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Ranunculus Flowers,Persian Buttercup - 20 pcs
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Ranunculus Flowers,Persian Buttercup - 20 pcs

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Growth habit Like cool and half overcast environment, avoid is hot, the suitable growth temperature is 20 degrees Celsius during the day, night 7 ~ 10 degrees Celsius, is afraid of wet and dry, appropriate is grown in well drained, neutral or alkaline soil fertile osteoporosis. 6 month after the root becomes dormant. Flowers buttercup originating in Turkey centered (southeastern) Europe and western Asia, sex and mild climate, the air fresh moist, thin shadow of growth environment, not cold freezing resistance, more afraid of summer sun. In most parts of China enter a dormant state in summer. Potted requirement is rich in humus, loose, fertile, appear a strong performance of sandy soil. The cultivation management Species with warm water soak root before 2 ~ 3 hours to sprout. To plant choose sunny, good ventilation, exuberant growth period should be watered often, keep the soil moist, but avoid water, otherwise easily lead to yellow; Flowers should be thin fat frequently, before after fertilization once again. High temperature in summer season, the plant into dormancy, can dig up the root, mixed with sand, ventilated, dry place to keep a little dry storage, to the autumn cultivation. Strains in 9 ~ 10 months, took root break to plant roots. Seed propagation variation is big, often used for breeding and multiply. 30 ~ 40 days after germination, the temperature drop to 5 degrees centigrade to warm. The following 3 true leaf when transplanting seedling grow, moist, according to every 7 days at a time. In a timely manner to the early buds removed, in order to promote the seedling growth. Flowers buttercup from sowing to next summer dormancy, namely the completed stage of the west, can be used for the propagation of root in the future. In early September planting, to plant plant spacing were 20 cm. Potted plants with 18 ~ 20 cm diameter pot, choose tour of soil. Since November, every ten days thin effects of 1, the following February fertilization once every seven days, and increase the concentration of fertilizer. Early budding select and remain only 3 ~ 5 robust bud, the rest all removed, so that the nutrient concentration. By forcing culture, at the end of the year to blossom. The method is to bulb buried in moist sawdust, in 8 ~ 10 degrees under the condition of low temperature treatment 30 ~ 40 days, in the summer break dormancy, and then planting, in late September to early October in winter temperature keep 10 degrees Celsius. Potted plants, such as spray cloth can make plant dwarf, 0.2% ~ 0.4% of B9 general spray twice, at the beginning vomit leaf for the first time, the second has bean grain size in the bud. Using the west culture, although autumn sowing, can the spring flower, but the first year of the west, less petals, flower diameter is small, ornamental value is low. Generally cut flowers, potted flower, and used for cultivation of the flower bed, chooses annual west bulb cultivation.
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