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Yamaha Road Star 1600 1700 New K&L Float Valve Needle & Seat 0118-248

Yamaha Road Star 1600 1700 New K&L Float Valve Needle & Seat 0118-248

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Manufacturer Part Number : [0118-248M]
Country/Region of Manufacture : [Japan]
Brand : [K&L Supply]
UPC : [Does not apply]
Warranty : [60 Day]
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Float Valve Needle & Seat Assebly

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This Item Will Fit The Following Yamaha Models:
1999 XV1600A Road Star (XV1600AL/ALC)
2000 XV1600A  Road  Star (XV1600ALM/ALMC)
2000 XV1600A  Road  Star (XV1600AM/AMC)
2001 XV1600A  Road  Star (XV1600AN/ANC)
2002 XV1600A  Road  Star (XV1600AP/APC)
2003 XV1600A  Road  Star (XV1600AR/ARC)
2003 XV1600A  Road  Star 1600 Limited Edition (XV1600ALER)
2000  Road  Star 1600 MM (XV1600ASM/ASMC)
2001  Road  Star 1600 Midnight  Star  (XV1600ASN/ASNC)
2002  Road  Star 1600  Midnight  Star  (XV1600ASP/ASPC)
2003  Road  Star 1600  Midnight (XV1600ASR/ASRC)
1999  Road  Star 1600 Silverado (XV1600ATL/ATLC)
2000  Road  Star 1600  Silverado (XV1600ATM/ATMC)
2001  Road  Star 1600  Silverado (XV1600ATN/ATNC)
2002  Road  Star 1600  Silverado (XV1600ATP/ATPC)
2003  Road  Star 1600  Silverado (XV1600ATR/ATRC)
2003  Road  Star 1600  Silverado  Limited Edition (XV1600ATLE)
2004 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 (XV17AS/ASC)
2005 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 - Spoke Wheels (XV17ATC)
2005 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 -  Spoke Wheels Two-Tone (XV17AT)
2005 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 - Cast  Wheels  (XV17AWT/AWTC)
2006 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 -  Cast (XV17AWV/AWVC)
2006 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 -  Spoke (XV17AV/AVC)
2007 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 (XV17AWW/AWWC)
2007 XV1700A  Road  Star 1700 W/ Flames (XV17AWW-F/AWWC-F)
2004  Road  Star 1700  Midnight (XV17AMS/AMSC)
2005  Road  Star 1700  Midnight (XV17AMT/AMTC)
2006  Road  Star 1700  Midnight (XV17AMV/AMVC)
2007  Road  Star 1700  Midnight (XV17AMW/AMWC)
2004  Road  Star 1700  Midnight  Silverado  (XV17ATMS/ATMSC)
2005  Road  Star 1700  Midnight  Silverado  (XV17ATMT/ATMTC)
2006  Road  Star 1700  Midnight  Silverado  (XV17ATMV/ATMVC)
2007  Road  Star 1700  Midnight  Silverado  (XV17ATMW/ATMWC)
2004  Road  Star 1700  Silverado  (XV17ATS/ATSC)
2005  Road  Star 1700  Silverado  (XV17ATT/ATTC)
2006  Road  Star 1700  Silverado  (XV17ATV/ATVC)
2007  Road  Star 1700  Silverado  (XV17ATW/ATWC)
This Item Replaces OEM Yamaha Part Numbers:

Stamped Into The Seat Is:

