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 Invisible Concealed Zipper Snap On Foot ,Janome.Babylock,Singer 200333001

Invisible Concealed Zipper Snap On Foot ,Janome.Babylock,Singer 200333001

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Snap On Concealed Invisible Zipper Foot  For Most Domestic Sewing Machine 
To properly install an invisible zipper, you must have an Invisible Zipper Foot. As the zipper coils are guided through the tunnel system, the needle sews as close to the coils as possible. This easy-to-use foot ensures your zippers are finished professionally and rival that of any high quality garment.

Alphasew, Brother, Consew, Elna, Husqvarna, Janome (New Home), Jaguar, Juki, Mammylock, Melco, Necchi, New Home, Pfaff, Poem, Rex, Riccar, Simplicity, Singer, Toyota, Viking, White, Yamata and many more...

  • PART #:  5011-4

    Babylock sewing machine models:
    Aventura BLMAV, BLMAV2 Aventura II, Babylock Feet, BL1108, BL1556, BL2000, BL2200, 
    BL2300, BL25A, BL500, BLDC, BLMSP Soprano, BLQC, BLSR-EB, Crafter's Choice BLCC, 
    Crafter's Choice BLCC2, Creative Pro BL37, Creative Pro BL40, Decorator's Choice BLDC2, 
    Design Pro BL23, Destiny BLDY, Elizabeth BL200A, Ellageo 3 ESG3, Ellageo BLL, Ellageo ESG, 
    Ellageo ESG2, Ellageo Plus BLL2, Ellegante 2 BLG2, Ellegante 2 Signature BLG2-NZ, 
    Ellegante BLG, Ellisimo BLSO, Ellisimo Gold BLSOG, Ellisimo Gold II BLSOG2, Ellure BLR, 
    Ellure ESL, Ellure Plus BLR2, Ellure Plus BLR3, Encore ESN, Esante BLN, Esante ESE, 
    Esante ESE-2, Esante ESI2, ESi, Espire BLSR, Espire ESP, Grace BL40A, Intrigue INT, 
    Journey BLJY, Lyric BLMLR, Maria BL23A, Melody BLMY, Quilter's Choice BLQC2, Rachel BL50A, 
    Sofia 2 BL137A2, Sofia BL137A, Symphony BLSY, Tempo BLTP, Unity BLTY, BLDY2 Destiny II, 
    BLMCC Accord, BLMPR Presto 

    Bernina sewing machine models:
    Bernette 50, Bernette 60, Bernette 70, Bernette 75 

    Brother sewing machine models:
    4500D Duetta, 845, BC-1000, BC-2300, BC-2500, BC2100WT, BM-2600, BM-2700, BM-3500, 
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    BM3700FG, BM3850, BM3850CT, BM3850FG, BX2925PRW, CE-4000, CE-5000PRW, CE1100PRW, 
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    Comfort 12, Comfort 15, Comfort 25A, Comfort 35A, Comfort 40E, Comfort 60E, CP6500, CP7500, 
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    6131A, 18525, 6130, 7131, 8550, 9105, 9125 

    Eversewn sewing machine models:
    Sparrow 15, Sparrow 20, Sparrow 25, Sparrow 30 

    Janome sewing machine models:
    1017 Harmony, 128, 2003P, 2018S, 2039SN, 2041 Harmony, 2041LX, 2041NX, 2041S, 2041SX, 2049LX,
     2118S, 2139N, 2139S, 2149SX, 2206, 2212, 222A, 2222, 234 (HF234), 3125, 3128, 360, 380, 381, 405, 
    41012, 415, 419S, 423S, 4612 Travel Mate, 530, 531, 609, 609NH, 611, 618, 619, 620, 621, 625, 625FA, 
    626, 630, 631, 632, 639, 640, 641, 642, 651, 656, 657, 661 (Old), 680, 681, 681D, 684, 692, 693, 710, 
    7306, 763, 791FA, 793, 795FA, 802, 803, 844, COMBI 10, FA-772, HD-1000, Hello Kitty Full Size 385.11706, 
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    RX22, TB-12 Thread Banger, 623, 657A, 2141S, 2049NX, RX18S 

    Juki sewing machine models:
    HZL-29Z, HZL-355ZW-C 
    Necchi sewing machine models:

    Pfaff sewing machine models:
    Hobby 307, Smart 200C 

    Riccar sewing machine models:

    Simplicity sewing machine models:
    SB7500, SL1150, SL9000, SL9150, SB530t 

    Singer sewing machine models:
    1105, 1107, 1116, 1120, 1130, 1304 Start, 1408 Promise, 1409 Promise, 1525, 155 Anniversary, 1725, 
    1732 Esteem, 1748, 2250 Tradition, 2259 Tradition, 2263 Simple, 2273 Esteem II, 2282, 2932, 3116 Simple, 
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    4411 Heavy Duty, 4423 Heavy Duty, 4432 Heavy Duty, 44S Classic Heavy Duty, 5160, 5523 Scholastic, 
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    3810-1, 3820-1, 3825-1 

    Viking sewing machine models:
    Huskystar C10, Huskystar C20 


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