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Panasonic PVL354D battery charger video palmcorder camcorder adapter cord power

Panasonic PVL354D battery charger video palmcorder camcorder adapter cord power

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Photo is generic. Item looks good. Minor scratches. No cracks or broken parts. Multi-tester tested for voltage. Original genuine PANASONIC Battery charger with  DC output: 6.0V 1.8A (BATT).  Please determine compatibility before purchase. Questions are encouraged.

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Customer Reviews

Four and Half Stars
4.2 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews
Five Stars
Works Perfect for Canon 7D Mark II
Since Canon released their EOS Webcam drivers, I decided I wanted to use my Canon 7D Mark II as a webcam. Given the superior camera quality of the 7D Mark II, it makes for a better solution than most of the low price (relative to a DSLR) webcams. The only issue I had was giving the camera constant power. You can use battery power for the webcam, but in video mode the 7D Mark II runs out of juice pretty quick. Enter the E6 AC power adapter. The batter adapter works as intended. The adapter plugs into the battery compartment as a normal LP-E6 battery would. The only thing to pay attention to is you need to CLOSE THE BATTERY DOOR for the camera to turn on. On the 7D Mark II battery compartment, there is a little rubber flap near the hand grip (adjacent to lens) that moves out of the way for the adapter's power cord to run out of the battery compartment. The battery door then easily closes. Some reviewers have commented that the pinout on the adapter is different than LP-E6 (LP-E6N) batteries' pinout. Those reviews imply that the adapter will not work. This is entirely false. The pins that matter are the two small pins in the middle of the battery and the Gonine adapter. For example, if you look inside your Canon's battery compartment, you will only see two male pinouts in the compartment. These correspond perfectly to the middle pinouts on both the LP-E6 battery and the Gonine E6 AC adpater. The additional large pins on some LP-E6 batteries (which are side-by-side and not spread out like on the AC adapter) are for battery testing and in some cases charging. Since neither of those functions are needed on the AC adapter, the fact that its large pins are spread apart (compared to side-by-side on the batteries) is not an issue. Overall, this adapter works exactly as advertised. The reviews complaining it does not work are mostly attributed to user error. Make sure the battery door closes (by using the camera's included cutout) and do not worry about the differences in pinout so long as your camera has two small pins side-by-side in the middle one side of the battery compartment. Please let me know if you found this review helpful.
Four Stars
Camera Malfunctioned
I do a lot of video and also have been using my EOS R for Zoom meetings. I never considered or knew this type of set up works but after using it once, it really saved me a lot of time not having to worry about battery life. The cable is not an issue at all as the R has the rubber gasket on the body that opens to accommodate such set up. The battery door closes without any issue. The power cord is long enough it's been working well for my setup. I can now bring my 28,000 mAh battery bank and take advantage of having plenty of juice if I'm on the road with my gear. If I'm doing a remote shooting the battery bank will certainly come in handy. Definitely recommending this product!
Five Stars
Works Perfect for Canon 7D Mark II
Best accessory I have purchased for my trusty 70D... I started using this aging camera as my primary webcam, the quality is incredible compared to standard webcams. Using the Gonine ACK-E6 is a must when using your camera as a webcam. I have had no problems with the power adapter, and it even came with a cleaning cloth and storage bag! Couple of things to watch out for: - if you run your camera for a long time (hours) be conscientious of heat. It is a power adapter, prolonged draw will increase the heat, and our cameras do not do well with excessive heat. So when possible, shut down the camera between sessions to prevent heat build up, or get a good fan to help with air flow (while trying to avoid fan noise!) - to reviewers who cannot get it to work because door will not close - DUH! Have you ever read your camera manual? The door must be closed for normal operation. That is why they have the little plastic or rubber stopper next to the battery door to allow the cord to pass through - for those who fried their camera - ya, that sucks... it is a risk for any external power supply that does not have good power regulators. My experience with Gonine is the adapter does get a little warm, but I have not experienced any functional issues to the 70D chassis so far. Gonine says they have "overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, shortage protection, and lightning protection", but how can we tell really without doing extensive testing? I guess time will tell, but so far so good (I have about 100 hours use so far) So I am happy and satisified with the Gonine ACK-E6 and would recommend to others. Cheers
Five Stars
Works great for Canon EOS R 😃👍
I got this so that I could use my Canon 80D DSLR for live stream. It works and the door to my canon for the battery does have a cord outlet. I had tried B&H and they sent only one part of a combo set that matched nothing on line. I still had to wait awhile for this to arrive but I'm glad I got it. It works like a charm. I'm never disconnected for battery power during streaming zoom, skype, or OBS projects.
Five Stars
Works great on EOS 70D
I gave this product a 4 star instead of 5 because of one MAJOR thing. I own a Canon 80D and I speak only for this camera. This battery package would have been great and I would have given it a 5 star rating but the one thing that holds this back is the cable connected to the the battery. Its too thick, (I don’t know about any other camera), but for the 80D you need to close the little door for the battery in order for it to turn on. (Sorry for not knowing the exact name of the battery door thingy lol) Since the cable is too thick the battery cap thing won’t close correctly which leads to the camera not turning on. HOWEVER, its NOT A COMPLETE waste of money. I pushed the cap thing hard enough to close and when it works, it works beautifully. HOWEVER, because I pushed the cap door thing too hard it leaves pumctures in the cable since its too thick for the camera. Thats my only issue, the cable was too thick. It does work for Canon 80D, just need to push the battery cap door thingy down hard enough. Will update later on to tell how long the cable lasted. ***UPDATE*** After a lot of use the cable became more flexible and fit under this little tiny holder thats apart of the battery and fit perfectly inside my camera without any issues. Changed the rating to 5 stars because that was really my only problem with it. But this battery is absolutely fantastic now :)
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