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Sacred Sacred

Sacred Sacred

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From the artist who brought us the award-winning CD, Scenic Listening, comes Wood's much anticipated second album, Sacred. Gregorian Chant and various ancient voices are artfully woven to channel the wisdom of the ages. Perfectly blended with beautiful piano and string melodies guided by energizing rhythms, Wood's music will take you to a place that is, above all . . . Sacred.


"Our whole staff loves it! This CD doesn't sound like anything else. Congratulations . . . A winner once again!" ---- PJ Birosik (writer for CDNOW, Nexus, more) May 2005

Where better to escape than within the sounds of a finely-crafted CD (Sacred) full of serene melodies.   --Gregory Johnson ( June 2005

From the Artist

"In writing this album I've made peace with a very personal truth -- I beleive music is the most sacred expression of emotion and imagination.

The new musical tone within Sacred is more spiritual, even reverent, than Scenic Listening. I felt a calling, if you will, to develop these two different -- but equally spiritual styles of vocal prayer; that is, Gregorian and Native American, and fuse these parallel devotions into a single, seamless musical stytle. I believe they marry well." -- Kevin Wood.

About the Artist

"It's true. I did have an obsession with Mussorsky," confessed Kevin Wood: "I guess as a teenager I could have been hanging out at our neighbor's pool, but my parents got my brothers and me into piano and enforced our practice schedules." Wood admits that perhaps his interests were primarily acedemic due partly to both of his parents being teachers. Wood points out that at the age of 11 he became fixated on "Pictures at an Exhibition," a daunting 10-piece piano series by Russian composer Modeste Mussorsky. "The whole story behind it," Wood explained, "made this music, which was great music by the way, unbelievably captivating." Wood, of course, is referring to Mussorsky's writing of these compositions in response to his visit of an art exhibition, where Mussorsky was moved by the paintings. Although Wood continued piano lessons from age 7 to 18, his composition skills were entirely developed on his own, at least until his college years. Wood explains: "Surprisingly, my piano teachers never taught me to compose, or even encouraged it. It was something I discovered at age 12. I had read that Mozart became fascinated with playing thirds up and down the keys, and once I tried it with different variations, I was hooked." By winning first place in the UIL contest for music composition both his junior and senior year in high school, Wood proved his talents early: "I recorded that song in mono onto a tape using my home stereo. When I won the contest at the local and district level, I realized that I should take this talent more seriously." In college, Wood avoided the music department for his first three years until he heard about Dr. Michael Ard. "A student told me Dr. Ard would be the toughest teacher I'd ever have at Baylor, but if I were looking to be challenged by new music and new ideas, he's the one," Wood said. Wood took three private courses under Dr. Ard, who had a tremendous influence on Wood's musical development. Breathing, posture, and energy flow, as well as finger dexterity, were all important elements of his lessons. After graduating with a political science degree, Wood managed several high-profile political campaigns. By 1997 he was working at the Texas Capitol for a state representative. "I liked working in politics, but decided that I was simply in the wrong field. I had melodies in my head all the time and knew I would go crazy if I didn't do something with them," Wood said. So Wood left politics and went back to school, but this time focused on electronic music and audio production to add to his composition skills. Wood invested in a professional digital mixing-system and gradually built a home studio, filled with samplers and synthesizers. "I spent every spare moment in this studio for two years just learning to use it and developing some of my best songs," Wood said. In February of 2001 Wood released his debut CD, SCENIC LISTENING. Interestingly, the inspiration behind the theme of Wood's album parallels that of the works of Mussorsky. "Just as a moving work of art can trigger symphonies, as it did with Mussorsky," Wood said, "so a musical overture can summon lush mindscapes." Each song on this album takes you to a different setting, such as a cathedral, a mountainside, a waterfall, etc. SCENIC LISTENING earned the #4 top-album on the NAV Airwaves Chart and was soon picked up by an up and coming New Age Label, First Light Music, which carried well-known artists such as Constance Demby, John Serrie, and Xumantra. Although Scenic Listening sold well, First Light Music's owner, Scott Hartley, quit the business to pursue the lucrative realm of Real Estate near LA. Shortly thereafter, Wood received several offers to join other established music labels, yet Wood has remained independent. Distribution is now nationwide and has included Borders, Barnes and Noble, Tower Records, CDBaby, as well as hundreds of other alternative market stores and gift shops. Wood's next release, Sacred, will expe

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