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Customer Reviews

Five Stars
5.0 out of 5 stars based on 15 reviews
Five Stars
Satisfied buyer
The valves fit perfectly. Just the right replacement. No troubles in installing. it is solid and tough with good corrosion-resistant finishing.
Five Stars
Pretty good replacement
Got this for my 2000 XV1600A Road Star. It fits well, and an important component, but a very good replacement. Good price, give the exact same performance as original one.
Five Stars
Accurate size and precise fitting.
I have ordered replacement valves online and never really been satisfied up till I ordered these. These fit almost like magic and are precisely of the accurate size, so I did not even take a lot of time while installing these. They are a perfect replacement for my vehicle’s original valves. They are built out of strong metal and have a protective finishing layer too so there is no need to worry about any damage or corrosion.
Five Stars
This Float Valve Needle Has A Premium Quality Metal Body
This float valve needle came as a replacement for my Yamaha Roadster, and I am more than satisfied with it. It has got a premium metal body which also has a protective sheath, making it corrosion free. It had a precise making and got in perfectly in place. The performance has been good too!
Five Stars
Highly durable product with good quality and long life!
They are a great fit in place of the actual valves of my automobile. It was a great fit as well as an essential piece, and it is also a quite fine substitute. Cheap, provides the very same effectiveness as that of the actual component.
Five Stars
Initial impressions are pretty good...let's see how well it holds up.
Harness has very good build quality. The webbing is tight and the sewn seams are strong. Good padding on shoulders, buckle locks into place well (time will tell how well it holds up) It does not come with any mounting h/w but I you should be able to to reuse the h/w from the old belts. If this doesn't work for some reason, then you would need to pick up h/w from a local h/w store. The adjustment and fit appear pretty good but as mentioned, these are not installed yet so check back for update after I get them installed. The light is cheap but seems to work fine. However, I expect to use the pocket for other stuff. The phone pouch will not work for larger phones like the iPhone 6S Plus or larger 5" screen size phones if you have a case on them. Without a case you "might" be able to squeeze it in but it will be a tight fit. It would likely work well for iPods or other music players. The padding on the shoulders is thick and should do a good job. The 2" width seems plenty for the occasional track run or general recreational off road excursion. I am installing this on a Yamaha YXZ1000r SxS and expect it to work well. You could easily add a sub belt if you wanted without issue. On the YXZ, there is a harness bar for the shoulder straps, it is a tad high and will work OK but adding a lower harness bar would provide for a better fit. As mentioned, I will update this review after I get it fully installed in the YXZ. Overall, it seems like a pretty good harness. Update: Completed the install over the weekend. Installed them on my Yamaha YXZ 1000r SS SE. Installation was easy and straightforward. The lapbelt harness attach points did not bolt directly into the frame at first. I had to modify the frame brackets a little to get them to fit. Not horrible but I would say this was an issue on the Yamaha side not accounting for aftermarket harness installs as I think most harness' have similar setups. It takes a little bit to get the harness' to line up right when attaching to the harness bar. Too short a lead and the padding sits too far up on the shoulders. Too long a lead and they sit too far down on your chest but this is going to be true of every harness so not a Pro Armor issue. Harness are holding strong once mounted so they should work well for securing both driver and passenger. You can find the unboxing and install video on my YouTube channel. JayTaylorOnYouTube
Five Stars
Best value.
All in all the harness is great. 5 stars. Everything worked as it should. Looks awesome in my 2021 maverick x3 ds turbo r. The only downside is, (this is probably just on my vehicle) the lower mounting plates had to be drilled out to retain the factory hardware. You could probably just bolt these down, but my model vehicle has sleeves on the lower mounting hardware so the the lap belt can pivot for different size people. I chose to keep the setup and had to drill the mounting plates another 1/4 inch bigger. This was somewhat of a chore because I'm sure the plates are made of hardened steel. But the finished product was worth it. I don't recommend trying this without a vice or drill press. Like I said, tough stuff... There is no hardware that comes with it, but I'm sure every model vehicle is going to be different. I used grade 8 bolts for the upper and retained the lower seatbelt mounting bolts for the lower. The little light works too. Just have to add 3 triple a batteries. One light wouldn't stay on, you had to hold the lense down, so I just twisted it a little bit. Now it stays on when you push it. Other than drilling out the holes more, the project would've taken about 10 minutes to install both sides. After installing I trail tested and approve. Comfortable and do not loosen while riding.
Five Stars
Initial impressions are pretty good...let's see how well it holds up.
Bought for our 2021 Honda Talon. Was the 1st and most important upgrade. Harnesses themselves are great. Hardest part of the install was the fact that the manufacturer cross threaded the seatbelt bolts and we had to tap them out and get new. Not the harnesses fault at all. They look awesome and feel secure while riding. The leather patch beneath the buckle is a nice touch. Our iPhone 11 Pro Max fits in the phone holder on the shoulder strap with cases on which secured the phones should something happen. Definitely recommend!
Five Stars
2021 maverick x3 ds turbo r
These belts were both identical (I ordered two as they were cheaper ordering separately for some reason). As others have complained about sizing and coloring being wrong, I did NOT have any issues. They do not include any kind of mounting hardware just FYI. Belts fit great and don’t move or loosen. Wry safe and high quality.
Five Stars
2021 Honda Talon
Can't imagine a better setup without saying I spent triple digits!! Which people will say wow those are expensive! Love the adjustments the awesome color (yaa was going for yellow but seeing these caught my eyes and the price/features) Nice touch on the two pockets. The quick release is great n love the chest support!!!! Got another for the passenger will add once I do the seat which are brand new too in my 03 SRT-4...
Five Stars
Very nice seatbelts!
Harnesses are great. I like the 2 inch more than the three especially for my wife. I decided not to install the bezels through the seats to keep the strap off our necks. My only wish is if they came with an angle adapter that fits the Intermount properly. That is an aftermarket product that needs to be purchased so the strap exits from underneath the floor at the right angle. As far as the harness… Excellent
Five Stars
Sweet 4 point's!!
I bought these to replace the 3" harness I purchased elsewhere. 3" was too bulky for my 50" trail model Wildcat, and these have the shoulder and waist belts sewn together, so it requires only pulling the two together to latch, vs. trying to get all four together which was a real struggle. These are great. Thanks
Five Stars
Great harness for RZR if you don't want a fat strap
Great quality, great price. Fits on our 900 Polaris Trail RZR perfect!! We love them and the color!! Very well made!! Comfy for long rides!!
Five Stars
Feels more safe and secure than seat belts.
I like the proarmor brand (I already have proarmor doors) This harness looks great, is comfortable and the price was reasonable. Received item as stated by seller. Thank you
Five Stars
Great Quality!!!
I ended up returning these and getting the 3". they are much more comfortable and worth the extra money. none of the little flashlights worked but I don't care, that's not why I bought the harnesses.
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