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SUPERTITE Universal Eco Glue ~ Safe Water-based Adhesive ~0.63 oz Crystals Beads

SUPERTITE Universal Eco Glue ~ Safe Water-based Adhesive ~0.63 oz Crystals Beads

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Metal : [None]
Type : [Glue Adhesive]
California Prop 65 Warning : [Non-Toxic Water Based]
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Brand : [SUPER Tite]
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SUPER Tite Universal Glue
0.63 oz Tube ~ Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • Supertite Universal Eco Glue is an industrial strength water-based adhesive.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic, the glue is transparent and provides a long working adjustment time before curing and forms a permanent bond.
  • BONDS: Great for bonding various Textiles, Cardboard, Embellishments, Beads, Wood, Metal, Cork, Ceramics, etc.
  • Not for items to be heated or submerged.
  • Not for polished metals and photos.
  • Do not Dry Clean. Wash hands with soap and water after use.
  • Each blister pack contains 1 tube, 0.63 oz
Perfect for gluing beads, cabochons, gemstones and Found Art designs onto my Bracelet Blanks, tie bars, or pin backs.

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Customer Reviews

Five Stars
5.0 out of 5 stars based on 10 reviews
Five Stars
????Hmm I wonder what I used this for ??????
I used this for my nails... why? Because glue for the most part is glue. Nail salons and nail companies that sell nails with the glue included or not usually have a weak glue.. why? Because they want you to keep buying (my opinion). I work with my hands and I also NOW refuse to go get my nails done ( especially in Cleveland because they over price). This stuff is amazing! So amazing.
Five Stars
Works well but not my favorite
This is the only superglue with a container that doesn't glue me to itself or to myself! I will never buy another Crazy Glue product because even if the product works, it doesn't matter if the containers suck. And by suck I mean the containers rip and the glue dries up only after one use or the container drips glue all over, gluing me to myself. Not my goal.
Five Stars
????Hmm I wonder what I used this for ??????
Update: Seriously, it will glue your fingers to objects. Be very careful where you point the applicator - just had an experience where the piece I was trying to glue on repeatedly stuck firmly to my fingers rather than the object I was gluing it to. I know from experience nail polish remover will get it off. But actually it'd be nice if it had a little tint to it so I could make sure I hadn't accidentally spread it away from the surface to be adhered. Still five stars. :) ********* I don't even bother with other kinds unless I need something with a rubbery consistency like barge cement. Long story short - this product will firmly glue my fingers together which is actually a good thing, because it means that it sticks to just about anything. Earlier this week I broke a wing off a heavy iron dragonfly ornament in the yard. Sure enough, Gorilla glued it back on! I had to prop it up for a while, and then later I used a little two part epoxy to prop up to spot on the bottom just because of where the break was located but it was amazing to me that a thin liquid glue would do such a good job on heavy iron. You need very little of the product to make it stick, too. The container is superior as well - glue not dried up and useless after one use. Come to think I'll buy a couple more tubes just to make sure I don't run out!
Five Stars
Gorilla Glue Crushes My Gluing Needs.
$5 to put my car back together? Yes, please! A piece started to fall off my car for God knows what reason, and I just didn't feel like paying several hundred dollars to replace it. So, I got some of this, cleaned the area inside and out, and glued back on the plastic, foam, and rubber parts of the piece to the car (it's a roughly 1-foot triangular piece beside the window on one of the doors). I left it for 20 minutes, drove 15 minutes, then left it for almost 20 hours. I haven't had any trouble with the piece again, and it was ready to fly off in traffic (!). Unbelievable! It looks like there was never a problem at all. So, $5 to save hundreds? Yes, please! I've since used this to glue wood, plastic, and tempered glass. Flawless every time! I also love the tip on this one—very easy to apply and keep from clogging. Do note that if you use excess, you might get a little bit of a cloud effect—I'm not sure what causes that, but it was obviously from excess. Also, don't glue your fingernail to your finger like I did, haha. Solving this required some creativity (all's well). Very effective glue. :)
Five Stars
Best glue known to humanity
This is a great glue. The gel keeps it from getting everywhere. Other super glues are very “watery” and run all over the place. This glue goes down where you put it. I generally apply it with a tooth pick. The cap is awesome, with a little metal pin that keeps the nozzle from gluing shut. Only issue is I don’t know that it contains the same amount of glue as the liquid forms of this glue. But I won’t use anything but the gel form of this glue from now on.
Five Stars
Effective on Huge Variety of Materials - Serious Hold!
I broke a decorative plate from my mother minutes after getting home from family dinner. I felt terrible. I remembered the Gorilla Glue commercial from the TV and decided to try it out. Mom came for dinner and didnt even realize i had smashed it into tiny pieces. GREAT GLUE!
Five Stars
Gel glue goes down where you put it.
When moving the movers nearly destroyed my dresser and broke a ton of the cheaply held together ikea joints! Gorilla glue came to the rescue and I was able to repair the joints and integrity enough to use it properly again. A few weeks later someone decided to clip me while on my motorcycle and because i have a touring shield for snow and rain that covers hands a chunk broke off but again gorilla glue to the rescue! I put a healthy amount on edges plastic held it in place and it glued back good as new.. i then put a line on each side of crack still open to the elements just incase as i thought it would fail. 24hrs later i tried breaking that piece off with my hands and happy with the result rode with it.. This lasted 2 months until my shield was in stock again and never failed even with daily rides of 80mph+ in rain for few days too.
Five Stars
I felt terrible. I remembered the Gorilla Glue commercial from the ...
This stuff is AMAZING!! The arm on my over priced glasses broke right at the base of the frame (not at the hinge). I decided to try to glue it back on before buying a whole new pair and boy am I glad that I did. This stuff worked wonders. The arm is now back on my glasses and I can even open and close them without it falling off. I even dropped them once and the arm is still securely glued on.
Five Stars
I put a healthy amount on edges plastic held it in place and it glued back good as new
So I pretty much purchased this product because my laptop started breaking from the sides, every time I opened and closed the laptop the plastic would start opening and I could tell that if I didn't do something that the issue would only get worse. I wasn't ready to let go of this laptop yet so I went out and got this super glue, I applied it and squeezed it a bit and after about 5 minutes or so of applying pressure I let go and just let it sit and after about 10 or so minutes no more opening from the bottom and I can freely open and close the laptop without fearing the plastic breaking. That wasn't the only thing I used it on though, a while back I purchased these plastic clips for the wires under my desk, these plastic clips had adhesive on them that stuck to the metal frame, only problem was that the adhesive was either not great or the wires I was using were too heavy, gorilla glue to the rescue again. I scratched off the adhesive pad and applied the super glue before putting it on the metal frame of my desk, and now I don't have to worry about the clips falling off along with my wires, such a good product for my use case and so worth the money. -Pros: ---sticks really well ---doesn't take too long to dry up ---clear color doesn't make it an eyesore to look at ---really effective -Cons: ---Only real con I found is that it takes a while to get off your hand (then again it's super glue, should be expected, just be careful when applying.)
Five Stars
Saved me a ton of money!
This glue works really well in bonding items together -- I have tried on wood and plastic and so far and it works well. Always apply a very thin layer since the glue will expand as it cures. Always wear gloves, like a pair of vinyl disposable ones, when working with it, as it is impossible to get off your skin ! Pros: Very Adhesive, Easy to Apply, Good Coverage & Dries Quickly Cons: After use, clean tip to avoid clogging if you wish to use bottle again for another project. Please click below vote if you found my review helpful so I can improve them to help others like you.
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