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Quamoclit Pennata Seeds Crpress Vine Seeds Herb Seeds 12 Seeds
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Quamoclit Pennata Seeds Crpress Vine Seeds Herb Seeds 12 Seeds

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Planting : Suitable for seed breeding cypress. 4 early sowing, attention should keep shading after sowing, seedbed moist, can emerge after about a week. Cypress vine cultivation is relatively simple: Outdoor planting. Should choose Xiangyang, good drainage, in addition to the application of basal fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer before blossom is 1 ~ 2 times. When planting, be sure to water, only need to water 1 times a week. (note, not after transplanting seedlings grown at Cypress.) Potted cypress. Timely watering, but not stagnant water. Live is suitable for late March to 4 months late, a medium pot on demand 5 grain to 7 seed and soil covering 0.5 cm, keep moist Pentu, about 10 days to emergence and half months after thinning to weak stay strong, keep 3 strains up to 4 strains. If the bed, suitable sowing seedlings, when 3, 4 piece of leaves with a small shovel soil seedling not root colonization in the basin. Seedling height of 8 to 10 cm topping, promote its multiple branches blossom. Colonization after pouring a permeable, after with plant growth and temperature taller, from five days to a couple of days once poured water, gradually changed to watered once a day, in short basin earth to often moist and waterlogging. Fertilization with nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer or granular fertilizer as well, with the single application of nitrogen fertilizer, to prevent excessive growth of less. When planting with fertilizer, fertilizer a fertilizer in January, no 15 ~ 20 days at a time. Appropriate sparse leaves. Is conducive to ventilation and light transmission, and can make the plant beautiful. The flowers should be promptly picked flowers, do not let it make the seed, nutrient concentration for shoot extended flowering blossom. Condition The cypress vine native to tropical regions, be fond of warm, avoid cold, fear of frost, low temperature when growth is very slow, seed germination suitable temperature of 20 ~ 25 degrees centigrade. Sunny environmental requirements, most species on sunshine hours is not strict, but minnows cypress Quamoclit lobata need in shorter than 12 hours of sunshine before flowering. The soil is not strict, but it is well grown on the loose soil.. Cypressvine starglory seeds weight of about 139 seeds, can use 3 to 4 years. The fruit is not consistent in ripening stage, and can easily fall off after ripening, so as to follow the fruit. Each fruit contains the seeds of 3 to 4, if the red flower and white flower plants are respectively, seed. Hang
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