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Made with pride in the USA!

This is a new 34 inch long genuine Mohair cinch, handmade in Idaho by Teri's Cinchas using premium 100% Mohair with solid brass buckles.  The cinch is woven from 14 strings in a deep hunter green and off white natural mohair wool and measures 7 inches wide at the center and tapers down to 5 inches wide at the solid brass cinch buckles. 

Teri's Cinchas are made in rural Idaho by skilled Cowgirls using only the finest raw materials available.  Mohair, sheared from Angora goats, is one of the strongest, softest, and most manageable of fibers to create a very durable and beautiful cinch.  Mohair prevents cinch sores galls, releases heat and wicks moisture, all while drying incredibly quickly, and maintaining its strength and appearance over many years of use.  The streamlined design and ultra-soft corded construction is the perfect fit for horses with sensitive skin and the ultimate choice for all-day rides and ranch work.  Dependable solid brass hardware is the perfect finishing touch.

Though the corded design of mohair does not stretch like elastic, the natural flexibility of the mohair material itself allows you to cinch up tight without inhibiting your horse's breathing. The individual flexibility of each cord enables complete freedom of movement for your horse, all the while keeping your saddle snug and secure.  Teri's Cinchas knows that you will get all the use and quality out of their cinches that they originally built into them.

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