did not want to replace the belt because it was so expensive... The technician was so frustrated and surprised at what the support team was telling him. Finally, the technician opened up the casing of the motor and noticed that a little driving belt was loose. He moved the motor a bit, tightening the driving belt. And the treadmill finally worked as it should. We walked on the treadmill and it ran fine. He said to keep it under 4 mph to prevent risk of slippage and not avoid lubricating the belt for 6 months. All this because the support team from the manufacturer gave dangerous advice. A quick Google search shows that the driving belt is a common cause of treadmill belts slipping. They should have known this. I have been using the treadmill since and it works great. Whether walking or running, it runs as it should. I will say that it is a bit loud. I have to crank up the TV really loud to hear it. Or I just use headphones. And the calorie count is way too overestimated. But other than that I do enjoy this treadmill now. It's plenty wide and long for me. I still would recommend this treadmill. It's build solid and has everything you need. But I suggest you first make sure you have the right outlet for where you plan to put it. And if you run into a problem to contact a local fitness equipment company. Xterra or whatever the company is called is a joke when it comes to support. A quick Google search shows that they are a bit subpar when it comes to quality service. Online they're listed as this address. Spirit Fitness 3000 Nestle Rd Jonesboro, AR Again, treadmill itself is good. It's support team should be ashamed of itself for giving out instructions that could harm their own product.
Four Stars
Be really careful when folding it
Got this yesterday, put it together today, looks fabulous, turned it on E4 error doesn’t work at all..... called the number in the instruction book, they were very helpful sending out parts and a technician to fix it hopefully in the next week or two, we shall see, I’m all for sending it back but my hubby says let’s see if they get it working, however I’m very sceptical about getting something that’s brand new fixed and wonder what the long term problems will be. I’ll write an update once they’ve fit the part. Update.... problem solved a week ago :)) Customer service was absolutely brilliant, sent a technician within two days who fixed the lose wire. Iv been using it ever since. And I give you my word, out of all the treadmills Iv had over the years, and believe me Iv had some very expensive ones whilst globe trotting, and I was even ripped off with the slim tread one who sent a broken one and wouldn’t give me a refund, so stay away from slimtread and buy this instead. I can’t believe how brilliant it is for such a low price, it’s compact but not small if that makes sense, it’s very very sturdy and the noise level is the best of any Iv ever had. The only con is the so called cup holder, no, you can’t fit any kind of drink in those lolll but it’s not a problem at all. I feel very confident about keeping this machine because of how brilliant customer service was, I know if anything happens they’ll fix it. I love love love this treadmill. Don’t be put off by the low cost, go ahead and buy it, it’s brilliant. And if you have a problem like I did just call their customer service and they’ll sort it out ASAP, such a great company.
Four Stars
Pretty good treadmill, beware of certain things though
I purchased this so I can maintain my running routine during coronavirus-related quarantine/ stay at home order. So far, I've run about 35 miles on this and feel ready to write a review. I was apprehensive about buying this model, since many of the reviews seemed to be from walkers, not runners, but ultimately decided to go with this one, over a more expensive model, primarily because I was looking for something cheap and because of the weight and ability to assemble it and move it around my small apartment by myself. I can say it was absolutely the right decision! This was extremely easy to assemble with one person (took me about 20 minutes), and works surprisingly well, at various paces. I've tested it with an 11 mile run at 7 mph (8:33 min/mile) and used it for intervals at 9mph (6:45 min mile) and it held up well at both paces. It is surprisingly quiet for a lighter machine and feels stable while I'm running on it (I weigh about 125lbs, so if you are on the heavier side it might be a different experience). The one downside is that the mileage tracking seems slightly off, but the pace feels spot on, so I approximate distance based on pace and total time. If you are looking for something basic to run on, I would highly recommend it! Also, you can fit a laptop in the slot on the top, so you are able to watch virtual trail running videos etc on youtube without spending the money on a more expensive machine with video capabilities. I really hope it stands the test of time as I run more miles on it, and will update my review if needed, but for now, I highly recommend.
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